Thursday, May 29, 2014

Gillhams Resort, Thailand - 13th May to 27th May 2014

After another amazing trip to Gillhams last November, I booked up to go again in May and I was really looking forward to seeing everyone, especially Mr Mayo who is now working as a guide at the resort. Time seemed to stand still but eventually the days counted down and it was time to head to Heathrow to begin the long trip to paradise. This trip I had booked seven days fishing leaving me another week to do some day trips and also to recover from nights out! It's always great to finally see the sign at the entrance to the resort and I had a nice cool beer while saying hello to Stuart and everybody before heading to my room for a kip.

The first night everybody went out to a local steak restaurant before we had a couple of beers and then a relatively early night. The next morning I was up bright and early (yeah right!) and missed a run on fish down the edge before catching a small Asian redtail catfish of about 2lb to get off the mark. I had quite a few runs throughout the day and lost three big fish, one due to a hook pull and the other two ran over the gravel bar which shredded the line.
The first day
I fished again the next day and had a 10lb pacu which was a new pb for me and lost another decent fish before catching a lovely 30lb siamese carp. We visited the bars that night and the girls brought out a birthday cake for me (it was my birthday the Friday before I flew out) and I was really touched, what a lovely gesture. We stayed in a hotel in Ao Nang that night before going to the Hot Springs and Emerald Pool which were lovely and sorted our hangovers out. We went to a sea food place for dinner before having a beer and getting back to the resort absolutely exhausted.
10lb pacu (new pb)
30lb Siamese carp
My birthday cake
Bell and Bow
Bell and me
Bell at the Hot Springs
I fished the next day and got bitten off by a pacu before losing a good fish and didn't manage to add to my tally. The following day I moved swims and had a beautiful 45lb Amazon redtail catfish before latching into a fish that came in rather timidly before going berserk and I had to follow it about four swims up the lake to stay in touch with it before a very angry 260lb arapaima was finally caged by Joel and John, a stunning fish that equalled my personal best. I lost another 'arry before catching another redtail as it got dark, this one around 40lb.
45lb Amazon Redtail
260lb arapaima
Another day off saw me pop into town for a lovely massage and a look around before heading back to the resort and then going to the crispy pork restaurant in the evening. No fishing the next day either and I enjoyed a lovely Thai barbecue before we hit the bars again and I was rather suffering the next day and didn't really give fishing my best shot and blanked!
Another quiet night out!
I was now doing a days fishing followed by a day off and the next activity saw us visit a snake show where the young Thai lad 'snake charmed' various pythons and three cobras at the same time before the grand finale where he kissed a King Cobra on the head! To prove it wasn't a harmless snake he milked some venom from it and apparently if you are bitten you have 45 mins to get anti venom or you're history! So obviously it was a great idea to get in the ring and have my photo taken with it! Another chap and I also had the pleasure of having a massive python wrap itself around our legs before it proceeded to constrict our legs and it really hurt! What a horrible way for it's prey to die.
Me with a rather large python!
The Thai lad with a cobra, impressive eh?
How about two?
Or even three!!!!
It hurt!!!
If this wasn't enough he later kissed the King Cobra!
Do I look nervous?

Then it was off to a spa for another massage before we went to a little restaurant for our evening meal, almost forgot to mention that while all this fun was going on the Thai military staged a coup and there was nationwide curfew with the bars closed and a closing time of 10 'o' clock for restaurants etc. To be fair we weren't really affected in the South (apart from the bars closing for a few days) so if you are planning to go to Thailand don't let this affect your plans.

I was back fishing the next day with the only action during the day being another pacu bite off, as it started to get dark, I had a screaming run and landed a cracking siamese of 60lb on two fishery pellets. There was still an hours fishing left but I was happy to call it a day. In the five times I've visited Thailand I've never actually visited any of the islands so the next day myself and Bell took a Longtail boat to Chicken and Poda islands where we swam in crystal clear waters and fed exotic fish with bananas, what a lovely day.
60lb Siamese carp
Longtail boat ride
Poda beach - beautiful
Check out my t-shirt tan!
Then it was time for my last days fishing and I gave it a proper go, an early 40lb siamese carp got me thinking I might get a few more but despite sticking it out until the all out at 20:00, I didn't have any more fish. My final day in paradise the next day was just lovely, went to a barbecue at a friends house before going to the bars one last time and then it was time to head back and pack my bags.
The last fish of the trip - 40lb Siamese
Barbecue at friends house
One last night out

The next morning it was time to leave the resort and I always find it hard saying goodbye as I'm a bit of a big softie. As always I had an amazing time so big thanks to Stuart and Benz, Sean and Noi, Becks and of course the guides Steve, Chris, Joel, John, Adam and of course Gollock (who is now a proud father too!). The 300lb 'arry and 100lb siamese still elude me although several were caught while I was there so I guess I'll have to come back again!

