Sunday, April 28, 2013

Summerhayes - Open - 28th April 2013

I was looking forward to getting back to Summerhayes today although both Sellicks and Lily lakes were in and I was hoping I didn't draw Lily. I picked Janders up and on arriving the car park was rather full with a match on Longs as well. All the usual faces were there plus Somerset Angling's Steve Kedge. With 21 anglers fishing today there were six pegs on Lily and when Pete announced the draw I hung back, Janders delved in and pulled out Sellicks 12 and should get a few fish today. With only a few balls left in the bucket I went in and grabbed a ball, I opened my fingers and could only see the number four and thought I was alright but as I turned the ball I could see the dreaded Lily also written on it and knew I wouldn't be fishing for silvers today.

Me and Janders had decided that if we were on different lakes the side bet would have to be on overall weight. I took my kit to the peg and surveyed the scene, I had Jess Jordan on my right but had two spare pegs on my left with Alvin Jones on peg 7. There was a nice bay on the inside towards Jess so I decided my inside lines would be there and also just this side of the empty pallet on my left. I would also fish an open water line at 11.5 metres but there was a wicked wind blowing straight in my in my chops and I would be in for a chilly day.

I set up a Malman Pencil 0.6 gram rig for open water and a Trabucco dibber for the insides with 0.08mm and 0.10mm bottoms respectively. Both rigs had size 18 Tubertini 808's and white hydro through the top two's. Bait was just some micros I had soaked the day before plus some corn and the old faithful Bait Tech 4mm expander's. Pete shouted the all in and I cupped in half a pot of micros at 11.5 metres before cupping in micros and corn on the insides. I slipped on an expander and put a pinch of micros in the toss pot before shipping out to 11.5 metres. The wind was already being troublesome (I thought I'd get my excuses in early!) but I had a bite quite quickly and was soon swinging in a 3oz skimmer.

Nigel Wickham on peg 9 started like a steam train and had two or three small carp in as many chucks, Alvin, Jess and Dave T on peg 1 were all into carp quickly as well. I had a couple of small rudd before catching my first small carp and it was already looking like it was going to fish well. Martin Addicot opposite me on peg 11 was struggling but caught a couple of early skimmers. I was getting knocks on the long line but it was from small fish so I tried corn but the rig just sat there. I had intended to leave the insides as long as I could but with a fair few carp being caught I was having my first look to the left after only half an hour.

I started getting bites and added a couple more rudd on corn before catching carp number two, number three followed just before the first hour was up. I was a couple of fish behind Nigel, Jess and Alvin but at least I was getting regular indications. I had three more fish in the second hour but I wasn't catching fast enough although my carp seemed to be a better stamp than Jess's. Nigel had slowed up but Alvin, Dave and Jess were catching pretty well and Martin was getting a few now as well. I had my seventh carp just into hour three before it all went a bit pear shaped, I lost one that snapped me around a reed before losing a fouler at the net and things went a bit quiet on that line.

I cupped some more feed in before trying the other side but I never had a bite there and the wind really wasn't helping. Back out long with corn on the hook saw one missed bite and I was soon back on the inside. Jess was catching really well now with nearly all his fish coming from his open water line. Things didn't really improve for me when I had two more carp come off and I think they were both foulhooked as well. This line had really slowed up and I was going nowhere fast, I had some reeds on the inside at about three metres which were knocking every now and again so plumbed up there before toss potting in some micros and corn.

I had a bite quite quickly and the fish tore through the reeds and snagged me, I was by now on 0.12mm bottom and a 16 hook and had to pull for a break. The hooklength snapped and the rig hit me straight in the face (no laughing please Brendon!), with blood running down my cheek I tied on another hooklength and went back into the reeds of doom. I really wasn't enjoying myself much and all hope of a brown envelope had long gone. I then enjoyed a relative purple patch and landed four or five carp on the trot and started to think I might be in for a grandstand finish.

Jess was still catching really well and would be top on our pond and I reckoned he had a chance of winning the match, Dave was getting a few as well but apart from those two I couldn't see a lot happening, Alvin was getting odd fish but Martin was struggling and Nigel had dried right up and was enjoying it about as much as me! I flirted briefly with the bay but never hooked another fish in there so I spent the remainder of the match just fishing a top three by the reeds. I was still getting odd fish and lost a couple more as well but was hoping the last hour the carp might get their heads down for a munch.

Martin was now catching really well down the edge and with an hour to go, he was motoring, my golden last hour didn't materialise and I ended with 16 carp and a few bits and thought I might have 20lb which would put me nowhere, I was only going to weigh in for the side bet with Janders. I asked Jess how many he had and he replied 40! which I thought must give him 60lb+, he said he'd phoned a few people on Sellicks and it had fished it's head off with Adam Palmer having bagged right up. As I was packing up, Alvin walked by and he'd actually caught a lot more than I thought he had and the phrase 'chip shop sausage' started to sound in my ears!

