Sunday, June 30, 2013

Summerhayes - Open - 30th June 2013

I thought the match was on Longs this week but I phoned Pete to book me and Janders in and he said it would be on Sellicks and Lily again. I spent the rest of the week convinced I'd end up on Lily but on arriving, Pete said all twenty of us would be on Sellicks - phew. I pulled out peg 15 which is a really good carp peg but as always I would be going for silvers, in last weeks match only 11lb won the silvers with 3lb odd enough to get in the frame so it had been fishing hard for the skimmers. Janders  drew peg 7 and we decided to have the side bet on silvers today.

My peg has lily pads on either side but I would fish two 10 metre lines, one angled towards the right and the other straight out in front, as I had some meat I would also feed a 5 metre line but as I never fished it all day I won't mention it again. Steve Jackson was on my left with Glenn Bailey on peg 14. I set up two Malman Pencils, a 0.4 gram and a 0.6 gram both with 0.10mm bottoms and size 16 Tubertini 808's. The whistle went and I fed half a cup of micros on both 10 metre lines before starting on the right hand line with a Bait Tech 4mm expander on the hook and toss potted in a pinch of micros.

I didn't have to wait long for the first bite and a pleasing amount of blue hydro came out of the pole tip, with the fish going round in circles I was convinced it would be a crucian or small tench and was disappointed when a 8oz carp popped up. I then missed a couple of bites before losing what felt like a good skimmer as I shipped back. Next chuck I lost a foul hooked carp and things got even worse when I hooked another carp and just as I was about to net it, the hook length gave way. I did land a 2lb carp but after an hour I hadn't had a skimmer yet!

Steve and Glenn were getting odd carp but I couldn't see a lot happening on our side. I had intended to catch a couple of fish off each line and keep swapping between the two but although I was getting a few bites I wasn't putting much in the net. I did get a small skimmer to open my silvers account and then a little tench followed by a 4oz hybrid and was at least catching silvers now. Things got better when I had a 1.5lb crucian and shortly after it's twin brother. After two hours I was already 4 or 5 carp behind Jacko and Glenn and although I kept feeding the meat line, I thought my best chance was to concentrate on the silvers.

The last time I had this peg I caught quite a few carp but caught skimmers well in the last couple of hours and was hoping the same would happen today. I continued swapping between my two lines but was getting the odd nuisance carp and lost 4 or 5 foul hooked fish throughout the day. I did add my third crucian and thought I had about 4lb of silvers at the halfway point and felt I was doing okay. Going into the fourth hour I've had my first decent skimmer and was also getting odd blades as well. When I had another good skimmer to put me on about 6lb, I thought they had arrived and felt if I could get four more I would be in with a chance.

Apart from a couple more blades and more bloody carp the last part of the match was an anti climax for me. Steve and Glenn had caught well all day and I didn't think there was much between their weights. I packed up a little disappointed I hadn't caught more skimmers and took my kit back to the car before catching up with the scales. Bill 'Redfin' Hopping had 30lb 1oz from peg 2 and then Mark Hanham set the bar high with 73lb odd from peg 3. Glynn Wickham had 9lb 6oz of silvers from peg 5 and I knew I didn't have that, Heardy had 53lb of carp from peg 6 to go into second place before Janders had 3lb 5oz of silvers and 5lb 8oz of carp and conceded the pound when I said I had 5lb.

Pete looking very smart doing the weigh in
Nigel Garrett in peg 10 had 8lb 9oz of silvers and I thought that would be that, Blaker had over 47lb in peg 11 and then the next good weight was Glenn Bailey who had 62lb 13oz from next to me. My 12 or 13 carp were on the small side and went 21lb 6oz, when I pulled my silvers net out it looked more than I thought, Pete called out 8lb 9oz and I was joint second in the silvers. I was also cursing a 2oz skimmer that I dropped off. Jacko had 61lb to go into third place and then there were a string of weights around 30lb.

We got to Bruce Hunt and when he only had a silvers net in I thought he might have done well, he weighed 10lb 13oz to go into the silvers lead. Dave T had 6lb 2oz of silvers in 22 and peg 23 didn't weigh in so both me and Nigel just missed out.

Todays weigh board

1 - Mark Hanham (Summerhayes) - 73lb 2oz
2 - Glenn Bailey (Maver Bathampton) - 62lb 13oz
3 - Steve Jackson (Summerhayes) - 61lb
4 - Martin Heard (Summerhayes) - 53lb

1 - Bruce Hunt (Summerhayes) - 10lb 13oz
2 - Glynn Wickham (Summerhayes) - 9lb 6oz

So it had fished well with some good carp weights but it had been a bit of struggle for silvers, while waiting for the results we could see anglers bagging up on Longs and I can't wait to fish there again.

Next up - Spring League at Perry St

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Saturday, June 29, 2013

Some days it's a struggle

I haven't done a 'Hit Parade' for a while so today I thought I'd take a look back at some of those days when it's a real struggle. We've all had them where you've drawn a duff peg or the fishery seems to have switched off or the weather's so cold you just can't buy a bite but it's worth hanging on in there as sometimes a single bite can mean a brown envelope. In a perverse kind of way I quite enjoy these sort of matches because you know a lot of the other anglers will jack it in early or be bank walking and it's a lovely feeling if you manage to winkle out a fish or two, of course it doesn't always work out like that!