Now that should really be the end of the story but there was a bit of a twist, the plane took off as scheduled at 12:50 but it soon became apparent that there was a problem with the landing gear which (thankfully!) was stuck down rather than up, we had to circle for a couple of hours dumping fuel before landing at Bangkok again. We were taken off the plane and put in a hotel until the next scheduled flight at 1:10 in the morning! This one was fine and I eventually got home a day later than expected and rather knackered!

Can you come fishing with me every week please?

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Sunday, May 11, 2014

Dillington Pond - Summer League 1 - 11th May 2014

It was the first match of Ilminster's Summer League today and I normally fish a few but miss several due to the dates clashing with the Perry St League. I really enjoy fishing the pond in the winter where you can fish light and catch some really nice nets of quality roach on the pole but as it warms up the whip boys tend to dominate and after a few batterings I tend to concede defeat and head to Summerhayes as I just don't enjoy fishing the whip. So today would give me an idea of how it's fishing and also as I'm off to Thailand tomorrow (not sure if I've mentioned that at all!), it would be handy to stay local as I'd get home at a decent time, have time to do this blog and pack!

When I got to the Oak there were a few fishing including all the regulars and it was lovely to see Stu Alford there as well. There was a rumour that Scott Jackson and Dave Sydenham were going to fish today but it proved to be unfounded! It was really windy and Rob decided to try and peg it to avoid the wind, I really didn't fancy peg 24 by the pumphouse, it's a good peg and pleasure anglers have been bagging up there but I never seem to do very well off it. Of course I drew it and I must admit to having a little moan which is very unlike me!
Peg 24 with the bush to the left
As I took my kit to the peg I noticed that the wind was off my back which would be a big help today, I could see Moses in peg 19 so at least I would be able to keep an eye on him as we had our usual £1 sidebet. I was racking my brain to try and remember when I last had a pound off him and I think it must have been years ago, last year he even had one off me on the river! My regular pairs partner, Justin, was in peg 2 but declined a sidebet.

I mixed up some Bait Tech Pro Natural Dark which is just perfect for venues like this and then started setting up my rigs, I knew from experience that this peg is deep and after plumbing up my normal rigs were only deep enough to fish at 8.5 metres. The swim is also one of only a couple with a feature in the shape of bush to the left which is home to some big chub which is another reason I don't like the peg. This may seem like an odd thing to say but it's one of those pegs where if the big fish feed you are a hero and if they don't you are a zero! Also because of the depth I've struggled to catch roach in the past as well and I like to just get my head down and try and catch quality roach on caster.

I set up a 0.5 gram Drennan Roach float with a 0.10mm bottom and size 18 Kamasan B611 hook for 8.5 metres straight out in front, I'd also put a black sleeve over the float tip because of the 'white water' and elastic was Daiwa blue hydro. The other rig was a Drennan 0.4 gram Carp float to fish just off the bush but I never used it all day so no more of that. Rob tooted his whistle and we were off, I cupped in two balls of groundbait containing some casters, maggots and hemp at 8.5 metres before putting a decent amount of casters and hemp by the bush.

I started on the open water line with caster on the hook and had to wait a while for the first bite and then had a small roach, I was feeding casters and hemp and soon started catching some chunky rudd around 3oz apiece with bites coming on the drop or just as the rig settled. I was getting the odd better one as well and after an hour I had 30 fish which I thought must go 4-5lb. The second hour was similar although I wasn't getting as many fish, the size was bigger with some cracking rudd and roach and I had a couple of pristine roach pushing the pound mark. From what I could see Moses was catching quite well but not getting the quality. Steve Parker in peg 16 started packing up and I later found out he'd had a torrid time losing rigs and hooklengths and the final straw came when he ended up with a float stuck in his finger about an inch and a half deep - ouch!

