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Monday 27th March 2017
Result from todays over 50's Monday Open on Brick lake at the Sedges

1 - Baz Morgan (Somerset Angling) - 29lb 10oz
2 - Steve Jackson (JETs) - 25lb 4oz
3 - Kev Lock (Sedges) - 21lb 6oz

A - Pete Cooke (Sedges) - 16lb 13oz
B - Pete Manning (Sedges) - 16lb

Wednesday 15th February 2017
January's newsletter is now online

Sunday 5th February 2017
Results from Goodiford Mill today

John Carr silverfish open match
20 anglers fished the annual John Carr charity match today at Goodiford mill, despite the cold temperatures and heavy rain in the week leading up to the match the venue still fished quite well. First on the day was Graham Davey with 6k 980g, close behind in second place was Steve Barrell with 6k 950g, and in third place was Chris Boulton with 6k 900g.
Section winners were Elliot Fay with 5k 900g and Wayne Mitchell with 4k 300g

Thanks to everyone who fished today, we raised £60 for pancreatic cancer uk

The club would also like to say a huge thank you to Hatim Tall who generously donated to the cause.

Thursday 5th January 2017
The Gillhams December newsletter is now online

Monday 2nd January 2017

Happy New Year to everyone that reads the blog.

I've been neglecting the 'News' page a bit over recent months which is purely down to the fact that most news etc goes on the Facebook page now, would be great if you could give the page a like, I'm also on Twitter and Instagram too.

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Wednesday 5th October 2016

The latest Gillhams newsletter is now online and there are loads of big carp coming out

Wednesday 14th September 2016
Against Men and Fish is now very proud to be supported by Bait-Tech, look out for details of new products, reviews and some great interviews coming soon.

Saturday 23rd July 2016
Report on the junior match today from Scott Jackson

Today we held the 5th IAA Junior match at Harry Robert Hebditch' s pond. All of the Juniors caught really well using the pole, waggler rods and feeder rods.

Bearing in mind the juniors only fish for 3 hrs, between them all they managed a fantastic weight of 284lbs.
In reverse order:
5th Kai peg 11 29lb 12oz
4th Stuart peg 12 36lb 8oz
3rd Matthew peg 1 41lb 14oz
2nd Josh peg 10 69lb 14oz
1st Norts peg 2 104lb 5oz

Firstly I would like to say a massive thank you to Harry and his dad for the use of the pond.
Secondly I would like to thank all of those helping with the Juniors. Jake Woodard, Mick Greaves, Robin Cox. It was great to see all of the Juniors catching.

Monday 9th May 2016
The latest Gillhams newsletter is now online and it's a cracker. Also it's my birthday today!

Monday 11th April 2016
The Gillhams newsletter for March is now online

Monday 21st March 2016
Loads of new page updates, check out my Big One review and Links page updated

Tuesday 16th February 2016
The latest Gillhams newsletter is now online

Friday 1st January 2016
Against Men and Fish would like to wish everybody who reads the blog a

Happy New Year and Tight Lines!

Wednesday 2nd December
The latest Gillhams newsletter is now online and it's a cracker

Saturday 2nd November
The Gillhams newsletter for October is now online and some massive fish have been coming out

Saturday 3rd October
The Gillhams newsletter for September is now online

Saturday 19th September
Ilminster AA juniors fished a match at Dillington today in lovely sunny conditions and there were some good weights recorded after the three hour competition. Most of the weights were made up of roach, rudd and perch and were caught on maggot over groundbait. Ryan Whitworth had the best weight on the day with 5lb 8oz followed by Kai Nakayama in second place with 4lb 15oz and Courtney Pas with 4lb 3oz.

The club would like to thank Scott Jackson, Dave Sydenham and all the parents who helped out today.

1 – Ryan Whitworth – 5lb 8oz
2 – Kai Nakayama – 4lb 15oz
3 – Courtney Pas – 4lb 3oz
4 – Josh Appleby – 3lb 14oz

Wednesday 2nd September
The Gillhams newsletter for August is now online and what a cracker it is!

Monday 24th August
Bill Hopping set a new match record for Longs lake on Sunday with a massive 190lb 5oz of carp on paste from peg 24.