So read on for some days where it's been hard but perseverance or sheer stubbornness has paid off,

5 - Cold Day At Summerhayes

We were into March and the freezing weather was still with us and it was making the fishing rock hard and really not much fun! I booked into a match at Summerhayes hoping for a few silver fish, things didn't quite go to plan!

4 - Scratching Around

Heavy rain and widespread flooding had put paid to the match on the river so we headed to Dillington for a knock up and hopefully the extra colour should see us get a few bites, 'few' turned out to be the operative word!

3 - Spotty Saves The Day

I'd just won two matches on the trot on the river but drawing one of my least favourite pegs I didn't think I'd be doing the hat trick!

2 - Minnow City

I've fished some tough matches on the river over the years but can't ever recall a time when only minnows were caught before!

1 - More Coffee Please!

One of the coldest days I can remember when even the elastic was freezing inside the pole!

So there you go, days when it's a real struggle but somebody still has to win!

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Perry St Pond - Spring League 8 - 23rd June 2013

With three matches left in this league I had pegs 11, 15 and 19 to go, 11 is a decent peg, 15 has been pretty poor and 19 has been dire to be honest. As we all gathered for the draw I felt really sorry for Bish who has an abscess and looks like he's sucking the worlds biggest gobstopper!  Les did the draw for the knockout and then opened the envelope for this weeks draw and it put me on peg 15 and as Hoff had struggled on it last week, I wasn't holding out much hope. Picky was back from his hols and looking to give me another hiding. Bushy was in peg 10 and odds on to win his second match on the trot, Janders was in peg 20 so there was a good chance he would take a pound off me this week.

Janders in peg 20
As I got to my peg the wind was blowing across the pond towards me and there were quite a few carp coming up for stuff on the surface. I mixed some groundbait before setting up my usual two rigs, a 0.75 Drennan G-Tip with 0.10mm bottom and size 16 808 and a Trabucco dibber with 0.14mm bottom and size 16 Kamasan B911. I chopped up some worm and caster and was just about ready this week. I decided I would feed a line at 11.5 metres, one at 6 metres and two inside lines and when the whistle blew I put two balls of groundbait on the long line, one on the shorter line before cupping in maggots, casters and loose groundbait on the margin lines.

I started on the longer line with double dead red maggot on the hook and toss potted in some chopped worm and caster. Bites were slow in coming and Bushy was quick off the mark in peg 10, Bish had a couple of early fish and Picky was soon into fish as well. After half an hour I had my first proper bite and on the strike a pound skimmer came flying out the water. By the end of the first hour I'd added another skimmer and a 3lb carp and was fairly happy with my start. Mike T, Dave M and Butch were struggling across from me and it didn't look like a huge amount was happening in our area.

Going into the second hour I had my third skimmer but bites had slowed so I came in on my 6 metre line, I missed a couple of bites before catching a small roach so would leave that line a while longer. I fed my two inside lines before going back out long again. Chilly on peg 7 started getting a few and Bish was still catching but other than that I couldn't see a lot happening. I was getting lots of little knocks on my long line but I think it was small fish and two foulhooked tiny roach seemed to confirm it. I decided to have a try on my right hand margin swim but it wasn't happening and I felt my best chance of a pick up was sticking with the silvers as from the anglers I could see, Bushy, Bish, Chilly, Picky all had several carp and Mark M on peg 2 and Dino in peg 1 were getting odd carp as well, while I still had just the one.

When Picky shouted up that he had ten carp already, it made my mind up and it was silvers or bust. Back on the long line I added a couple of 4oz skimmers but felt I needed the bigger ones to compete. Chilly had a couple of better skimmers and when he added a big eel, I felt I was slipping behind on the silvers too! He had lost a few carp though and one took his rig and everything! To me it looked like Bushy was now struggling in peg 10 but more of that later!

My long line once again slowed up so I tried at 6 metres again and missed a couple of bites before hooking into a carp which came off but I wasn't too worried about them today. At the halfway point I had three decent skimmers plus four smaller ones and thought I had about 4lb, if I could catch the same in the second half I thought I'd be in with a chance. I should have realised this would be the kiss of death and I only added one more small skimmer and a carp over the next hour.

With an hour and half left, I did manage another pound skimmer but was only up to about 5lb of silvers and then the poxy carp moved in on my long line and I caught three before spending the last 10  mins on the 6 metre line, I did miss a couple of bites and that was that. I knew I'd be handing a pound to Picky as he'd had 15 or 16 carp but I had no clue what Janders had caught in peg 20. Mike T had struggled on my left although he had pulled out of several carp. On my way back to the car, Blaker said he'd struggled but when I asked how many carp he'd had, he replied 14! Exeter Mike had done well on the silvers again and was admitting to 5lb which would be more like 8lb.

The scales arrived at Dino in peg 1 and he'd had 34lb 14oz of carp and I was glad I'd fished for silvers but thought I might just miss out today. Mark M in peg 2 had over 22lb of carp but his 6lb 6oz of silvers put him as the early leader. The Hoff had 31lb of carp next door and then Butch had 14lb of carp but had struggled for 2lb 6oz of skimmers, Dave M had 6lb 14oz of carp and a few silvers before Mike T had over 26lb of carp and 2lb 12oz of silvers. Chilly had 20lb carp and I thought he'd had more than that although his 9lb of skimmers and eels but him in the lead for silvers.