The third hour started well with some more big roach and I even added one of the little tench and it's great to see them still showing in catches. But then the bites tailed off and I went from catching really well to not putting much in the net at all, I should have realised what had happened and then the float sailed away and I've hooked a big fish which has gone under the bush and snapped me. I cupped in another ball of groundbait while I tied a new hooklength on, 0.12mm this time. Topping up the swim seemed to help as I had a 3oz perch and then a decent rudd, next chuck the floats disappeared and I've hooked another chub, I gave this one some stick and using the pulla bung, soon had it in the net, a nice bonus of 2.5lb or so.

Not long after that Steve Hurford turned up and wanted to have a chat about Thailand as he's off to paradise with his family in July, it was really nice catching up with him and while he was there I was catching quite well but mainly 1-2oz roach, I did drop off my usual 3oz rudd. He went to see how Rob and the rest were getting on and I started getting some better roach again and then I've hooked another lump, this one gave me the run around and just as Steve came back from his wander, I netted another chub, this one about 3.5lb! He said that the others were struggling and that I had it in the bag but I've been had like that before so wouldn't be counting any chickens just yet.

I carried on getting odd roach and rudd and even had a little skimmer to finish with 122 fish and really had no clue what weight I had, I hoped I had 15-20lb but whatever I had enjoyed a cracking days fishing. Steve said he hoped I had a good trip and left me to pack up. Moses soon arrived with the scales and said I'd won the pound today but I wouldn't be celebrating until the scores were on the doors. Out of interest I weighed the two chub which went 6lb 2oz with the biggest one pulling the needle around to 3lb 9oz which equalled my personal best. The rest of my catch went 16lb 6oz giving me a total of 22lb 8oz which I think is my best weight out the pond yet.
Me with the two chub
The rest of my catch
Moses had 9lb 9oz and I did win a pound off him so it was turning into a really good day, we just had to wait and see how the rest had got on now. Justin was first back and said he'd had 7lb 9oz but had just been pipped by Fieldy who had the top weight in the other section with 7lb 10oz, so it was confirmed I'd won! I picked up £40 and had enjoyed a great days fishing, Moses was second with Fieldy third.

1 - Jamie Rich (Against Men and Fish/ Burt Baits) - 22lb 8oz
2 - Moses Holbrook (Ilminster) - 9lb 9oz
3 - Graham Field (Taunton) - 7lb 10oz

So a really good day and Chelsea beat Cardiff 2-1 on the final day of the Premiership, Man City won today and were crowned champions so well done to them. This will be my last blog for a couple of weeks as I fly out to the lovely Gillhams Resort in Thailand tomorrow, hopefully my next post will be a fish packed one! If you can't wait until then I will try and update the Facebook page regularly while I'm away, check it out here Facebook Page and don't forget to 'Like' it too!

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Thursday, May 08, 2014

Virgin Venues

I haven't done a hit parade for a while and my first visit to Trinity Waters on Monday got me thinking about venues I've visited for the first time and done well. I still get a real buzz when I fish somewhere new and it's the anticipation of that first bite, that first fish. Also being a match angler, it's another challenge and looking back through my posts I seem to do quite well on my virgin visits (although I haven't managed a win yet!) so maybe I ought to fish new venues more often!

5 - Goodiford Mill

I had fished the main lake before but not the silvers lake and was told to expect big weights of silvers, it didn't really turn out like that but I did manage to catch a few fish and sneak a section win.

4 - Durleigh Reservoir

This was a charity match for Wateraid and I managed a few fish but got battered off the next peg (nothing new there then!) and didn't think I'd won an envelope but it was nice day and for a good cause.

3 - Mark's Pond

This wasn't strictly a 'virgin visit' as Andy and me had pleasure fished it and bagged up but it was my first match on the pond. Things didn't go to plan but I still managed a good result.

2 - Viaduct

Another venue I had pleasure fished before but this was my first match as Scott lured me there with tales of big silvers weights.

1 - Coking Farm

Tackleuk were running this one and when Scotty said there was a good chance I could break the ton for the first time, I thought I'd give it a go.

Monday, May 05, 2014

Trinity Waters - Open - 5th May 2014

Normally on a Bank Holiday I would be fishing a two dayer at Summerhayes but this year the Perry St league dates seem to clash which is a shame. I wanted to fish somewhere and after contacting Trinity Waters they said they had a match on Woodland lake today so I put my name down. I've been hearing lots of good things about this venue and have been meaning to fish it for a while now. I also looked through Tony Rixon's blog as him and his crew fish it quite a bit and it sounded good with 100lb+ bags needed to win but more importantly (for me anyway), the silvers pool is usually won with between 20lb and 30lb of decent skimmers. I also contacted Tony who said my usual expanders and micros approach would work although some people feed soaked 4mm pellets as well.