Saturday 8th August
The Gillhams newsletter for July is now online and some massive fish have been coming out

Tuesday 28th July
New! Website links added to lots of fisheries on the Where to fish page, have a look

Wednesday 8th July
The Gillhams newsletter for June is now online and it's a belter this month

Saturday 4th July
Fancy a long weekend? Pete at Summerhayes has asked me to post an announcement that he will be running some costcutter matches on Fridays starting on the 10th of July onwards. The price will be £12 including Golden Peg money,10am draw, fish 11am-5am anyone interested please contact Pete on 07866 557896

Sunday 7th June
Ilminster AA's Dillington pond fished really well again today with loads of double figure weights and lots of bream, skimmers and quality roach featuring in catches. Steve Hurford topped todays field with 31lb 5oz of bream and skimmers from peg 1, Frank Woodard was second with 24lb 12oz of bream and skimmers on the feeder from peg 11 and Scott Russell was third with 18lb 5oz of quality roach caught shallow.
Hurf with one of his bream

Friday 5th June
Mekong Madness and Stunning Siamese Carp in the latest Gillhams newsletter

Sunday 31st May
The Chard Reservoir league got off to a flying start today with some fantastic bream weights, leading the way was Tackleuk's Scott Russell who drew peg 31 and caught 44 bream for a staggering 193lb. Les Braunton was second with 123lb and Graham Pepper was third with 83lb.
Tackleuk's Scott Russell with part of his 193lb winning catch

Wed 27th May
Some fantastic weights today in the Lyons Gate Old Mill Club match, Baz Morgan whipped out over 300 rudd for 46lb 4oz and first place on the day, Bob Crisp had a similar net weighing 41lb 8oz for second and Steve Challis had 16lb 7oz of bream and tench for third.
Baz with his winning bag
1 - Baz Morgan - 46lb 4oz
2 - Bob Crisp - 41lb 8oz
3 - Steve Challis - 16lb 7oz

Thurs 21st May
The Gillhams newsletter for April is now online and some massive Siamese carp have been coming out

Sun 10th May
The Ilminster AA match today at Dillington saw some fantastic weights, Graham Field won on the day with over 300 fish for 19lb 14oz from peg 10. Lots of quality roach and rudd featuring in catches along with odd chub, perch, tench and skimmers. Frank Woodard had a lovely bream of 4lb 10oz in his third placed catch.

1 - Graham Field (Taunton) - 19lb 14oz
2 - Baz Morgan (Baz Angling) - 17lb 10oz
3 - Frank Woodard (Ilminster) - 17lb 2oz

Tues 5th May
The Gillhams newsletter for March is now online and there's plenty of Mekong madness!

Tues 21st Apr
Icon Films sent out their latest press release today to say that the River Monsters Fish On! app has launched for Android. For more information on the app and more, visit the 'River Monsters' website at

Tues 7th Apr
The Gillhams newsletter for February is now online and I really must start planning my trip for this year soon!

In other news (or rather a lack of!) I haven't been updating this section as much lately, there's no excuse but I do tend to update my Facebook page more regularly, please have a look and like the page which can be found here and if I get to 1000 likes I'll run a little competition.

Of course I will endeavour to keep updating this page as well

Sat 28th Feb
The Gillhams newsletter for January is now online and some awesome fish are being caught

Mon 9th Feb
The club asked me to remind people that it's Ilminster AA's AGM on 27th Feb at the Royal Oak starting at 7:30.

Tues 27th Jan
Also, popped into Ilminster today at lunchtime and had a quick look in the Dog and Country Club shop, primarily catering for shooting and dogs, they also have a small selection of fishing tackle along with country clothing and footwear plus some real ales and cider. Well worth a look if you are in town or check out their website at

A friend of mine has a Preston Absolute Seatbox for sale, it comes with a spare tray and is described as being in immaculate condition. He wants £430 but is open to offers, if you're interested, get in touch via the contact widget on the blog.

Mon 26th Jan
Gillhams December newsletter is now online and a great read per usual

Fri 23rd Jan
Tackleuk are holding some opens at the Viaduct (details below)

TACKLEUK VIADUCT OPEN MATCH's 2015.......We are holding 5 Open competitions on the following dates through the summer...We will be taking names on a first come first served basis and will need a £5.00 deposit per match. Pools on the day will be £15.00.
To book in and pay your deposits please see Ash or Scott or alternatively book in through the Tackleuk shop in Yeovil.
PLEASE NOTE: Last year some people dropped out for various reasons which made working the payout out etc very difficult. So this year If you cant make a certain match your £5.00 deposit will be non refundable and will be added to the pay out on the day.

