Sunday, August 31, 2014

Dillington Pond - Summer League 9 - 31st August 2014

After getting a soaking on Monday, I was relieved to wake up and see the sun shining through the window this morning. I loaded the car and was quite looking forward to a nice days roach fishing and on arriving at the pub for the draw, it was actually quite busy as a few more new faces had turned up. Big Frank and his boy Jake were fishing today along with Bob Hammond and a lad called Jason Roseveare who had recently moved to the area and had been catching some nice bags of skimmers on the feeder while pleasure fishing.
A busy breakfast table this morning
Big Frank was fishing today
And so was his boy, Jake
Rob announced the draw and I managed to avoid the field side this week, drawing peg 15 again, I did okay off it last time but it's quite high off the water and the fence is right behind you making shipping the pole back very awkward. I think peg 16 is the better option as you are low to the water with plenty of room to ship back. I mixed up a little bit of groundbait before assembling my usual two rigs, a 0.5 gram Drennan Roach float for fishing at full depth plus a Preston Chianti for fishing shallow, both rigs had 0.12mm bottoms and size 18 B611 barbless hooks.
Peg 15
I had Jason on peg 14 and it would be interesting to see how his feeder approach worked in a match, Steve Parker was in peg 18 but I couldn't really see how our side bet was doing due to the big willow tree on my left. Rob started the match with a single toot of his whistle and we were off, I cupped in two balls of groundbait at 10 metres before slipping on a caster and shipping out. I had a small roach first chuck and then hooked a good sized one next put in only for it to come off as I shipped back. I was still cursing that lost fish when I hooked another and safely netted a beautiful redfin of 8-10oz and really thought I'd be in for a cracking day.

Jason had caught some roach and then latched into his first decent skimmer and I was hoping he wouldn't get too many of them. My first hour was really good and I ended up with 34 fish, mainly roach and I thought I must have around 3lb although I was a little worried that I hadn't had anymore net roach. I was loose feeding casters and hemp and going into the second hour I was still catching quite well but after half an hour the sport started to slow. Jason was still getting the odd quality roach and had added a couple more skimmers as well, I couldn't see many of the other anglers but Justin looked to be struggling and from comments I could hear it sounded like Bruce and Steve were only getting odd fish as well.

I was waiting longer and longer for bites so picked up the shallow rig but this didn't help my catch rate much and as the second hour ended I'd only added another 20 fish. I kept swapping between the two but was going nowhere fast, I could get lots of bites on the shallow rig but was missing most of them and I also had a couple of better roach come off as well! We had several bank walkers during the day including Mike Board and Ilminster's answer to Morecambe and Wise, Scott Jackson and Dave Sydenham who said most people were struggling although Jason was getting some nice skimmers up to 2lb and already had 6 or 7!

I think I spent too long trying to catch shallow but those missed bites were doing my head in! I started feeding a line under the willow and had a couple of clonking roach but also had a couple more decent ones come off on the way in. I ended up with 112 fish, mostly roach with a few perch and thought at an ounce and a half apiece they would give me around 10lb, possibly a little more. As I was packing up Jason wandered up and said he'd been catching well but slowed up when it got hot (I didn't really notice in the shade of the willow) but I still fancied he was in with a chance as along with the skimmers, he'd caught some little tench and quality roach and rudd. Steve Parker said he'd also had 112 fish so the pound could go either way although he had a 1.5lb skimmer which I thought might swing it for him.

Rob must have packed up in record time as by the time I'd put my kit in the car, he had already weighed in most of the far side, a quick look at the board revealed Jake had done well catching 8lb 14oz from peg 4 and given his Dad a spanking in the process as Frank weighed 5lb 2oz. Justin had struggled for 4lb 6oz and Bob didn't weigh but then Fieldy went into the lead by a country mile with over 300 fish for 17lb 11oz and people said he was struggling! Stuart Alford fished the feeder today but struggled for 3lb 2oz. I thought Jason would do double figures and he had some lovely fish but the needle stopped on 9lb which surprised everybody, we even weighed them again to make sure. I started to think I might even frame with my 10lb but it turned out to only be 8lb 10oz and my guesstimating goes from bad to worse.
Stuart had a nice skimmer in his 3lb 2oz
Jason did well in first match catching skimmers, roach and tench on the groundbait feeder
Steve had 7lb 7oz so at least I had a pound off him, Bruce had lots of fish and just pipped Jason when he weighed 9lb 4oz, last to weigh was Rob by the pumphouse and he'd struggled for 4lb 13oz but he did catch the sun and his legs matched his t-shirt by the end of the match!. So after Fieldy's weight it hadn't fished as well as in recent weeks but it was really close with just 10oz separating four places, I'd easily lost enough for second place today but then again I'm sure the others lost fish as well.
Bruce had a lot of small fish for his 9lb 4oz
Rob had 4lb 13oz and also caught the sun!
Rob did the results and Fieldy's latest win means nobody can catch him in the league, Bruce was second and Jason was third and it was great to see somebody do well in their first match, especially as he did it on the feeder (or shopping trolley as he calls it!). Hopefully we'll see him again, Rob then called out Jake as the winner of the first section and I won the other section (by double default) and picked up £15 which helped pay for the day. 

1 - Graham Field (Taunton) - 17lb 11oz
2 - Bruce Hunt (Tiverton) - 9lb 4oz
3 - Jason Roseveare (Ilminster) - 9lb

A - Jake Woodard (Ilminster) - 8lb 14oz
B - Jamie Rich (Against Men and Fish/Burt Baits) - 8lb 10oz

As I said earlier Fieldy has already won the league with just 9 points but the race for second is really tight with Rob on 25 and Bruce on 26 so it will all go down to the last match.

I'm at Summerhayes next week and I seem to have lost my way there recently and with me struggling a bit at Dillington as well, I'm looking forward to getting back on the river in a few weeks.

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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Summerhayes - Pairs Festival Day Two - 25th August 2014

On waking up, the forecasters had got it right for once as it was raining, I got to the draw and although it was wet, it wasn't too windy for a change. I said hello to everyone and had a coffee, Rob Kingston paid me his pound from yesterday but Reece wanted double or quits which I agreed to as you're more likely to see rocking horse poo than a nugget come out of his pocket! I said in yesterdays blog that the draw would be all important today and the anglers on Sellicks were first to go in the bucket, my partner Ray drew peg 15 which is one of the best carp pegs on the lake, not good and he wasn't happy. Some of the anglers who did well yesterday drew really good silvers pegs, Nigel Wickham had 23, Rob K had my peg from yesterday and Karl had peg 3.