I knew Mark Hanham and Paul Homewood were fishing today so I wouldn't be 'Billy no mates' at the draw, I got there with 15 mins to spare and went into the hut and paid the lovely Misha my pools and had a coffee. I was very impressed with my first look at the venue, there is ample car parking and there are toilets on site along with a little hut where the draw is made where you can also buy pellets and groundbait. Food and drink is also available. The lake itself looked nice, basically a rectangle with 34 pegs around it and no obvious feature pegs from what I could see apart from the ends obviously. All the pegs are on very sturdy, spacious platforms. To get to Woodland lake you either go around the edges of Ash lake or across the bridge that spans the middle of it.
Woodland Lake
Misha announced the draw and the golden peg was pulled out which was number 27, Steve Kedge was fishing today and he hadn't fished here for a fair old while and only went and drew it!. Although I think he had mixed feelings as like me he likes to fish for the silvers with the only difference being that he's very good at it! I pulled out peg 11 which put me roughly in the middle on the far bank and I was fairly happy with that as middle pegs tend to be quite good for silvers on venues like this. It took me my usual two trips to get all my gear to my peg and the first thing I noticed was that despite it being a lovely sunny day, it was very windy! What is it with Bridgwater?, why is it always bloody windy? The pegs on my side were copping the worst of it and the anglers on the opposite side had it off their backs.
Peg 11
All nets have to put on the banks to dry before putting them in just before the start which is a great idea to stop the risk of spreading disease. I started setting up my kit and the first two rigs I put on were nowhere near deep enough and it was third time lucky with a 1 gram Drennan Tipo. By the time I'd chopped a bit of line off, changed the hooklength to a size 16 808 to 0.12mm and swapped the orange tip for a black one before plumbing up, I realised I was running out of time. I just had about time to set up a dibber for up in the water but never picked it up all day. Originally I was going to fish at 11.5 metres and 5 metres but the wind was that gusty the longer length was out of the question and 10 metres would be a struggle. For bait I had the usual 4mm and 6mm Bait Tech expanders, micros plus some wetted 4mm's I would feed as well.

The whistle went and most people (including me) weren't quite ready, I cupped out three quarters of a pot of micros with a few 4mm's in on both the 10 metre and 5 metre lines before starting on the longer line with a 4mm expander on the hook. The chap on peg 10 (Kevin I think) started long, up in the water and had a decent carp quite quickly. My float tip dipped before lifting out of the water and the strike resulted in a fair amount of blue hydro coming out, it felt like a good skimmer as I carefully shipped back but then it jumped out of the water and the line went slack. I thought it had thrown the hook but on closer inspection the whole hooklength had gone, not snapped just gone, what numpty tied that hook?

The wind was hideous and I was actually quite cold as well, I was struggling to control the pole at 10 metres so came on the shorter line and after waiting a little while the float disappeared and I netted a 6oz skimmer to get off the mark. I had another bite quite quickly and it felt like another small skimmer but I'll never know as the hooklength disappeared on that one as well! I think it was the loop on them that was poorly tied - prat! I put another hooklength on and checked it was okay which it seemed to be. It was hard going and bites were few and far between and after three hours I only had three small skimmers to show for my efforts. Kev just had the one carp although he'd lost a couple that were foulhooked. The guy on my left and Eric Fouracre next to him were getting odd fish and seemed to be doing better than most.

Paul Homewood opposite looked to be struggling but Kedgy next to him was fishing two sections to hand and catching lots of bits and had obviously decided to ignore the golden peg and go all out for a silvers win. The wind was being a real pain and blowing pole sections all over the place and was making fishing the longer line almost impossible. Kevin was fishing the inside by where there had been a bank collapse at some point (see photo) and hooked a fish that went potty, it ran into a snag further out which turned out to be a bush that was attached to the bit of bank that had caved in! It then went under my pallet and was obviously a big foulhooked fish, it ran all along the inside and my neighbour said there was no way he was getting this one out but he did eventually land it and at 8lb+ and foulhooked he'd done well to land it.
You can see the collapsed bank, the submerged bush was slightly further out
Things hadn't really improved much for me and I was now concentrating on the shorter line, I did add another small skimmer and a decent one but didn't think I'd be ending my bad run today. Eric Fouracre was catching some good skimmers and with Kedgy catching small roach like a man possessed, I thought that would be the two silvers placings filled. Then with a couple hours to go, the wind started to ease slightly and I started to get a few indications, I had another small skimmer come off (but thankfully not the hooklength this time!) and then netted another around the pound mark.