As I was taking my kit back, the weigh in had started on Sellicks, so I dropped my kit off before catching up with the scales. Steve Kedge had 58lb 10oz from peg 2 and Heardy had 12lb 15oz of silvers next door (from another crap peg!) and the bar was already set pretty high. Mark Leahy had 42lb 15oz from peg 5 before Adie Bishop had 52lb from peg 7. Janders said he had around 20lb so the pound could be a close run thing today. Paul Homewood had 45lb 9oz from peg 9 and it was already looking like 40lb+ wouldn't be enough to frame.

The scales then did a left turn onto Lily and Jess weighed a brilliant 56lb 1oz to go into second place, then we reached my peg and my silvers weighed 9oz before my carp went a bit more than I thought to give me a 25lb 4oz total. Alvin had 52lb 10oz and I really didn't think he had anywhere near that and I'd been well and truly 'sausaged'. Nigel didn't trouble the scales before Martin Addicot had 42lb 9oz with the majority coming in the last two hours, Dave T had 29lb 2oz and the scales headed back to Sellicks with Janders next to weigh.

Janders was overjoyed at having to pay me a pound!
He had a lovely crucian in his 5lb 14oz silvers net and when he pulled his carp net it was going to be close, Pete called out 18lb 8oz and his 24lb 6oz was just 14oz shy of my weight so at least I'd won the side bet. The scales arrived at Adam P's peg and after three weighs his total was called out at 76lb 8oz and he went into the lead. John Dursley had 51lb 13oz and was just short of the main frame, Glyn Wickham had 10lb 9oz of silvers to go into second place behind Martin and with no more big weights Adam was confirmed as today's winner.

Adam Palmer with part of his winning 76lb 8oz bag
So it had fished really well today with 52lb needed for fifth place, I think I was beaten when I drew Lily and should have done a lot better really. If I'd have fished soft pellet long I think I'd have caught more and I've been dying to try fishing shallow with pellet on this lake and will definitely try it if I draw it again.
Great weights again
1 - Adam Palmer (Royal Marines) - 76lb 8oz
2 - Steve Kedge (Somerset Angling) - 58lb 10oz
3 - Jess Jordan (Summerhayes) - 56lb 1oz
4 - Alvin Jones (Summerhayes) - 52lb 10oz
5 - Adie Bishop (Summerhayes) - 52lb

1 - Martin Heard (Summerhayes) - 12lb 15oz
2 - Glynn Wickham (Summerhayes) - 10lb 9oz

So my good run has come to an end, the best news of the day was that Chelsea beat Swansea 2-0 to go back into third place. Next week I have a double header with Perry St on the Sunday and Chris Haines's pond on the Monday so come back then to see if I can get back on track.

Next up - Perry St Pond - Spring League - Sunday 5th May

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New! - Ringers Pellet Pump Review (below)

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Saturday, April 27, 2013

Ringers Pellet Pump Review

Now a pellet pump isn't the most exciting thing to review but I have to admit I was quite looking forward to receiving one of the new Ringers Pellet Pumps. As soon as I saw Tackleuk had some in stock I put my order in and it arrived a couple of days later (top service as ever from Tackleuk). I've previously used pumps from Mosella and Browning and they've been okay apart from mice wrecked the Mosella one and I had to pump the pellets loads of times to get them to sink with the Browning one and even then I would have loads of floaters by the Sunday.

Woo-hoo - new pellet pump
After receiving my new pump, first impressions were that it was very well made and I've seen internet clips of the components being driven over with no damage whatsoever so hopefully it should be mice proof! The pump piece is stainless steel and looks like it should last a good few years, the bottom section that holds the pellets is made of a very sturdy plastic and again would take some breaking. My only slight worry are the rubber nipples (oo-er) that fit in the top of the pellet container and are used to release the air after pumping. I can see these perishing after a while but I suppose only time will tell and you might well be able to get replacements from Ringers.

My first two trips after the pump arrived were to a venue where pellets are banned so I've only just got around to using the pump for the first time, ready for Summerhayes tomorrow. The pump is simplicity itself to use although there are instructions included (not that us blokes ever read the manual anyway!). The first mistake I made was overfilling it with expanders so you couldn't really tell if the pellets had sunk after pumping - doh! So I tipped them out and started again with half the amount and after two or three pumps the majority of the Bait Tech 4mm expanders had sunk - job done.
Ringers Pellet Pump and Bait Tech expanders (the best around in my opinion)

Well that's about it really, there's not a lot else I can say, it seems very well made and sturdy and it does what it says on the tin. It may be a bit a pricy at £19.99 but then again if it lasts me several seasons then it's money well spent and cheaper than buying lots of cheaper ones at a tenner a pop. All that remains is for me to use the pellets tomorrow and see if any float.

Good job Ringers

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Perry St Pond - Spring League 2 - 21st April 2013

Spring looks finally to have arrived and the sun was shining as I loaded the car before making my way out the pond. I collected my bait from Les before he announced the draw for the start of the pairs knockout, I managed to get a bye so for me the knockout will start next match. He then opened an envelope for the draw sequence and I ended up on peg 5 just up from where I was last match. The Torquay Tart was fishing for Mike Thomas today and opposite me on peg 16 so with Picky on my right I would be able to keep an eye on two of my sidebets. Janders had pulled out peg 10 and there was a good chance I would be saying goodbye to one squid today.