Bish came close with 31lb of carp and then Dunner had struggled for 4lb 12oz of silvers and I hoped I might have a little more than that. Then Bushy had 'struggled' for 92lb 8oz of carp and for good measure had added 4lb of silvers. The only struggling he'd done today was lifting his nets out, I'll keep my mouth shut next time! Kev Baker had 24lb of carp in peg 11 and I'm not looking forward to getting this peg so much anymore! Oz had 15lb of carp and Rocking had struggled for one carp and a few bits. Picky then plonked 49lb on the scales and I paid him my pound and he's now gone 4-3 ahead in the side bets.

Butch 'struggling' to weigh Bushy in
My carp went 16lb 14oz and my silvers went 5lb 9oz which meant I was lying third in the silvers although I knew Exeter Mike had beaten me. Mike C had a single carp, a skimmer and a roach before Blaker had 44lb 14oz to go into third place. Exeter Mike had 8lb 12oz of carp and 8lb of silvers to push me down into fourth with two pegs to weigh. Les had 10lb of carp but only 1lb 10oz of silvers and that left Janders. He had 11lb 8oz of carp and 3lb of silvers so I'd sneaked fourth and picked up £30 again and I had a squid off Janders to fill the empty space in my pocket left by the one I'd given to Picky.

Today's board
1 - Steve Bush (Chard) - 92lb 8oz
2 - Alan Gage (Chard) - 49lb
3 - Paul Blake (Chard) - 44lb 14oz
4 - Graham Pepper (Taunton) - 34lb 14oz

1 - Andy Winters (Chard) - 9lb
2 - Mike Hosgood (Near Exeter) - 8lb
3 - Mark Mockridge (Chard) - 6lb 6oz
4 - Jamie Rich (Against Men and Fish) - 5lb 9oz

After eight matches, the lead has changed in both leagues and this is how the leagues look now,
1 - Steve Bush - 329lb 14oz
2 - Andy Winters - 260lb 10oz
3 - Paul Blake - 257lb
4 - Alan Gage - 246lb 15oz

1 - Mike Hosgood - 49lb 7oz
2 - Les Braunton - 48lb 2oz
3 - Alan Dunn - 45lb 2oz
4 - Butch Baker - 39lb 15oz

The eight anglers left in the knockout have now been whittled down to four, results below (points scores in brackets)

Andy Winters (14) beat John Anderson (6)
Steve Bush (20) beat Mike Hosgood (8)
Mark Mockridge (13) beat Steve Osborne (7)
Kev Baker (11) beat Les Braunton (5)

The two leagues are changing every week and it looks like being an exciting last two matches for those near the top. Special mention has to go to Chilly who have been in the money every match so far.

Next week me and Janders are travelling to Summerhayes and I'm looking forward to (hopefully) a good days silvers fishing.

Next up - Summerhayes

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Saturday, June 22, 2013

Fishery Focus - Perry St Pond

This weeks Fishery Focus is on Chard AC water, Perry St Pond

Perry St Pond

Perry St Pond
Perry St Pond is approximately 4 miles from Chard.
Directions - turn off the B3167 at the turning for the Swisstulle Ltd factory, turn left into the car park where there is ample parking and the pond is just a short walk away, over the footbridge.

Contact - Les Braunton
Tel  - 07704 632077
Website -

Club ticket prices (membership runs from 1st April to 31st March)
Seniors (16 and over) - £25
Juniors (10-15) - £10

Club tickets can be purchased from Barrons 2 Holyrood Street, Chard, Somerset. Tel: 01460 63593

Club Rules
  • The use of floating baits i.e. pellet, bread-crust, or mixers is prohibited on Sadborow and Perry Street Pond.
  • Anyone found defecating in or around any club water will receive a suspension from fishing club waters and probably a life ban.
  • Perry Street Pond, Chard Reservoir and Sadborow are open all year.
  • The River Isle is open from the 16th June until 14th March each year.
  • No more than 2 rods (1 rod at Sadborow) to be used at any one time.
  • No keepnets to be used except in Club Competitions where a minimum of two must be used.
  • Barbless hooks to be used on all Club controlled waters. Micro-barbed hooks smaller than size 14 are allowed at Chard Reservoir.
  • The taking away of any fish is prohibited.
  • No live baiting.
  • No litter to be left in swims.
  • Do not disturb or harm game, wildlife, plants or crops.
  • Do not remove, plant or transplant aquatic plants except during committee organised swim clearing.
  • No firearms.
  • No parking other than in designated areas.
  • No sweepstake matches other than committee organised events.
  • No rod, pole or whips over 5 meters long to be use on the river isle where power lines are within 30 meters of the river.
  • Do not block or obstruct access routes.
  • Leave the Perry St. Pond car park by the Exit and not the No Exit.
  • Purpose made Carp sacks are permitted (One fish per sack).
  • Use a suitable unhooking mat at all times.
  • No Juniors to night fish unless accompanied by an adult member (18) at all times.
  • No child under the age of 10 can be a club member but they may fish club waters provided they are accompanied by their parent who is a senior club member over the age of 18, on a one to one basis.
  • No bicycles or motor cycles to be taken beyond the bridge at Perry Street Pond.
  • No bait to be taken to the bank in tin cans on any club controlled water.
  • No bait boats or dinghy’s. No fishing between swims.
  • A suitably sized landing net must be used.
Anyone breaking these rules may be expelled from the club.
A full set of club and match rules are detailed in the club handbook which is issued when you join or renew your membership.
All Anglers must be in possession of a valid EA fishing licence.
I've fished Perry St since I was a junior when it used to hold a good head of tench plus roach, rudd, bream, perch, eels and some specimen sized carp. Over the last few years the club has introduced several stockings of match sized carp and more recently some more skimmers. The carp average between 1-6lbs although there are plenty of fish around the 8-10lb mark, tench to 4lb and bream to 3lb regularly feature in catches along with roach, rudd, perch and some good sized eels.
Steve Bishop with a nice net of skimmers
Most baits work here including maggots, casters, meat, paste, pellets, corn and worm, the skimmers respond well to maggot over groundbait or chopped worm and caster. In warmer weather the carp respond well to shallow tactics with pellets a top choice. Fish can be caught on the pole, feeder or waggler.