Then it was the draw for Longs and by the time I stuck my hand in the bucket, several of the good silvers pegs had gone, peg 39 was still in there and I hate that peg with a passion and of course I drew it. It had done 6lb 8oz of silvers for 4 points yesterday although he had lost a couple of good skimmers too. Again, several anglers who had done well yesterday drew the better silvers pegs and Ray and me were right up against it. It was still raining and we were in for a wet day, Reece was in peg 2 although not in my section (we were up against the same anglers as yesterday) and Dom was down in peg 5. In my peg there were already carp slurping by the walkway and I would be avoiding that area of the swim. I set up two MW F1 Slims with 0.10mm hooklengths and size 16 808's for fishing soft and banded pellets and also a 0.3 gram NG Mini Gimp set up to fish dead maggots a few inches over depth.
Peg 39 on Longs (not my favourite peg!)
I was ready with ten minutes to go, so went and got a coffee and sat in my car out of the rain while I waited for the start. On the whistle I fed three longer lines with micros and a few 4mm's, two at 10 metres to the left and right and the other at 8.5 metres straight out in front, I also fed a 5 metre line angled slightly to the left. Reece had a small tench on worm while I was still feeding my swims, I started out in front but it was slow going and I missed a bite before trying the other two lines and my first fish was a 2oz skimmer from the right hand line, my next fish was a carp and I hoped it wasn't a sign of things to come. Reece had a couple of nice skimmers which gave me hope that there were a few about. I had another little skimmer and a lovely little crucian from the 8.5 metre swim plus a couple more carp and although I wasn't bagging, it was a steady start.

Dom looked to be catching carp and also quite a few silvers which was a tad worrying, I was still rotating all three longer lines but the middle one was the most productive and when I had two 8oz skimmers in quick succession I thought a decent weight might be possible. Reece then had a couple more skimmers to pull away again and all I could catch were carp. After two hours, it was still raining pretty hard and I was quite wet and my pellets were in danger of turning to mush. I tried the five metre line and had lots of indications on soft pellet but only added another small skimmer, banded pellet resulted in another carp and I didn't know what to do next. I had a small skimmer and a 3oz tench from the 8.5 metre line but then it was back to carp.

Double dead red maggot was a flop as well, Reece was catching good skimmers fairly regularly and Dom was bagging with carp and silvers. With half the match gone I only had about 1.5lb of silvers and I was in trouble, another brief look on the shorter line saw me hook a decent fish which didn't feel like a carp and I was mightily relieved when I slipped the net under a 2lb skimmer, I needed a few more though. That fish proved to be a false dawn and I only managed one more decent skimmer from the longer line out in front and a couple of tiny roach which I suspect were the cause of a lot of the missed bites.

The whistle went for the end of the match and I only had 17 silvers for an estimated 4.5lb plus about ten carp, Ray came up and said he'd had a bad day too, hooking and losing loads of carp and trashing five rigs in the process, he said both Glynn and Nigel had done well so that was first place in the silvers wrapped up. The scales were soon with me and my carp went 19lb 1oz and my meagre silvers weighed 5lb 6oz and I knew I'd finish well down with that. Reece did well with 13lb 15oz of silvers and then Dom had over 60lb of carp and his 7lb 1oz of silvers meant I'd lost a point already.

I finished loading up the car and caught up with the scales as they weighed the road side pegs, a quick look at the weigh board made depressing reading for me as Pete had beat me by 5oz, Adie R had 8lb 4oz and Charlie Barnes had won the section with 13lb 15oz and I only beat two in the section giving me 5 points and I'd blown right out. Special mention must go to Martin Addicot who drew peg 33 which won the lake for carp and silvers yesterday and he still moaned and didn't fancy it all, so he must have been a little embarrassed to weigh in 110lb 7oz!

Sellicks had also fished well and there were numerous good carp weights with the best going to Charlie G with over 86lb from peg 12. I felt for Dom's partner Gabriel as when we got to his peg to weigh in, one of his keepnets had slipped in the pond and he lost all his fish! The silvers weights were better today with Karl in peg 3 having 10lb 15oz and Charlie's partner John also having double figures from peg 13. Rob K had his pound back and won his section with 13lb 4oz of skimmers and Nigel had 13lb 8oz which meant him and Glynn had a perfect 4 point score. Ray had 6lb 6oz which put him third in his section and we both thought we might still sneak into the frame but back at the results it soon became obvious that it was going to be close between several pairs.

After Glynn and Nigel, Reece and Rob were second with 8 points followed by Charlie and John with 10 and then Adie and Karl with 11 points, Ray and me ended up with 12 points and to be honest we hadn't drawn well for silvers today. The carp side of things was tight as well with Adie Bishop and Bill 'The Paste Has Landed' Hopping taking the verdict over Rob Birch and Mark Leahy on weight.
Sellicks fished better today
And so did Longs (apart from peg 39)

Overall Silvers
1 - Glynn and Nigel Wickham - 4 pts
2 - Reece and Rob Kingston - 8 pts
3 - Charlie Barnes and John - 10 pts
4 - Adie R and Karl - 11 pts

Overall Carp
1 - Adie Bishop and Bill Hopping - 8 pts (on weight)
2 - Rob Birch and Mark Leahy - 8 pts
3 - Dave B and Martin Addicot - 9 pts (on weight)
4 - Matt and Charlie G - 9 pts

I can't go without mentioning that Glynn took yet another £1 off me today (or he will give me stick the next time I see him) although as I beat him yesterday I'm claiming a draw!

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Monday, August 25, 2014

Summerhayes - Pairs Festival Day One - 24th August 2014

I normally fish a few of Pete's two day events but this year I've had fixture clashes on most of the Bank Holidays and I wasn't sure I'd be able to fish this one unless I could find a partner. Glynn Wickham said his dad, Ray, was looking for someone and as he likes to fish for silvers as well, we paired up. I got to the venue nice and early and sorted out some nets and paid my pools, there was a good turnout of 28 anglers which would be split between Sellicks and Longs with two sections of seven on each lake with the anglers swapping lakes for the second day. After the two days, Pete is paying out the top four pairs in carp and silvers so the money is well spread out.

