I ended 2014 on a high at Summerhayes

2lb 6oz perch (another pb) - Taunton and Bridgwater Canal - 18th Jan 2014

New pb pike of 8lb 5oz caught from the Taunton and Bridgwater Canal - 18th Jan 2014

19lb 14oz from peg 128 at Isle Brewers, my best river weight of the year - 15th Dec 2013

Three chub for 8lb 10oz from peg 109 at Redbridge - 8th Dec 2013

80lb Amazon redtail caught at Gillhams Resort - 2013

New personal best mullet of 3lb 4oz caught at Seaton - 3rd August 2013

Me with 19lb 13oz of silvers which was part of my winning 46lb 13oz, my first Summerhayes win! - 7th April 2013

Me with Jeremy Wade at Gillhams in Thailand - September 2011

My first mullet caught at Seaton - 1lb 13oz

Who remembers these?, my Rodbenders Gold Award

My first Korum Challenge badge

Grayling caught on the River Tone - 2nd March 2012

Five chub plus bits for 13lb 5oz, peg 124 - 26th Feb 2012

Four chub for 12lb 15oz, peg 124 - 12th Feb 2012