Mark Leahy with a nice Perry St carp
The corner pegs tend to be the hot pegs with peg 10 probably the best peg on the pond followed by 11, 1 and 20 in that order although they all have their better days. Every peg has features in the margins in the shape of lily pads, or floating fish refuges. The current match record was caught by Paul Blake and stands at 134lb 8oz from peg 10. The matches are normally won with around 40-80lb with double figures being a good silvers weight although Dave Lawrence did have over 18lb a few weeks back.

My best match weight is 80lb 6oz from peg 10 and the link to the post from that day is below,

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Perry St Pond - Spring League 7 - 16th June 2013

It was back to the Spring League this week and in a bid to try and stop my dry run, I decided I would fish for silvers as 6-7lb is normally enough to get in the money and that had to be achievable didn't it? On arriving at the car park, the first person I saw getting ready to do battle was Dino and he looked ready for action!
Nice socks Dino!
I got my bait from Les and paid my pools and then Janders arrived, fresh from his holiday in Cornwall and he'd bought me a present, what a nice bloke!

Thanks Janders!
It had started to drizzle already and it was looking like we'd already had our summer, Les did the draw for the knockout but as Chilly had disposed of me in the last match, it didn't affect me. Then he opened the envelope for this week's draw sequence which put me on peg 7 and I was happy with that as it had won the silvers last match. With Picky on holiday, the lovely Chanter was standing in for him and we agreed on a £1 sidebet.

The lovely Chanter with Rocking Roy

Janders keeping dry
I set up the usual 0.75 gram Drennan G-Tip float but scaled down to 0.10mm bottom and size 16 808 with blue hydro in the top kit. My other rig was a Trabucco dibber for fishing down the edge towards Chanter. I mixed up some groundbait but had only just finished chopping up my worms when Les blew for the all in. I cupped in two balls of groundbait at 11.5 metres, some chopped worm and caster at about 8 metres and then some corn, casters and dead maggots down the edge at about 10 metres.

Janders across from me in peg 12 latched into an early carp on his light rig which he did well to get in and Mark Mockridge had a couple of early skimmers in peg 14. Mike C on my right also had a carp on the feeder. I shipped out with a worm head on and fed some chopped worm and caster via a toss pot and after a few minutes had my first positive bite, the strike saw a pleasing amount of blue hydro come out and it felt like a decent skimmer before the hook popped out, not the best of starts.

I did manage a 6oz skimmer and a small carp after an hour but it was slow going, I wasn't too worried though as nobody seemed to be bagging. Mark M added a couple more skimmers and was an early front runner for the silvers. I could only reply with a tiny perch! After two hours I had only added another small carp and a brief look on my shorter line only yielded another perch. Les was getting a few fish in peg 11 and Exeter Mike had a tench and some silvers in peg 10. I put some more feed on both my open water lines before trying the inside for the first time. I had to wait ages for my first bite and then hooked a carp which came off!

I was now at a bit of a loss what to do next, Janders and Dino were struggling in pegs 12 and 13 and Chanter only had a couple of fish, Les was starting to catch carp regularly in the corner and was already looking good for a frame place. A few carp could be seen mooching around near the surface so I thought I'd have a go shallow. I baited up my margin rig with a worm head and started firing out casters at 11.5 metres, I had a couple of small carp quite quickly and then managed to mug a better one. The trouble was I only had a pint of casters and they wouldn't last me long, I had my sixth carp and was doing okay at our end and then I lost one when the hook pulled out - bugger!

Chanter was also getting the odd carp in the water and there wasn't much between us, Les was now motoring and on for a good weight although he did manage to snap his pole when two sections got stuck together. Janders and Dino were getting odd carp but Dino seemed to be losing a few as well. With my silvers plan gone out of the window ages ago, it was carp or bust, I ran out of casters and I tried loose feeding dead reds but it just wasn't the same. With two hours left it was time to try my inside line again. Three carp in three chucks had me thinking of a grandstand finish but then I lost one when the hook pulled out and then couldn't get a bite.

I was a few fish ahead of Chanter but in the last period of the match he had a couple more carp and we finished with nine apiece and would have to wait for the scales to see which way the pound was going. Les had done really well to finish with 12 or 13 carp and Mark M had also caught really well down the edge in the last hour or so. I packed up and as I headed back to the car with my gear I stopped and asked how everybody had done, quite a few people had struggled with 6 or 7 carp being a decent catch. Bushy had done brilliantly from peg 2 and had 13 carp which included some munters as well.