Pete announced the draw which turned out to be a rather complicated affair, there was an initial draw which decided who was on which lake and my destination for today was Sellicks. Pete then started calling names out and when my name was shouted I delved into the bucket and pulled out peg 3, spot on, a great silvers peg. Things got better when Glynn drew one of the better carp pegs which wasn't ideal as he would be fishing for silvers. People started heading to their pegs when Pete said that this wasn't the draw for where we would be fishing but for which section we would be in! All the balls went back in the bucket and then we had to draw again, this time I pulled out peg 19, a good silvers peg but not as good as peg 3. Still at least I had avoided the carp pegs up the top end, unlike Glynn who drew another great carp peg, number 14!
Peg 19 on Sellicks
Looking at the section sheet, I was in with pegs 3, 5, 6, 12, 15 and 21 while the other section consisted of pegs 1, 8, 10, 13, 14, 17 and 23 and quite a few people looked as confused as me (not hard I know!), it all seemed to make sense to Pete though so if a new Enigma machine is ever needed I think he is the man for the job! The trouble was I would only actually be able to see two of the people I was up against (peg 15 and 21) so would have no clue how I was doing. The other problem was that in the other section there were only a couple of anglers who would be fishing for silvers so even though Glynn was on a carp peg he would end up with good points for silvers, as long as he caught at least one silver fish that is! I was up against silvers anglers in good skimmer pegs, Adie R in peg 3, Charlie Barnes in peg 5 and Pete in peg 6.

I got to my peg and started setting my kit up and I had Martin Addicot on my right in peg 17, fresh from setting another match record in the week, this time with over 160lb from Sellicks, he would be fishing for carp today and fellow blogger Dominic Sullivan on my left in peg 21. Young Reece was in peg 23 and shouted up he wanted a pound side bet on silvers and I accepted. I assembled two rigs, both 0.6 gram Malman Pencils, one for 10 metres and another for five metres where it was very slightly deeper. Both had 0.12mm hooklengths with size 16 Tubertini 808's at the business end. On the bait tray were some wetted micros and 4mm pellets with 4mm Bait Tech expanders for the hook. I also had some dead red maggots in case I was really struggling.

On the whistle I cupped in half a pot of micros plus a few 4mm's on two lines at 10 metres plus the same at 5 metres before starting on the right hand 10 metre line with an expander on the hook. The bait never reached the bottom as a 4oz roach snaffled the pellet on the drop and I was up and running. My next fish was a carp so I moved to the other long line but this proved to be very slow and I was soon back on the other line and had a couple of 6oz skimmers but the trouble was the carp kept pushing in and after an hour I had those three silvers plus four carp! From what I could see, most people were catching carp, Dom even had a nice tench from by the island and offered to sell it to me for £20!

The second hour started well when I had another skimmer but the next chuck I hooked another only for it to come off as I was shipping back. I was still getting carp and had a lump of around 8lb that gave me the run around on blue hydro. I was dripping some micros in on the 5 metre line but wanted to leave it for as long as possible before fishing it. I was still getting odd skimmers (and carp of course) from the right hand 10 metre line but the other line was a bit of a flop and I only managed one skimmer from it all match. Dom was catching carp well, Martin was hooking lots but lost quite a few and having a bit of a moan which is unlike him! From what I could see Glynn was really struggling but it didn't really affect me as he was in the other section.

After a couple of hours I tried the short line for the first time and had a small skimmer before catching the inevitable carp, it wasn't fast and furious and I was just going to go back out long when the float slid away and I had my first proper skimbob of a pound or so. I stayed on this line a bit too long really as I was getting bites but just couldn't hit them (liners perhaps?). I went back out and had two more 6oz skims quite quickly before it was back to the carp. Dom was now fishing up towards the empty pallet between us and was still getting his fair share of carp, he did well to land one which tore off through the legs of the pallet but after a bit of knit one, pearl one, he safely netted it.

With an hour and a quarter to go I was back on the 5 metre line and still missing bites, I eventually hooked another skimmer which turned out to be a proper one of 3lb and then I've hooked another next chuck which also felt like a big skimmer only for the hook to pull out and I came back with a bream scale on the hook - bugger! I had another 6oz sample and then another better one of a pound or so but missed several more bites including one just before the whistle went to end the match. My final tally was 15 skimmers, 2 roach and around 11 or 12 carp.

After packing my kit up I caught up with the scales about half way around Longs and judging by the weigh board, it had fished quite well for carp but relatively hard for silvers and Ray said he'd struggled, he actually weighed 8lb 13oz to go into the silvers lead in his section but his son Nigel pushed him down into second with 10lb 10oz. The other silvers section on Longs was won by Dom's partner Gabriel with 11lb 13oz, he also topped the carp with 68lb 2oz. The scales moved onto Sellicks and the early leader was Adie R with 11lb 5oz of skimmers from peg 3, Charlie Barnes had suffered with carp trouble and weighed 5lb 8oz and Pete had 4lb 4oz. Glynn was admitting to a couple of pounds of silvers but that would still get him good points today, he weighed 2lb 15oz and was leading his section with just Reece in peg 23 to weigh.

My carp went 32lb 10oz and then my silvers weighed 8lb 13oz to put me second in my section behind Adie. Reece only weighed 13oz of silvers (and never paid up once again), meaning Glynn won the other section.

So after day one, the section winners were as follows,
The sections on Longs

Mark Leahy - 51lb 10oz
Gabriel - 68lb 2oz

Nigel Wickham - 10lb 10oz
Gabriel - 11lb 13oz
Sections on Sellicks

Bill Hopping - 78lb 10oz
Kev - 80lb 4oz

Glynn Wickham - 2lb 15oz
Adie R - 11lb 5oz

Glynn and Nigel are leading the silvers with a perfect two point score, Ray and me have four points, but the draw will play a big part again tomorrow and the weather is going to be awful according to the forecast so come back tomorrow to see how it goes.