1) June 6th - Viaduct Campbell
2) June 27th - Viaduct Cary
3) July 18th - Viaduct Campbell
4) August 1st - Viaduct Campbell
5) August 15th - Viaduct Cary

We will hopefully holding some match's later in August/September/October at Todber Manor fishery, we will keep you posted on these as and when they are arranged

Sun 18th Jan
Ilminster AA members were at Dillington Pond for round seven of the Royal Oak league on Sunday. The fishing was a little tougher than in recent matches but double figures was still needed to win. Tackleuk's Scott Russell had the top weight on the day with 154 roach for 10lb 4oz from peg 18. Justin Charles was second with 6lb 8oz from peg 19 and Baz Morgan was third with 5lb 14oz from peg 17.
After seven matches and dropping the worst result, Robin Cox leads the way with eight... points followed by Justin Charles on ten and Steve Parker on thirteen.
Round six of the V.E.S. Precision league is next Sunday and the draw is at the Oak between 8:30 and 9:00.
1 - Scott Russell (Tackleuk) - 10lb 4oz
2 - Justin Charles (Ilminster) - 6lb 8oz
3 - Baz Morgan (Baz Angling) - 5lb 14oz

Thurs 16th Jan
The Gillhams newsletter for November is now out, loads of big fish and great photos

Thurs 1st Jan 2015

Happy New Year and Tight Lines

Mon 29th Dec
Results from day two of the pairs at the Viaduct
1st Dom Sullivan (Maver/Cadbury Angling) peg 118 Campbell, 7lb 8oz.
2nd Phil (Fabio) Harding (Avon Angling) peg 85 Cary, 6lb 11oz.
3rd Nicky Collins (Sensas) peg 112 Campbell, 5lb 1oz.
4th Gary O'Shea (P.I.Thatchers) peg 100, 4lb 12oz.
5th Martin Preston (Bait-Tech Viaduct) peg 94 Cary, 4lb 8oz.
6th Phil Cardwell (Thatchers Tackle) peg 115 Campbell, 3lb 5oz.

Overall Pairs Results -
1st Gary O'Shea & Bob Gullick, 10pts  £120.
2nd Andy Power & Lee Pesticcio, 10pts  £100.
3rd Dom Sullivan & Don Sutherland, 9pts  £76

Sun 21st Dec
Russell Hilton had a lovely day on the Taunton and Bridgwater canal catching eight tench and a bream for 13.250kg on chopped worm and caster to win the Xmas match.

Sun 14th Dec
Ilminster AA result from the Royal Oak match fished at Isle Brewers today
1 - Baz Morgan - 6lb 11oz
2 - Steve Parker - 5lb 8oz
3 - Rob Cox - 2lb 7oz

Final League Standings from the Viaduct silvers league which finished today
1st Gary O'Shea (P.I Thatchers) 6pts
2nd Tony Rixon (Mosella) 7pts (On weight)
3rd Dan Squires (Bait-tech Viaduct) 7pts
4th Craig Edmonds (Avon Angling) 8pts (On weight)
5th Bob Gullit (Garbolino B.V.M.G) 8pts
6th Paul Elms (Avon Angling) 9pts (On weight)
7th Gary Webber (P.I Thatchers) 9pts.

Wed 10th Dec
The Gillhams newsletter for October is now online and its certainly a lot warmer there than it is here!

Sun 16th Nov
Jon Martin had a cracking day today, winning the Chard resi league final with 21 bream for 76lb on the groundbait feeder from peg 29.

Rob Cox won today's match on the canal with 3lb 2oz of perch and roach from peg 1, only just behind was Justin Charles with 3lb 1oz of skimmers, roach and perch from the peg next door.

Fri 7th Nov
The Gillhams newsletter for September is now online and a great read as ever

Sun 19th Oct
Ilminster AA members were faced with a river that was up and coloured and pushing through at Isle Brewers today and strong winds didn't help the anglers much either. Weights were down on the previous two matches and Bruce Hunt only needed 6lb from peg 128 to make it two wins out of two in the Royal Oak league. Stuart Alford was second with 5lb 6oz from peg 126a and Robin Cox completed the frame with 4lb 2oz from peg 123.

Next week is round two of the V.E.S. league and the draw is at the Oak between 8:30 and 9:00.

1 - Bruce Hunt (Tiverton) - 6lb
2 - Stuart Alford (Langport) - 5lb 6oz
4 - Robin Cox (Ilminster) - 4lb 2oz

Sat 18th Oct
Chard AC juniors held their Xmas Fayre match at Perry St pond on Saturday, conditions were good and the rain held off for the duration of the match and they all had plenty of bites. Zoe Hollister had the best weight on the day with a nice net of mainly carp weighing 18lb 12oz from peg 14, Zoe caught on soft pellets. Josh Knight was second with another mainly carp net of 15lb 12oz from peg 4 and just behind him was Jack Rosling with 15lb 9oz of carp from peg 12. Sam Hughes was fourth with 11lb 10oz from peg 15.

After the match all the youngsters received some fantastic fishing tackle prizes and enjoyed hotdogs supplied and cooked by one of the parents. The club would like to say a massive thanks to the sponsors Clark and Cridge and Roy Fowler and Mike Collins for supplying the bait along with Butch Baker and all the parents who gave up their time to supervise and assist.