Dunner had 21lb of carp but only had 1lb of silvers which wouldn't do his silvers league much good before Bushy put 64lb 4oz of carp on the scales and the only person who would come close was Les. Kev 'Dangerous' Baker in peg 3 had 26lb 6oz of carp and I wasn't sure I had that, Oz had 13lb odd in peg 4 and Rocking had 12lb 8oz next door but had lost quite a few. Chanter had 31lb 10oz and I was sure I didn't have that, my silvers went an outstanding 10oz before my carp pulled the scales round to 28lb 2oz and I went into third place although I couldn't see it lasting.

Mike C had 13lb 8oz and then Blaker had a level 28lb and I was still hanging in there, Exeter Mike had 14lb of carp in peg 11 but he'd fished for silvers and his 5lb 8oz put him in the lead with half the pond weighed in. Les came close with 56lb 6oz of carp and 4lb 12oz of silvers to push me down into fourth, Janders had 22lb so at least I'd finished all square on the side bets. Dino had 19lb and then Mark M had 9lb of skimmers to go into the lead and he had over 25lb of carp as well. The Hoff had just shy of 19lb and then Butch 'Mr Silvers' Baker had 7lb 12oz of skimmers to go into second place.

The last few pegs had struggled with Dave M weighing 14lb 10oz, last weeks winner, Mike T only had 4lb 2oz of carp and 3lb 8oz of silvers, Chilly had 18lb odd of carp and 5lb 8oz of silvers to put him joint third and Bish had 17lb 8oz in peg 20. So I'd actually hung on to fourth in the carp and picked up £30 to end my barren run. Still can't get my head round the silvers though!

Today's weighboard
1 - Steve Bush (Chard) - 64lb 4oz
2 - Les Braunton (Chard) - 56lb 6oz
3 - Steve Chant (Chard) - 31lb 10oz
4 - Jamie Rich (Against Men and Fish) - 28lb 2oz

1 - Mark Mockridge (Chard) - 9lb
2 - Butch Baker (Chard) - 7lb 12oz
3 - Mike Hosgood (Near Exeter) - 5lb 8oz
3 - Andy Winters (Chard) - 5lb 8oz

After seven matches this is how the leagues look
1 - Andy Winters - 240lb 8oz
2 - Steve Bush - 237lb 6oz
3 - Steve Bishop - 214lb 15oz
4 - Paul Blake - 212lb 2oz

1 - Les Braunton - 46lb 8oz
2 - Mike Hosgood - 41lb 7oz
3 - Alan Dunn - 40lb 6oz
4 - Butch Baker - 37lb 9oz

Today was also the first round proper of the individual knockout (points scores in brackets)

Kev Baker (14) beat Alan Dunn (11)
Les Braunton (19) beat Dave Mockridge (6)
Mike Hosgood (10) beat Rocking Roy (3)
Steve Bush (20) beat Mike Collins (4)
Andy Winters (13) beat Steve Bishop (7)
Janders (12) beat Mike Thomas (1)
Steve Osborne (5) beat Butch Baker (2)
Mark Mockridge (18) beat Paul Blake (14)

Yesterday the juniors fished their first match of the Clark and Cridge sponsored league at Perry St and a good turnout saw some good weights recorded

1 - Bobby - 17lb 6oz
2 - Courtney - 16lb 60z
3 - Ethan - 7lb 10oz
4 - Matthew - 3lb 5oz
5 - Josh - 2lb 15oz
6 - James - 2lb 13oz
7 - Bradley - 1lb 4oz
8 - Clifford - 8oz
9 - Barnaby - DNW
10 - Charlie - DNW

Phew, that was a busy blog this week, next week it's round eight at Perry St, so come back to see how I get on.

Next up - Perry St Pond

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Monday, June 10, 2013

Fishery Focus - Summerhayes

In yet another new feature for this blog (I'm good to you lot!) I intend to write regular features focusing on a particular fishery with loads of detail including contact info, description of lakes and facilities etc. The first fishery to be featured is the excellent Summerhayes in Bridgwater.

Summerhayes Fishery

Summerhayes Fishery

Owner - Pete Wakeling
Tel  - 07866 557896
Website -

Parking - There is ample car parking available
Fishability - There are several swims suitable for disabled anglers
Facilities - On site shop selling bait, a few items of tackle plus hot and cold drinks, snacks and bacon sandwiches. There are also toilets on site.
Lakes - Six lakes (Longs, Sellicks, Lily, Willow, Perch Pit and Black Swan)

Day Ticket - £7.00
Concessions - £5.50
2nd rod - £2.00
Keep net Hire - £1.00
Night Fishing (Max 6 persons) - £15.00
Day & Night - £20.00
Season Ticket - £85.00
Concessions - £75.00
Extra rod - £10.00
Match Fees  - £6.00

Fishery Rules are as follows
  • Site keep nets only
  • Do not keep fish over 5lbs in keep nets
  • Only barbless hooks permitted
  • No rods to be left unattended
  • Maximum of two rods per person
  • No Peanut or tiger nuts
  • Children under 14 must be accompanied by an adult
  • Fishing from platforms only
  • Fish only to be kept in keep nets for a maximum of 6hrs
  • All anglers must have a valid rod licence
  • Fishing from 7am to dusk
  • All litter must be disposed off in bins supplied before leaving
  • No boilies to be thrown in as feed
  • Night fishing on request maximum 6 person per night no alcohol permitted
  • All visitors vehicles and possessions are permitted on the premises entirely at their own risk

    I've been fishing at Summerhayes for a few years now after Scott Russell recommended it to me and I have to say I really enjoy this style of fishing. There are a variety of fish including carp, crucians, skimmers, golden tench, tench, roach, rudd, perch and chub. I mainly fish matches and the weights are excellent without being ridiculous and a 100lb+ weight is exceptional rather than the norm. In most fixtures 50-60lb will be a good overall weight with 20-30lb a good weight of silvers. A variety of baits and methods can work although the pole is predominately used. Pellets, paste, corn, meat, maggots, casters, bread and chopped worm can all do well here. Fish can be caught in the margins, down the middle or tight across to the far bank.