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Sunday, August 17, 2014

Dillington Pond - Summer League 8 - 17th August 2014

In the last match Tackleuk's Ashley Tomkins battered us all with nearly 22lb of quality roach and rudd caught shallow but I wasn't too upset as it proved the whip is beatable. To be honest I tried fishing shallow that match and got it all wrong so was determined to do a better job today. I got to the draw with five minutes to spare and it was great to see a few more fishing today, Stuart Alford was back again and it was lovely to see Terry Morgan for the first time in ages. I had a quick coffee and paid Rob the pools (still £15 I noticed!) and also paid Steve for the bait (cheers for getting it mate) and then it was time to draw. I quite fancied being on the road side as I seem to have been on the field side a lot lately, I stuck my hand in the hand and pulled out peg 7, yep, far side again.
Peg 7 on the field side
As I arrived at the pond I could see Fieldy wasn't looking very happy and there were three! pleasure anglers fishing his peg, he told them there was a match on and they left but it does make you wonder if they had a licence? (surely you would check the match dates!). He tried to get hold of Rob with a view to fishing another peg but eventually decided to give it a go. I think he made the right choice as peg 1 has a big feature in the shape of a bush and a lot of the ponds chub live under it. Bruce was in peg 3 with Stuart Alford in peg 5 and he agreed to have a side bet with me. Terry was the next angler on my right in peg 13 so I had loads of room.
Stu fancied a side bet
I mixed up some Bait Tech Pro Natural before setting my rigs up, I set up the usual 0.5 gram Drennan Roach with 0.12mm hooklength and a size 18 B611, the shallow rig was a Preston Chianti with the same hook and hooklength as the deep rig and taking Scott's advice from the other week, I shortened the rig and shallowed it up a bit. I was just about ready for the 10:15 start and cupped in two balls of groundbait at 10 metres before starting on the depth rig with a single caster and had five roach in as many chucks but they were on the small side. Once again it was pretty windy and when it started raining I had to stop to put my coat on - lovely!

I was feeding hemp and caster and fishing caster on the hook but I was a little concerned that I wasn't getting any quality roach or rudd. Steve Hurford turned up and had a chat about his recent trip to Gillhams and said he is already planning to go back and it sounds like he loved it as much as I do, he also said as a thank you for all my help he would take me barbel fishing on the Dorset Stour, what a nice gesture and I will of course blog about it when we go.

I hooked a good roach only for it to come off at the net and then bumped a good fish as well, this wasn't going to plan. There were a few fish swirling so I reached for the shallow rig and caught a nice rudd straight away and then lost one next chuck and then couldn't get a bite shallow but I think the wind wasn't doing me any favours. I went back to the deeper rig and this was hard work as well, with an hour and a half gone I only had around 33 fish, a quick shout up to Stu revealed he already had over 60 fish and Bruce had more than him so I was a long way behind already.

Big Frank was the next person to come for a wander and after having a chat he set off round the pond to see how the others were getting on. I was still getting odd roach on the deep rig but wasn't catching very well at all but from what I could see nobody was bagging so I stuck at it. Frank came back and reported that everybody seemed to be struggling with Justin in peg 18 probably doing better than most. With about an hour and a bit left I was only on 80 fish although Stu was admitting to 91 so I had closed the gap on him a bit. Bites were now coming in spells on the deep rig so I tried the shallow rig again and had a nice roach straight away and was getting quite a few bites.

I had a couple of 2oz hybrids and then had a decent skimmer of 6oz or so, I was missing lots of bites but catching well and netted a couple of clonking roach plus lots of chunky 2oz fish. I ended up with 126 fish which I was sure would give me around 12lb if they averaged 1.5oz apiece and hoped I might even have a little more. I packed up and asked Stu how he'd finished up and he said he'd bagged and had 100 fish in the last hour to give him over 200 fish! With Bruce admitting to around 300 fish, any chance of framing was starting to disappear. Fieldy said he'd struggled for 7lb or so but we'd heard that before!

Rob arrived with the scales and for once Fieldy was close to his estimate with 8lb 10oz, Bruce then had 14lb 2oz and I thought Stu would be close to that but actually weighed 10lb 7oz and then it was my turn, the splashing sounded impressive but the needle hovered very close to Stu's weight and 10lb 8oz was finally called!, I almost (but not quite) felt guilty taking his pound. Terry had struggled for 2lb 15oz but had the wind in his face all day. Leighton had 6lb 2oz and then Justin pushed me down into third place when he weighed 11lb 1oz and the weights were very close again. Steve Parker had 6lb 13oz and paid me a nugget and Rob had 8lb 14oz from peg 21.
Fieldy only had 8lb 10oz this week but won the 'gurning' competition!
Bruce had a lot of fish for his 14lb 2oz
Stuart had 10lb 7oz
But I pipped him by an ounce!
Terry had 2lb 15oz from peg 13
So once again in pretty rubbish conditions the pond had fished really well with the top four all catching double figures and it's got to be one of the fairest venues around with plenty of bites to be had all round the pond. Some lovely quality roach and rudd are being caught along with odd skimmers, tench and perch and although the whip does well, the pole can compete (as Ash proved) and Justin fished chopped worm today so several different methods are working which is nice to see.

At the results, Bruce was on the winners podium once again with Justin second and I was third and picked up £22. Poor Stu finished out of the money by an ounce but I'm sure he will return the favour next match and win his pound back too! In the league, Fieldy leads by a country mile with 8 points followed by Rob on 20 and Stu on 24 with two matches to go.

1 - Bruce Hunt (Tiverton) - 14lb 2oz
2 - Justin Charles (Ilminster) - 11lb 1oz
3 - Jamie Rich (Against Men and Fish/Burt Baits) - 10lb 8oz

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Saturday, August 16, 2014

Andy Neal Interview

As promised recently here is the fourth in my series of interviews with some top names in the match fishing world. This time around, Bait Tech and Frenzee consultant, Andy Neal, tells us a bit more about what makes him tick.

Hi Andy, thanks for agreeing to answer my questions, let’s start with some easy ones,

Against Men and Fish - What’s your favourite style of fishing?

Andy Neal - I don’t have a favourite style as its whatever I’m catching on. I like to be aggressive though so love meat fishing on the pole.
Andy loves fishing meat
Where is your favourite venue?

Has to be the Viaduct in Somerset. Never ceases to amaze me as it keeps getting better and better and the fish (all species) grow so quickly, also I appreciate the great job Paul and Steve do in running it. Stunning venue with a beautiful setting.

A good day on the river Wye takes some beating as well…

Your favourite fish?

At the moment its big bream, I’ve just got into trying to catch proper big uns, when approaching double figures they look incredible.  
Andy with a big bream caught in the rain!
Have you any angling heroes or anyone who has inspired you?