1 - Zoe Hollister - 18lb 12oz
2 - Josh Knight - 15lb 12oz
3 - Jack Rosling - 15lb 9oz
4 - Sam Hughes - 11lb 10oz

Tues 14th Oct
The Gillhams newsletter for August is now online and the big Siamese carp are on the munch

Sun 5th Oct
Ilminster AA members fished the first match of the Royal Oak league at Isle Brewers today. Conditions were good and the river fished well with the top three all catching double figures. Bruce Hunt had the top weight on the day with 13lb 5oz of roach and chub from peg 128. Martin Heard was second with 12lb 10oz from peg 125 and Justin Charles completed the frame with 10lb 9oz from peg 126a.

Next Sunday sees the start of the V.E.S. Precision league and the draw is at the Royal Oak at 9:00.

The club would like to say a big thanks to Rob Cox, Stuart Alford, Steve Parker and Graham Field for all their hard work getting the swims ready for the matches.

1 - Bruce Hunt (Tiverton) - 13lb 5oz
2 - Martin Heard (Tiverton) - 12lb 10oz
3 - Justin Charles (Ilminster) - 10lb 9oz

Tues 16th Sept
Misha is running a 2 dayer at Trinity Waters on Woodland lake on 4th and 5th October 2014.

£50 entry which is for both days and there will be an optional superpool.

For full details contact Misha

Sat 13th Sept
Ilminster AA juniors fished the last match of their Summer League at Dillington today, winner on the day was Josh Evans with a nice net of roach and rudd weighing 6lb 2oz, Courtney Pas was second with 3lb 3oz and Bradley Lawrence was third with 2lb. Courtney took the league title with 23 points followed by Matthew Parker with 13 points and Josh Evans with 8 points.

Josh Evans with his winning catch of 6lb 2oz
League winner Courtney Pas (centre) with Bradley Lawrence (left) and Matthew Parker (right)
The club would like to say a massive thanks to the sponsors M.B.H. Industrial Services and Creasefield and also to Scott Jackson and Dave Sydenham for all their hard work in making the league run so smoothly and also to the parents and anyone else who gave up their time to help out.

Fri 5th Sep
The July Gillhams newsletter is now online, a great read as ever

Sat 30th Aug
The Tackleuk open match on Campbell lake at the Viaduct fishery fished very strangely today with most anglers struggling for bites until the last hour.

1st Mark Wynne 219lb
2nd Ashley Tomkins 156lb
3rd Tony 149lb
4th Roland Lucas 148lb
5th Dave Cockayne 135lb
6th Terry Lenny 121lb
7th Scott Russell 118lb
8th Ian Browncey 115lb
9th Ben Hagg 95lb
10th Nick Ewers 91lb

Sat 16th Aug
Tackleuk were back at the Viaduct Fishery on Campbell lake today and despite a slow start for most, the fish fed well late on.

1st Alex Murray 257lb
2nd Lewis Greenwood 195lb
3rd Scott Russell 192lb
4th Ben Hagg 190lb
5th Roy Worth 147lb
6th Phil Cardwell 139lb
7th Fred Robberts 129lb
8th Ashley Tomkins 123lb
9th Roland Lucas 121lb
10th Nick Ewers 116lb

Sat 2nd Aug
Tackleuk held another match at the Viaduct on Campbell lake and once again massive weights of carp were recorded and once again Tackleuk boss, Scotty Russell, was victorious.

1st Scott Russell (Tackleuk) 200lb P114
2nd Dan Squires (Bait tech/ Viaduct) 196lb P135
3rd Roland Lucas (Bait tech/ Viaduct) 177lb P119
4th Dan White (Bait tech/ Viaduct) 174lb P130
5th Rolf Worth (Tickleuk) 172lb P129
6th Fred Roberts (Freddo Floats) 171lb P125
7th James Knight 170lb P116
8th Jon Martin 164lb P112
9th Ashley Tomkins (Tackleuk) 155lb P121
10th Will Dearlove 132lb P115

Mon 21st July
The Gillhams newsletter for June is now online

Ilminster AA members had a Summer League match at Dillington on Sunday and once again some cracking weights of mainly roach and rudd were recorded.

1 - Bruce Hunt - 16lb 13oz
2 - Graham Field - 14lb 2oz
3 - Stuart Alford - 13lb 13oz

Sat 12th July

Ilminster AA juniors were in action at Dillington pond again today, some lovely nets of quality roach and rudd were caught and the weights were excellent for a three hour fixture. Courtney Pas continued her good run of results with a cracking net weighing 7lb 15oz from peg 13 for yet another win. Young Rory was second with another great catch of 7lb 9oz from peg 9, Matthew Parker was third with 5lb 8oz from peg 7 and Arun Nixon was fourth with a level 5lb from peg 10.

Courtney won again, this time with 7lb 15oz