    The only slight downside to fishing here is the noise from the nearby M5 motorway and railway line but when you're catching fish you soon forget about it!

    I haven't fished all the lakes but I'll tell you a bit about the ones I have fished and I've added a link on the end of my best matches on each lake

    My favourite lake, holds a good head of match sized carp (1-4lbs) and winning weights are normally around 50-60lb but the reason I like it so much is because of the large numbers of skimmers, tench and crucians. The silvers pool is normally won with 20lb plus but weights can head towards 40lb which is a great days fishing. The two best approaches for the skimmers tend to be chopped worm and caster or expanders over micros although meat and paste can have their day too. During the winter, minimal or no feed with punched bread on the hook is the method. There is a central island which is between 13 and 16 metres across.

    Longs Lake

    In this lake the carp tend to be a bigger average size and larger winning weights are required, there isn't the head of silvers that Long's has but saying that I've had my biggest weight of 23lb 12oz of mainly skimmers from peg 23 on here. Weights of around 15lb will normally get you in the silvers frame. Similar baits and methods to Long's also work here. Has an island but in most pegs you'll need getting on for 16 metres to reach it.


    My least favourite lake on the complex mainly because there aren't many silvers with 8-10lb being a good weight. There are loads of carp between one and three pounds and winning match weights are often approaching 100lb, again most baits will work. No island in this lake. Pete has plans to move all the skimmers and roach from Perch Pit and split them between Sellicks and Lily which should improve the silvers fishing on both lakes.

    This lake is rarely match fished and I've only fished it once in a knock up, there are loads of small carp and tench along with some nice rudd and odd skimmers. If you fish worm or maggot be prepared to encounter some big eels too. There are a couple of small islands within easy pole reach.

    So there you go, my first Fishery Focus, I hope you liked it and I heartily recommend you go and give Summerhayes a go, you won't regret it.

    Sunday, June 09, 2013

    Summerhayes - Open - 9th June 2013

    I was really looking forward to getting back to Summerhayes although with over 30 anglers booked in the match was to be split over Sellicks and my favourite pond, Lily. Tony Rixon had brought the Bristol bagging contingent down for a day out and there was a good chance we'd all get mugged again! You can check out Tony's blog here Tony's blog to see how his day went, among the many 'stars' including Bobby Gullick was young Joe McMahon who also writes a great little blog which can be found here Joe's blog

    Brendon was also there and had been winding me up saying he was going to whoop my arse after his coaching sessions with Gary Webber, the trouble was I really fancied a day on Sellicks but just knew I'd end up on Lily again. Pete announced the draw and I hung back hoping all the pegs on Lily would go early, Roy Hughes who also likes to fish for silvers ended up on Lily and so did Andy Winters who was fishing here for the first time and when Brendon pulled out Lily, how I laughed (I really should know better!). With only a few balls left in the bucket, I pulled out one and of course it was on poxy Lily although peg 10 is one of the better ones. With us both on the same lake, the side bet was on overall weight.

    I had Paul Homewood on my left and then an empty peg to my right with Mark Leahy across from me on the next peg, he also had an empty peg to his right, surely the extra space could only help us? My peg has two lily beds in front of me at about 16 metres although I was hoping to catch at a much more manageable 11.5 metres. I also intended to feed meat at 5 metres and micros and meat towards the empty pallet on my right at about 8 metres.

    I only set up two rigs (can you tell my heart wasn't really in it yet?), a 0.75 gram Drennan G-tip for 11.5 and 5 metres and a Trabucco dibber for the inside swim. Both had size 16 Kamasan B911's to 0.12mm hooklengths. The whistle went and I cupped in micros and some meat on the long line and the margin and then just some meat at 5 metres. Today I was using Bait Tech strawberry flavoured meat. I started on the longer line with an 6mm expander and missed two bites before switching to a 6mm cube of meat. I connected with the next bite but it didn't feel right and the fish came off and I came back with a scale on the hook - not a great start.

    I then landed two small carp and was up and running and I hadn't seen anybody else catch a fish yet, the next carp was coming in nicely when it snagged me about 5 metres out and I was soon tying on a new hooklength. I then landed carp number three before I lost a 3lb foulhooker at the net, odd fish were now coming out but I was still doing okay. My bites slowed on the longer line and it was time to have a quick peek on the 5 metre line which I'd been regularly feeding with a few cubes of meat. I potted in some more feed on the long line and also fed the inside which I wanted to leave as long as possible.

    I was getting bites at 5 metres but missing most of them although I did add a couple more carp and a skimmer. I also lost another carp in that poxy snag and was running out of hooklengths! I stuck with the shorter line but slowly but surely people were starting to catch and overtake me, Paul was getting a few on his shorter line, Aaron B in peg 6 and Joe in 3 and Mark were all getting small carp regularly. Thankfully it looked like Brendon was struggling.