Yes, lots, I admire a lot of people and not just guys who win big, I suppose a hero figure to me as a youngster would have been Bob Nudd but that was for his willingness to help everyone who approached him. In recent times my good mate Des Shipp always astounds me as even though he fishes professionally he is more thirsty to succeed now than he ever was. I don’t think I’ve ever met someone who simply just loves catching fish as much as him, remarkable.

I am very fortunate to rub shoulders and call friends a lot of extremely talented anglers, Grant Albutt, a great mate and serious fish catcher, Darren Cox, the ultimate professional whether working or on the bank, Ian Didcote, natural talent plus many more.

My travelling partner Lee is right up there too, absolute class, he does what he does extremely well!  

You are heavily involved with Bait Tech and Frenzee as a consultant, can you tell us what a typical day for Andy Neal is like (when you’re not fishing)?

No, not really, I love what I do but having two companies to deal with makes things very interesting, hectic is one word!, fishing is something I used to do before I worked in the trade, anyone who thinks the fishing industry is going fishing is very much mistaken, ask someone in it!

In match fishing terms you are still relatively young at 34 and have already appeared in a number of big money finals, if you had the choice, which one would you most love to win?

Any of them would be nice, I’m not fussy! The Parkdean final at White Acres is always special as you have to qualify from the festival the week before, not an easy task by any means, getting there is hard, winning it in that company is even harder.

You’re well known for being an attacking angler and catching big weights at places like the Viaduct and other commercial fisheries, do you get to fish many natural venues these days?

I’m starting to more and more and they are definitely scratching an itch, I grew up on canals so...

I’ve fished the Huntspill a bit this year and fell in love with it, I’ll be having a bit more of that as soon as the opportunity arises.

Frenzee are well known for their innovative items of tackle and I’m a big fan of the soft pots, what other exciting new products have you got in the pipeline?

Yes. Lots! That’s all I’m saying ha ha!

Who comes up with the ideas for new products and can you give us some idea of the process from the initial concept, through to the product hitting the shelves of the tackle shops?

Ideas come from conversations and the need to correct problems, if there isn’t an issue then you don’t need a product to fix it. Idea first followed by a lot of research. Designs are drawn up and costings done, it's then onto prototyping, this could take anything from months to years depending on performance and design changes. Testing is important so needs time on the bank, then its onto production. It can be a long process and we have loads of ideas that are either underway or in the process of it, we even have ideas, some quite radical, that are shelved until we feel the trade is in the right position for it. Anglers can be a fickle bunch, I know this as I am one, timing is everything!

Match fishing has been steadily becoming more professional with anglers smartening up their appearance, big money televised events and more and more sponsored anglers but there are still only a handful of full time anglers, do you think there will ever be a time when match angling can become a viable career, like say, professional footballers?

Possibly, hopefully, but doubtful until we can create a demand for public interest. Fish O has done a great job and because of Barry Hearn we now have quite a few other big money events to go at, this is a great thing and hopefully just a start. Funding is always the problem from individual points and sponsorship of anglers is something that is hard to justify. Marketing budgets aren’t quite the size of those owned by Wall Mart so committing huge outlays to give anglers what they need to compete as a professional is difficult. Investing 50k (for instance) in a professional angler is fine if he/she is worth their weight, what most don’t realise is to invest that sum you need to make it. To make that value in profit you may have to increase sales by a staggering amount, will that one angler bring in that extra turnover? I’m not sure the industry is affluent enough to support it just yet, although something does need to change as it seems everyone man and their dog seems to think they deserve a sponsor.

On another note, the other issue will always be, ‘luck of the draw’, fishing just isn’t fair hence why it’s so hard to measure skill level. The nature of our quarry will mean there are areas of a lake/river/canal that hold more fish than others, when you have the ‘better peg’ syndrome it becomes hard to decipher true skill from luck (I’m generalising here of course).
Andy doing what he does best - bagging!
Having achieved so much in a relatively short time, what’s next for Andy Neal?

Have I achieved a lot? I guess, maybe? Soooo much still to do, I’m looking forward to my trip away on international duty, fishing in Europe is something I must do more of, it’s addictive and varied so really gets you thinking, most of all I’d love to have a little more time to concentrate on my fishing. I love what I do and I wouldn’t change a thing but I know it has affected my personal fishing and performances in recent years, to do well you have to be on the case and this means away from the bank, not just on it, time is my biggest hurdle, or lack of it.  

Well thank you for giving up your time but before I let you go, here’s a few more quick-fire questions,

What’s your biggest fish in the UK?

Weighed, was a 20lb 10oz carp although I’ve had bigger fish unweighed.

And abroad?

Don’t go there, I lost a blue shark that was rather large.

What’s your favourite drink?

All sorts depending on the mood, I quite like a beer and love red wine, all time favourite would be a bone dry Tanqueray Martini with a twist, no olive. None of that bond shit either, straight up please!

Favourite meal?

I’m not really a big eater, I don’t mind a sandwich!

Do you support a football team?

More of a rugby fan if I’m honest. I do follow Man United and Cardiff but football is getting worse IMO, too many shirt grabbing, diving poofters, they need to man up a bit! And why 20 year olds are commanding 200k a week is beyond a joke. 

Favourite film(s)?

Classic - Top Gun, Cocktail, Carlito's Way, Scarface, Heat.

TV show?

TV? Whats one of those? Too busy for that!!

What music do you listen to?

All sorts, I own everything from Opera to dance to RnB, I love music but what I’m listening to varies with my mood. Last album played was The Who!

And finally, what top tip would you give to my readers to make them better match anglers?

Ask questions and listen. Don’t copy just use the information to enhance your angling.

Many thanks again Andy, from Against Men and Fish

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Nick Gilbert Floats XT Mini Gimps Review

Recently I was lucky enough to win one of the Nick Gilbert giveaways on the excellent Match Fishing Scene forum, it really is one of the better forums which has loads of giveaways and offers and they seem like a friendly bunch that hold quite a few matches (although I haven't managed to get to one yet) as well as loads of interesting discussions and much more. Check it out here - Match Fishing Scene. I messaged Nick on the site and he replied saying he would send them out the following day, great service. If you're fortunate enough to win a prize, all the site asks is that you write a review and post it on the forum (not too much to ask as a thank you for their continued support every month).