Looking around the pond most people seemed to be hooking into carp now as we approached the latter stages of the match. I had foulhooked one briefly and that was it for me on the carp front, I did hook a decent fish which went straight into that submerged bush but I'm not sure if it was a carp or decent skimmer, either way I lost another hooklength! With half an hour to go I've hooked a good fish which turned out to be a 3lb skimmer and I was interested again. While I was unhooking it, the wind blew my top three in the pond but as I had the line in my hand I managed to retrieve it, I hate the wind! I then had a run of five or six missed bites before landing another decent skimmer which was hooked up the bum so I think perhaps they'd come up in the water! I didn't manage anymore and my final tally was ten skimmers which I thought might go 7-8lb.

I packed up and could see the scales were already starting to weigh in and it really is a professionally run fishery. There were some decent carp weights around 70lb and Mark Hanham was leading the silvers with 6lb 5oz when the scales reached Kevin, he had a total weight of 44lb 7oz and had caught a few carp from the margins towards the end of the match. My silvers went 9lb 7oz which I didn't think would do any good today unless Eric framed and then it was only an outside chance. I didn't follow the scales round as I took my gear back to the car. As I was loading the car, Eric turned up and said he'd had 19lb 3oz of silvers but was currently in third place with a total weight of 89lb 9oz, could I still sneak into the money?

Misha arrived with the results and I was staggered when I saw Kedgy had weighed 28lb 2oz of silvers and apparently he had a load of roach, I told you he was good! A guy called Stu had won on the day with a great weight of 104lb 8oz followed by Mark B who had 90lb 4oz just pipping Eric who finished third. This meant Kedgy won the silvers and I sneaked into second (by default) and collected my first envelope for ages which contained £40 which was a nice surprise. I will definitely be back, the weather didn't do us any favours today and some of the skimmers were rough to the touch so I think they will be spawning soon. It's a well run fishery and Misha and Tom were really nice and friendly too, well worth a visit, have a look at their website here Trinity Waters

1 - Stu (Trinity Waters) - 104lb 8oz
2 - Mark B (Trinity Waters) - 90lb 4oz
3 - Eric Fouracres (Trinity Waters) - 89lb 9oz

1 - Steve Kedge (Somerset Angling) - 28lb 2oz
2 - Jamie Rich (Against Men and Fish/Burt Baits) - 9lb 7oz

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I've been a bit rubbish in that I didn't get peoples full names or sponsors, so apologies for that and I will do better next time I promise.

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Sunday, May 04, 2014

Perry St Pond - League 2 - 4th May 2014

After my dismal performance in the first league match I was hoping for better things today, I was running a bit late and as I got out the pond Les had started the draw for the pairs knockout (this didn't affect me as I got knocked out in the preliminary round!). After paying my pools and collecting some bait, Les opened the envelope which would determine our pegs for today (after the draw at the first match you would be next to the same people every week) and when he announced Picky was on peg 1, I knew I would be in peg 20, a corner peg and one that Les did okay off in the first match. Janders was in peg 2 where I had my disaster last time around and I had Exeter Mike on my right in peg 19 and he said he wanted a side bet today.
Peg 20
It looked quite nice but up in the corner there are loads of snags including an aerator, an iron bar that sticks out the water and several big branches that also rise out of the peg like King Arthur's Excaliber! I wanted to try and catch in open water if possible so I set up a dibber to fish hair rigged banded pellet up in the water at 11.5 metres and also a Drennan 0.4 gram Carp float to fish meat at 5 metres, my final rig was another dibber to fish down the edge to my right. It was flat calm at our end which isn't great for shallow fishing but I thought it was worth giving it a go while my other lines settled. For bait I had  the usual 6mm pellets, plus 6mm meat, dead red maggots and some groundbait I mixed up for the margin swim.

Les eventually blew his whistle to start the match and we were off, I fed some meat at 5 metres plus several pots of loose groundbait in the margin before starting on the shallow rig with 6mm pellet. Picky got off to a flying start and had a fish first chuck on paste and the chap standing in for Dino in peg 3 also had a couple of early fish. Other than those two there wasn't much going on at our end, I gave it an hour of fishing shallow and never had a proper bite. I'd been feeding meat at 5 metres and was hoping for better things off this line, I came in and this line was dead as a dodo as well. Exeter Mike had lost a good eel and landed a skimmer and Picky was on about four carp and looking good to make it 3-0 on the sidebets.