    With half the match gone and my catch rate stalled, it was time to look on the inside earlier than I'd hoped, I was getting indications but I was missing most of them and it was a pain having to rebait with meat every time so I had a quick look in my carryall for something a bit more robust but all I could come up with was some worms. I put on a worm head and first chuck the float went away and a 2lb carp was netted, cracked it I thought! My next two fish were a small rudd and a 4oz skimmer and it was obvious I hadn't cracked it. I felt like I was going through the motions a bit as I was behind several people on the pond and I was sure people would be getting a few over on Sellicks.

    Back on meat I had a foulhooked fish so shallowed up a bit and started to catch quite well, but then I lost a fish and next chuck had one do me under the next peg pallet. While I was tying on yet another hooklength a whole family of swans (Mum, Dad and about seven cygnets) decided to go bums up over my carefully fed inside line. With them hissing and going I had no choice but to go back to 5 metres until they buggered off. I had two more small carp off this line before the swans decided to leave me in piece. Back in I went and carried on catching quite well and was up to 17 carp with 45 minutes left. I set my sights on 20 carp which would give me around 40lb and an outside chance of framing.

    Any chance of a grandstand finish soon disappeared though as my bites dried up, both Aaron and Mark slowed up as well so I decided to spend the last quarter of an hour on the 5 metre line, I had a couple more bites but missed them both (skimmers perhaps?) and then time was called. I knew Joe, Aaron and Mark had beaten me so there would be no coin for me today but had I done enough to take another precious pound off Brendon? Apparently Sellicks hadn't fished that well and when the scales reached Lily, Kev M was leading the way with 42lb 10oz of Sellicks peg 4 and Steve Jackson was winning the silvers with 9lb 12oz from peg 7.

    Joe McMahon went into the lead with 46lb and Aaron came close with 44lb 7oz although as Mark had over 30 carp we all thought he would have close to 50lb. He actually weighed 41lb 1oz and needed a couple more fish. My 17 carp plus a couple of silvers went 33lb 11oz and I would have been a lot closer with those lost fish. Brendon paid up the nugget (3-1 this year by my reckoning) as he couldn't catch carp and had fished for silvers for two and a half hours. He weighed 8lb 4oz of silvers which put him third with the other side of Sellicks to weigh. Andy Winters had 26lb 9oz which wasn't bad for his first visit.

    I didn't see the rest of the weigh in but Bobby Gullick had 25 carp for 63lb 6oz from Sellicks 13 for yet another victory and when Tony Rixon weighed 47lb 4oz from 17 for second it was confirmed we'd been mugged again! Still it was nice to see Tony for the first time in many years and I had a good natter with him. Brendon hung onto third place in the silvers and claimed a moral victory over me and while writing this I have had many texts from him telling me how good he is!!!! Still it's food for thought as a decent weight of silvers was on the cards if he'd fished for them all day and Pete tells me he is going to net Perch Pit with all the skimmers and roach going into Sellicks and Lily which will make it interesting.

    Today's board

    1 - Bobby Gullick (Garbolino Blackmore Vale) - 63lb 6oz
    2 - Tony Rixon (Avon Angling) - 47lb 4oz
    3 - Joe McMahon (Bristol) - 46lb
    4 - Aaron B (Bristol) - 44lb 7oz
    5 - Kev M (Bristol) - 42lb 10oz

    The Torquay Tart looking very pleased with himself

    1 - Steve Jackson (Summerhayes) - 9lb 12oz
    2 - Ray Wickham (Summerhayes) - 9lb
    3 - Brendon Ions (Torquay Tarts) - 8lb 4oz

    Well my barren run continues and I can't see that changing at Perry St next week so make sure you come back then for my next tale of woe!

    Next up - Spring League at Perry St

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    Sunday, June 02, 2013

    Perry St Pond - Spring League 6 - 2nd June 2013

    It was back to the spring league this Sunday and as I was away for the last match and nobody could be found to fish for me, I'm slipping down the tables rapidly, it didn't help that I had peg 1 last match, so that's one of my corner pegs gone. Before I went on holiday I'd been on a bit of a bad run with no brown envelopes for three matches and I was hoping to stop the rot today. Les did the draw for the individual knockout and I was up against Chilly who is a man on fire at the moment, picking up in all five matches so far. Things got worse when the envelope for this weeks draw sequence was opened, Chilly was on peg 1 (with the wind blowing into it) and I was on peg 9 (a decent peg but I was up against it from the start).

    Steve Chant was standing in for Bish today and it was lovely to see him for the first time in ages, he gets sexier every time I see him! It was a nice sunny day and plenty of fish could be seen up in the water, I decided on three rigs today, a Drennan 0.75 gram G-tip for 11.5 metres, a Drennan 0.6 gram Carp for fishing at 5 metres and a Trabucco dibber for the inside line by the fish refuge. I mixed up some groundbait, chopped up some worms and was ready for the off. Les blew for the all in and I cupped in two balls on my skimmer line at 11.5 metres before putting some chopped worm and casters in at 5 metres and finally dead reds, casters, corn and some loose groundbait on the inside line.

    I was still feeding when Mike 'Feeder' Collins was into a carp straight away in peg 10, when I'd finally finished I shipped out to my longer line with a worm head on and the float settled and went away and a small carp was hooked. The blue hydro did it's job and I was off the mark, Exeter Mike was catching silvers in peg 12 and it was looking like it might fish well today. Next chuck I've had a lift bite and landed a decent skimmer of a pound or so, I then had a small perch and this was followed by another small carp and we'd only had 30 mins fishing!