They arrived, packaged securely and my initial thoughts were how professional they looked, with a striking finish, better than many shop bought floats. The prize was the full range of eight floats (one of each size, 0.1g, 0.2g, 0.3g and 0.4g and each colour tip, yellow and red). According to the online NG Float Store, this range has a '1.5mm fully hollow tip and a 0.6mm wire stem running halfway into the body for good balance and stability'. They are priced at £1.70 plus postage on the website although I believe MFS members can order them for £1.50 which compares very favourably with other handmade floats, certainly the majority I've looked at all break the £2 barrier.
My first impressions were that they looked very professionally made with a fantastic finish 
Regular readers of my blog will know I'm a big fan of MW and Malman floats and use them nearly exclusively at Summerhayes, the MW F1 Slim in particular is a lovely little float which I think is just perfect for Longs. The trouble with Longs is that it's badly affected by the wind and that's where the Mini Gimps come in, with a short wire stem and pear shaped body, they look perfect for those days when it's windy (every time I go there!) and there's a tow on it.

With a match coming up at the weekend, I made up rigs with the three lighter versions in readiness, there was a good chance I'd get to use them too as it was forecast we'd get hit by the remnants of hurricane Bertha! Match day arrived and I drew a half decent silvers peg and as we were setting up, conditions were calm and there was no sign of Bertha yet and I started to think I might not get to use my new floats today. With ten minutes to go before the start the wind got up and it started raining so it looked like the forecasters might have got it right after all!
Ready for action!
I started with a MW F1 Slim and was catching quite well but the wind was getting steadily worse throughout the day. My bites started to tail off after a couple of hours so I reached for one of my new floats but to be honest the wind was now so blustery it wouldn't have mattered what pattern or size of float I'd have used, it would have been blown all over the place. In between gusts, the float looked really stable and sat well, I just wish it would have gone under a few more times! I must admit I struggle a bit with pellet fishing in these types of conditions as with expanders you have to really fish dead depth but when it's windy it's a job to keep the bait still, so is it okay to fish overdepth with expanders or hard pellets? I should have tried it I suppose. Any advice or tips most welcome.

At the end of a very windswept day, I had 25lb odd of carp and just shy of 12lb of skimmers which put me third in the silvers but they only paid the top two on the day. I must say I love the floats and can't wait to try them in more favourable conditions, I also think the lighter floats will be ideal for Ilminster Canal (if we ever fish it again!). I will definitely be checking out more floats in the NG range and when I do I will review them on here.

So a massive thanks to MFS and Nick Gilbert, check out his web site here NG Float Store

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Summerhayes - Open - 10th August 2014

While I was looking forward to the match on Longs, I wasn't looking forward to being on the tail-end of hurricane Bertha! I got to the draw fairly early and it wasn't that windy at all!, perhaps they'd got it wrong or it had missed us! I picked up some keepnets before paying my pools and having a cup of coffee. Pete announced the draw and I was quite late getting my hand in the bucket and pulled out peg 9, not the best of pegs and it can be alright for silvers. I had the usual side bet with Glynn and also one with Martin Addicot who is on fire at the moment, winning the last four matches on the trot and setting a new match record in the process, I'm not daft though and our bet would be on silvers!
Peg 9, the lull before the storm!
I got to my peg and started setting up and there was still hardly any wind and I hoped it was going to stay like this. On my right I had Rob Birch in peg 7 and on my left was Adie Bishop in peg 11, Heardy was in peg 4 and already having a moan which is very unlike him! I set up two rigs, my normal 14 x 11 MW F1 Slim with a 0.10mm bottom and a size 16 808, my other rig was a 0.3 gram NG Floats XT Mini Gimp with a 0.12mm bottom and the same hook pattern and size. Bait wise was the usual Bait Tech 4mm and 6mm expanders for the hook with some dampened micros and 4mm's as feed. If small fish proved to be a problem I also had some banded 6mm hard pellets.

I plumbed up three lines at 10 metres plus a shorter one at around 5 metres (top two plus two) in case the wind did pick up later. With ten minutes to go, blow me (pun intended) if the wind didn't get up and it started raining! The whistle went and I cupped in micros and 4mm's on all four lines before starting on the left hand line at 10 metres with a 4mm expander on the hook. I missed a few bites on all three lines and with the wind getting stronger by the minute, I was trying the shorter line after about 15 mins, my first fish was a small roach so I switched to a 6mm banded pellet. My first fish on hard pellet was a decent skimmer which was more like it and things got even better when my next fish was a crucian pushing 2lb!

I was getting quite a few indications and some fizzing and it felt like there were quite a few fish there, I lost a good skimmer when it flew out of the water and then bumped one as well, I did add another couple of skimmers and was on about 5lb after the first hour which I was more than happy with. Rob was getting the odd carp and Heardy was trying to catch silvers but the carp had moved in, Adie was fishing the method feeder as the pole at any length over 4-5 metres in this wind was a non-starter.

My second hour started quite well with another crucian about 8oz plus a couple more skimbobs although I lost another 'flier' and bumped one as well before catching my first carp from this line which killed it for a while. I tried the long lines briefly but apart from a lost foulhooked carp, I just couldn't present properly. Back on the short line I had a nice little tench but then all I could catch were roach or carp! where had the skimmers gone? In a bid to try and make something happen I cupped in a potful of micros before going out long again, a skimmer from the left hand line gave me hope but it seemed to be a loner and I was soon back on the shorter line.

Rob was now catching well by the lilies to his left, Heardy was now on the method feeder but seemed to be struggling if all the moaning was anything to go by! Adie was getting carp and even the odd skimmer on the feeder and asked if I wanted to swap as all I could now seem to catch was carp and I already had 5 or 6. The wind was now hideous and had blown my hat off and everybody was either fishing the method feeder or very short on the pole. I was still getting lots of bites on the pole but missing a lot of them which I put down to roach as when I did hit a bite they were the culprit or a pesky carp.

Twice the wind blew my line round my pole tip and I've hooked decent fish, only to snap off which did nothing to help my catch rate. By now it was obvious Rob would be there or thereabouts come the final whistle, what was also obvious was that I wouldn't be challenging for the silvers prizes today unless I had a fantastic last hour and a half and that seemed unlikely. I kept putting the odd roach and carp in the net and did even manage a couple more skimmers but to be honest I seem to have lost my way here in recent matches and I wasn't too sorry to hear the final whistle. I ended up with 26 silvers and around 11 carp which I knew wouldn't do any good today.