I briefly tried my margin line and also tried fishing banded pellet on my deep rig at 11.5 metres but never had a bite and in a bid to try and make something happen I cupped in some pellets and meat at 11.5 metres towards the aerator and after leaving it to settle for 15 mins went over it with meat on the hook. I was firing out some pellets on this line as well, I was just thinking a blank could be on the cards when the float slid away and I hooked and landed my first carp of around 3lb just as we reached the two hour mark. Next chuck I've missed a bite and then hooked another that did me around the aerator - great!

After tying another hook on I was back on the same line and getting a few indications, I had another carp around the same size as my first and two little 8oz stockies and was eating into Picky's early lead. Janders still hadn't caught and Mike was struggling too and it was looking like we were at the wrong end again. I was still getting bites on meat but couldn't hit them and odd carp could be seen up in the water and I'm sure some of the missed bites were liners./During this period Picky landed a couple more fish to pull away again and I needed to try something else. I got the shallow rig and shipped out to 13 metres, past the iron bar in the water, right up in the corner by the bank and started firing out 6mm pellets over the top.

I've hooked a small carp and then the fun and games began as I had to try and stop the fish going behind the aerator and then steer it between the iron bar and the aerator, my white hydro wasn't really man enough and even though I safely netted the fish I went to my holdall and got another top kit out with green Preston elastic in, this was better and I landed the next three carp to put me on eight and all of a sudden I was catching quite well. I then hooked another which was nearly ready for the net but made a last run and I tried bullying it only for the hook to pull out - bugger. At around three to four pound I was hoping that fish wasn't going to cost me. Next chuck I've hooked another that tore off and the hook came back with a scale on the hook and it felt like there were a lot of fish there.

But then it slowed up and I only added two more fish to finish on ten and although there wasn't much between me and Picky, I felt he'd done me by a couple of pounds so that lost fish could come back to haunt me yet but then again he'd lost several as well. Poor old Janders blanked with just a lost fish to show for his efforts and he wasn't alone as Paul Homewood blanked in peg 4 as well and our end had been hard work. Exeter Mike had added a carp but conceded defeat and gave me a pound and I would have a pound to come from Janders but would lose one to Picky.

The scales were soon with Picky and when he weighed 21lb 14oz, I knew I didn't have that and paid him my nugget and he's stormed into a 3-0 lead this year already, Janders blanked and then Dino's stand in did well in peg 3 with 17lb 6oz, Paul hadn't caught and then Chilly in peg 5 weighed  15lb 14oz which included 3lb 10oz of silvers. Pup had 9lb 4oz and Mike C had 17lb 4oz in peg 7. Jamie Parkhouse in peg 8 did really well to weigh 51lb 6oz and when Andy Donovan weighed 37lb 4oz next door, it was obvious the top end of the pond had fished better than our end.

Butch had 24lb 8oz in peg 10 and Dave Lawrence (fishing for Rocking) had 14lb 14oz in peg 11, Oz had some right lumps in his 43lb 2oz from peg 12 to go into second place, Blaker had 11lb 2oz in peg 13 and then the Hoff had 24lb 12oz in peg 14. Bish had 22lb 2oz from peg 15 and then as we reached the middle of the pond the weights started to drop again, Bushy had 12lb 6oz, Hainsey had 10lb and then Les had just 4oz! Exeter Mike had 8lb 10oz before my fish went a level 20lb and I needed a couple more fish to get in the money.

So Jamie Parkhouse won again and so far in three matches, he's won two and finished third in the other, Andy Donovan was third following on from his win in the first league match. I'm not sure who went through in the pairs but as soon as I find out, I will post it on here. So after two matches Jamie P and Andy jointly lead the league by my reckoning.

1 - Jamie Parkhouse (Burt Baits) - 51lb 6oz
2 - Steve Osborne (Chard) - 43lb 2oz
3 - Andy Donovan (Frome) - 37lb 4oz
4 - Mark Hollister (Chard) - 24lb 12oz
5 - Butch Baker (Chard) - 24lb 8oz

1 - Andy Winters (Chard) - 3lb 10oz

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Well my bad run continues, I'm fishing a new venue for me tomorrow, Trinity Waters in Bridgwater and I'm expecting a battering on my first visit so come back tomorrow night to see how I get on.

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