    Odd carp were being caught with Les on peg 13 and my nemesis Picky next door also getting in on the action. I was still getting indications  on the longer line but I sensed it was slowing so after an hour, I fed another ball on that line and some more grub on the inside before trying my five metre line. Worm head was the bait again and I missed a bite before having an eel around the pound mark and was still ticking along nicely. Blaker in peg 11 and Mike in 10 were catching odd carp but nobody seemed to be running away with it. No more bites at five metres so I fed it again before briefly trying the inside, no indications told me to feed it and leave it alone for a while.

    I went back out to 11.5 metres and was feeding some choppie through the toss pot each put in, I had another smaller skimmer and a carp but also lost a carp which snagged me and the hook pulled out. Les was catching regularly from his long line but only had one decent skimmer and was catching quite a few carp. Janders seemed quiet over on peg 13 so that pound was safe for now although the side bet between me and Picky was still touch and go as we had around the same number of fish.

    I was finding I'd get a couple of quick fish off the long line before it went quiet so I cupped in another ball before trying my other two lines again but I only added a couple more small perch. Blaker was starting to catch carp with over half the match gone and Exeter Mike was starting to land some lumps as well. I was back out long and had another skimmer and added a couple more small carp but was pinning my hopes on the inside coming good in the last hour or so. Janders was now hooking quite a few carp but losing a few as well and Blaker seemed to be having the same problem and from the muttering I could hear, toys were starting to be thrown out the pram.

    Les landed a nice seven pounder but somehow managed to miss the keepnet with it - whoops! By now we had entered the last period of the match and I was fishing the inside with two dead red maggots on the hook, the first two carp I've hooked both came off and with Picky starting to get odd carp I could feel a nugget slipping away. I've then landed the next two and Les struck into a fish and while he was playing it, blew the whistle for the all out. I knew my eight carp wouldn't do any good and as Picky had the same number, I was hoping my silvers might swing it for me. Janders had finished with 6 carp but had lost 8!

    I packed up feeling quite disheartened and the highlight of the day had been a rather friendly robin landing on my bait tray and helping himself to my maggots (at least something liked them!). As I walked back to the car there were the usual tales of woe although it seemed Bushy had done well and so had Chanter in his first match for ages. I asked Chilly how he'd got on and he was admitting to 25lb but as he can't lie straight in bed I knew he'd beaten me today and after winning the knockout last year I had fallen at the first hurdle this time around.

    We all gathered around peg 1 and awaited the start of the weigh in, Chilly had over 38lb proving once again he's a compulsive liar. Me and Picky were arguing over who'd beaten who and we were both admitting to around 20lb and would have to wait for the scales. Chanter had done a sterling job for Bish when he weighed over 28lb of carp. Dunner had done his usual consistent silvers job and weighed 6lb 12oz, Bushy had over 44lb of carp and 3lb 12oz of silvers from peg 4 before Kev Baker had 8lb 12oz of carp from peg 5. Oz had 18lb of carp from peg 6 and then Dave Lawrence (fishing for Rocking) had a brilliant 18lb 6oz of skimmers to go into the silvers lead. That's the best silvers weight so far this series.

    Picky had 21lb 12oz of carp and 6oz of silvers and I knew it would be close, my silvers weighed 3lb 10oz and my carp 20lb 2oz and I'd just pipped him and levelled the side bets score at 3-3. Mike C had 24lb 2oz and then Blaker had 45lb to go into the carp lead. Exeter Mike had 26lb of carp but his 8lb 4oz of silvers put him second on that front. Les had 24lb of carp and 6lb 8oz of silvers and then Janders had 16lb odd of carp and I was another pound better off. Dino had struggled in peg 15 for 11lb something and Mark M had 18lb of carp but his 6lb 10oz of skimmers put him in the silvers frame. Hoff had struggled in peg 17 and Butch had 5lb 4oz of silvers to keep him up there in the league.

    The last two pegs were Dave M who had 20lb 8oz of carp and then Mike T had 15 carp for a brilliant 56lb 10oz and a popular victory from peg 20. From being a no hoper peg, it's now framed in the last two matches and three out of the top four carp weights came from the corners today.

    Today's weighboard
    Mike T - today's winner

    1 - Mike Thomas (Chard) - 56lb 10oz
    2 - Paul Blake (Chard) - 45lb
    3 - Steve Bush (Chard) - 44lb 8oz
    4 - Andy Winters (Chard) - 38lb 6oz

    1 - Dave Lawrence (Chard) - 18lb 6oz
    2 - Mike Hosgood (Near Exeter) - 8lb 4oz
    3 - Alan Dunn (Chard) - 6lb 12oz
    4 - Mark Mockridge (Chard) - 6lb 10oz

    After six matches this is how the leagues look

    1 - Andy Winters - 221lb 12oz
    2 - Steve Bishop - 197lb 7oz
    3 - Paul Blake - 184lb 4oz
    4 - Steve Bush - 173lb 2oz

    1 - Les Braunton - 41lb 12oz
    2 - Alan Dunn - 39lb 6oz
    3 - Mike Hosgood - 35lb 15oz
    4 - Butch Baker  - 29lb 13oz

    I seem to be on a right barren run at the moment, I'm at Summerhayes next week so come back then to see how I get on.

    Next up - Summerhayes

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