I packed up and took my kit back to the car just as the scales reached Bruce in peg 40, he weighed 51lb 7oz and said he'd found the fish late, more worryingly he said Glynn had caught silvers well in peg 37. Heardy had managed to moan 39lb 14oz onto his hook before it was Rob's turn, after two weighs his total was called out as 74lb 10oz, a really good weight on the day. Then it was my turn and my carp went 25lb 4oz and my silvers went 11lb 13oz for a total of 37lb 1oz. Adie had a level 53lb next door before Nick Harvey in peg 13 went into the lead with 78lb 12oz, Nick caught most of his fish down the edge.

I packed the rest of my kit up and Glynn wandered down to see how I got on, he said he had 20lb plus of silvers and it would be close between him and Ray so that would be the top two silvers spots filled and it meant he'd take yet another pound off me. After taking my nets back I was just in time to see Glynn weigh in 21lb 14oz of silvers, just pipping his dad who had 20lb 3oz. At the results it was confirmed Nick had won with Rob second and Bill 'The Paste' Hopping third with 58lb 9oz, Ray was actually fourth with a total weight of 55lb 12oz but picked up second in the silvers as it was worth more which meant Adie took fourth place beating young Reece by an ounce!
Glynn won the silvers with 21lb 14oz
Some good weights despite the wind
So a disappointing day after a good start, I did take a pound off Martin Addicot who had 8lb 2oz of silvers but I only had it in my possession for seconds before Glynn claimed ownership of it!

1 - Nick Harvey (Summerhayes) - 78lb 12oz
2 - Rob Birch (Summerhayes) - 74lb 10oz
3 - Bill Hopping (Summerhayes) - 58lb 9oz
4 - Adie Bishop (Summerhayes) - 53lb

1 - Glynn Wickham (Summerhayes) - 21lb 14oz
2 - Ray Wickham (Summerhayes) - 20lb 3oz

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Sunday, August 03, 2014

Dillington Pond - Summer League 7 - 3rd August 2014

My last visit to Dillington in June was a bit of a disaster and I ended up with 9lb 8oz for nowhere and I was a long way off the pace so I was expecting another battering from the whip boys this week. I got to the Oak for the draw and Bruce wasn't fishing today as he's poorly so get well soon mate. In his place we had Tackleuk mugger, Ashley Tomkins, to contend with instead along with the usual suspects like Fieldy, Rob, Steve, Justin and it was nice to see Leighton again as well.

Rob announced the draw and I pulled out peg 8 which put me in the middle of the far bank with Fieldy in peg 6 and Ash in peg 13 as my closest neighbours. I got myself comfy before mixing up some groundbait, today I was going to try some Burt Baits Black Bream, I tend to favour dark groundbaits for Dillington and the first thing I noticed was that it was a heavy groundbait (if that makes sense) and it didn't take much water before I could squeeze the mix and it would hold shape. I left it to fully absorb the water before setting up the rest of my kit.
I was using Burt Baits Black Bream today
I set up a 0.5 gram Drennan Roach float to fish on the depth at 10 metres and a little Preston Chianti with spread shot to fish up in the water, both rigs had 0.12mm bottoms with size 18 Kamasan B611 barbless hooks (a little heavy I know but the fish here arn't particularly hook shy and I like to give myself a chance with any bonus fish that may happen along). Ash wandered up before the start for a chat and said to give him a bell in the shop and we'll see what trays I need to put my box at the right height, cheers mate so hopefully I won't be the hunchback fisherman for much longer!

I checked on my groundbait and had to add a little more water before it was perfect and I added some freebies before making two balls ready to go in at the start. Rob blew for the start and I cupped in the two balls at 10 metres before starting on the depth rig with caster on the hook but the rig wouldn't settle with fish hitting the bait on the drop, I had half a dozen small roach before trying the shallow rig but I was missing a lot of bites and the roach I did catch were 1-2oz apiece and I needed bigger fish if I was to compete with Fieldy on the whip.

I tried fishing two sections to hand and although the stamp of the fish didn't increase I was catching them quicker and after an hour I had around 40 fish for a couple of pound. I was still missing a lot of bites so I tried double red maggot and had some chunky perch and even had a gorgeous little tench of 6oz or so. After around an hour and a half, Ash shouted up to Graham asking how many fish he'd had to which Fieldy replied 82, he then asked me and I was on 60 and Ash said he was on 70 so I was behind at this early stage but not by too much and I was hoping some quality fish on caster might cancel out their early lead.

Bites slowed on my inside line and I stayed on it too long really, back out long and I would get a run of roach with the odd better one but the big rudd seemed conspicuous in their absence. Justin in peg 14 seemed to be struggling and from what I could see, Leighton across in peg 18 was only getting odd fish so I figured I was doing okay. Quite a few people came out for a look round including Scott Jackson and Big Frank and his boy, they reported that Ash and Fieldy were catching but nobody was getting much in the way of quality.

I kept swapping between my two lines and would get a run of fish off each but only odd better fish, I did catch my first gudgeon from the pond! With two hours to go I had well over a hundred fish and felt if I could get to 160 fish, it would give me around 15lb if they averaged 1.5oz apiece but was hoping they might go a bit more as I was netting the odd decent roach as well. Scott Russell turned up (fresh from his latest Viaduct win yesterday) and while he was with me I missed loads of bites on my long line and he reckoned I had too much line between the float and the pole tip so I will remedy that before the next match, he also said the rig could do with another shot on it (I didn't think it was that bad!). He left me too it and went up to offer Ash some coaching.

I hit my target of 160 fish with an hour to go but was still missing too many bites for my liking on the longer line, so switched back to the inside where I added some more roach and even added a couple more of those lovely little tench. When Rob blew for the finish I was on 184 fish and honestly thought I must have at least 16lb. Scott came up and said Ash had over 240 fish and had really motored in the last 20 mins when he probably had 4lb of quality roach and rudd! I was sure Ash had beaten me and thought Fieldy would have given me a 'whipping' too.

I packed up and took my gear back to the car before we all gathered at peg 1 to weigh Steve in, he had 5lb 2oz and hadn't seen any chub today, Rob was next to weigh and had 6lb 15oz before we got to Fieldy and the lying started, he only had small fish and hadn't used his landing net all day apparently! Mind you he did have more fish than Ash, he pulled his net out and his catch pulled the needle round to 15lb 4oz and Ash said (with a straight face!) that Graham would win with that. I was next and I honestly thought I had more than that and when I pulled my net out everybody was saying I'd done him but the scales told a different story and my weight was called out at 14lb 3oz - bugger! and I missed/bumped/dropped off a couple of pounds as well.
Steve had 5lb 2oz in peg 1
Rob had 6lb 15oz
Fieldy went into the lead with 15lb 4oz
I fell just short with 14lb 3oz
Ash was next and when he pulled his net out it was obvious he would be the winner as he had a cracking bag of quality roach and rudd, after two weighs his total was called out at 21lb 10oz, well done Ash, a lovely net of fish. I thought I'd have to settle for third place but then we got to Justin who I hadn't seen catch bugger all during the day but there was an awful lot of splashing when he pulled his net out and he had loads of little tench and a decent skimmer plus some quality roach and rudd but thankfully the needle stopped just shy of my weight and 13lb 11oz was called out. That just left Leighton who had another nice net of fish weighing 10lb 6oz and the top five had all weighed double figures, great fishing but we still only get seven for the matches!
Ash with part of his winning catch
Justin had loads of little tench in his 13lb 11oz
Leighton also hit double figures with his catch of 10lb 6oz from peg 18
So Ash won convincingly but only a pound and a half or so separated the next three places with Fieldy finishing second and I was third and picked up £15 to help cover the costs of the day plus a pound off Mr Parker.

1 – Ashley Tomkins (Tackleuk) – 21lb 10oz
2 – Graham Field (Taunton) – 15lb 4oz
3 – Jamie Rich (Against Men and Fish/Burt Baits) – 14lb 3oz

After seven matches and dropping the worst result, Fieldy leads the league with a perfect 6 point score followed by Rob on 18 and Stuart Alford on 21.

The pond is evolving as a fishery all the time and the fishing is just getting better and better although I still think it wouldn't hurt to put a lot of the small fish down the river to thin them out a bit (with the correct paperwork of course). I was quite encouraged today that Ash caught his fish shallow on the pole which means the whip isn't unbeatable and some really good weights are possible on the pole. I did okay today but a few little tweaks would have probably got me second place and I need to polish up my shallow fishing somewhat. I was also very impressed with the groundbait although it was probably the wrong day to try it when all the fish were up in the water!

Talking point - Before I sign off for this week I would just like to throw a suggestion out there about the pools, currently we pay £15 and have done for as long as I can remember and by the time £2 peg fees is taken out by the club, it doesn't leave a lot to pay out on the day. The current going rate everywhere else seems to be £20 and I think the club needs to follow suit (even if we do it by having a £5 superpool), we could at least then have a half decent payout and it might even encourage a few more people to fish (on the other hand I suppose it could scare people away!). Let me know what you think?

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Saturday, August 02, 2014

Drennan Crystal Dibbers and Visi Case Reviews

I'm a big fan of all things Drennan and during my 35 years as a fisherman I have used literally hundreds of their products including floats, hooks, line, catapults and rods among many other items, in fact you name it and Drennan now make it. Once famed for mainly terminal tackle, the company now makes rods, reels, poles and even produces a seatbox in conjunction with Rive and it is truly a thing of beauty (how I would love to have one of them to review!).
My dream seatbox
A lot of thought goes into every new product that Drennan produces and with consultants like multi World Champion Alan Scotthorne and the very talented ex-editor of Match Fishing mag, Jon Arthur, on board, you know the best in the business have had a hand in its design and production. With a lot of the products you honestly wonder how you ever survived without them, while some are very simple ideas and you can't believe they haven't been thought of before, like the new Crystal Dibbers.
Another great product from Drennan
Drennan have produced ranges of crystal floats for years and back in the days before I owned a pole I used to use the Crystal Insert Wagglers for most of my stillwater fishing and I still use Crystal Chubbers when I'm after mullet and dumpy little Crystal Wagglers on the river in shallow swims like peg 125 at Isle Brewers, but while there may have been see through pole floats before, they have never really taken off and were perhaps seen as a little gimmicky. That is definitely not the case with these floats as match anglers realise they are prefect for fishing up in the water and they have become Drennan's fastest selling pole float of all time.

I was itching to get my hands on some and give them a try and I popped into Somerset Angling in Bridgwater during my lunchtime and as luck would have it, they'd just had a delivery of Drennan tackle and I picked up a couple of the 0.4 gram versions to try at the next Perry St match. Now being a lazy bugger I actually made a rig up on the bank on the morning of the next match and quickly realised they were a little too big for what I wanted to do and the 0.3 gram version what have been more suitable - doh!
New Drennan Crystal Dibbers
Still, they are really nice floats and I reckon they will be ideal for 'mugging' fish and for fishing long line, swinging to islands that are just out of pole reach. In fact Jon Arthur has just done an article on this subject using these floats in the latest issue of Match Fishing magazine and is well worth checking out. In the meantime I will have to get some of the slightly smaller ones and I'll update this review when I've used them.

The second new item in Drennan's range I had been looking forward to getting my hands on was the smaller of the two Visi Cases. My need for a storage/accessory case came about due to the on going saga of my new Matrix Superbox, after transferring my kit across from my Tardis where I had to put all my winders in the deep base unit, I no longer had anywhere to put my catapults and pole cups etc which would now have to go in my carryall along with lots of other stuff! In a bid to try and keep things a little bit tidy, I thought one of these Visi Cases would be just the job.
The large version
I had intended to have a look at both sizes but Somerset Angling only had the smaller version in stock, so after checking that Drennan catapults will fit in it, I bought one. It looks well made, has padded sides, a decent zip and a transparent lid so you can see what's inside (although not too much of an issue if you only own one and have a half decent memory!), so they pretty much do what it says on the tin.
Small Drennan Visi Case
According to the website the smaller case is 23 x 16 x 10cm (approx. 3.5 litres) while the larger one is 30 x 23 x 10cm (approx. 6 litres). Mine now houses my three catapults, a pole cup and tulip pole rest (see photo) but there is room for quite a bit more and I will probably buy one of the larger ones so I can make my tackle even more organised!
Loads of room!
So two more great products from Drennan, check out the website (Drennan) for news on more great upcoming products as well as details of their comprehensive existing range and please keep checking back here for more great reviews of the latest products.