Peg 5

I mixed up some Bag 'Em red groundbait and was setting up my rigs when Picky hooked a fish on a bare hook! He landed it before putting it back and there were obviously some fish about. I set up a 0.75 gram Drennan G-Tip for my skimmer line before setting up a Trabucco dibber for the inside and also a Drennan Carp for fishing at three sections out. Today's bait was just dead red maggots to which I had added some Marukyu Krill powder and a pint of casters. Les blew for the start and everybody started feeding their lines, I put in two balls at 11.5 metres and both floated briefly before sinking! I then cupped in a single ball at 3 metres before potting in some loose groundbait on the inside to my left and dead reds and casters on the right hand margin.

Mike Collins on my left was into carp on the feeder straight away and Dave M next to Brendon also caught first chuck, I was shipping out to my long line and as I was adding the 11.5 metre section I noticed my blue hydro being pulled out of the pole! I safely netted a small carp and got called a few names by Picky and the Torquay Tart. Next chuck I bumped off a small fish and with carp being caught all round the pond, decided to have a look on the inside lines. Rocking Roy was flying and had two carp in as many chucks from peg 3 before my float shot under and I was playing carp number two. After 15 mins the Torquay Tart was still feeding his many lines and I was confused watching him, so God knows how the fish felt! But he did look good on his new shiny box!

Mike Collins was into fish straight away
Rocking Roy was catching too
I was catching quite well and had four carp after the first hour and was ahead of Picky who'd only had the one. Brendon was struggling but most people I could see were catching. I had a couple more in the second hour and was swapping between my inside lines. Dave M was catching silvers and carp and Chilly on the other side of Brendon was catching carp really well too, the Torquay Tart was getting battered like a chip shop sausage! Still there was a long way to go yet. Picky started to pull a few fish back although they looked to be on the small-ish side (probably the newly stocked fish). I replied with a 6oz perch and a couple of smaller ones.

After the early action Mike C slowed up a bit and my inside line died as well. Blaker in peg 7 and Exeter Mike in 8 looked to be netting fish regularly and approaching the half way mark in the match it looked to be close between loads of anglers. I added a couple more carp and my left hand inside line was definitely the better of the two. Picky had now gone ahead of me by a couple of fish but there wasn't much in it as my fish looked to be the resident bigger fish and not the new stockies. Bish next to Chilly was getting a few but Chilly was really motoring even though he was only admitting to a few fish. It was a job to tell how he was doing as he only had three nets in this week, by this stage in the last match he already had six nets in!

I fed some more groundbait on both my insides and had a look on the three metre line but never had a bite there. It was still nip and tuck between me and Picky although he was now on about 14 fish to my 10 and he was starting to pull away. Brendon was having a torrid time and this wasn't helped by regular comments from me and Picky! Bushy in peg 20 and Dunner in 19 seemed to be struggling although Alan was starting to put a few silvers together. Picky's inside line had dried up and he was fishing a line further out but hadn't had a bite there and I managed to pull a couple of fish back on him. I also lost a couple which I think were probably foulhooked.

Our fish seemed to do a disappearing act, while Chilly continued to bag up like a man possessed and I could see the Hoff up on peg 13 catching regularly too, Butch Baker was putting together a decent net of skimmers and also getting interrupted by the odd carp as well. Bushy was now starting to catch well in peg 20 and I felt my match was slipping away. From the banter around the pond it seemed like Janders had caught well to start with but slowed up in the latter part of the match and Dino had struggled in peg 11. With about half an hour to go the scores on the doors between Picky and me were 14-12 in his favour but he enjoyed a real purple patch and added three more fish and it ended up 17-13 to him and I was pretty sure he'd done me.

I packed up and on my way to the car, asked how the other anglers had done, Rocking had slowed up after his frenetic start but still had six or seven carp, Oz in peg 2 had 15 carp and when he said Kev Baker had more than him I thought I wouldn't be picking up today. As we waited for the scales in peg 1, Janders said he'd had 10 carp plus a couple of tench and with the pound decided on overall weight it could be a close call. Kev had a couple of tench for 4lb 11oz before his carp weighed 40lb 12oz and then Oz had 5lb 1oz of silvers (which included a cracking perch) and his carp weighed 35lb 4oz and it was looking like there could be several close carp weights.

Oz had this cracking perch
Picky had one skimmer of 14oz (which was foulhooked!) before his carp went 42lb 9oz, my few perch and a rudd weighed a fantastic 10oz (and my silvers campaign still hadn't got off the ground!), my first carp net weighed 21lb 8oz and when my second net went 20lb 8oz I was 9oz short of Picky's weight and he made it 2-1 to him on the sidebets front. Mike Collins had some right lumps for 28lb 2oz before Blaker had 21lb 6oz and Exeter Mike had 27lb 7oz although he did have 6lb 14oz of skimmers to go into the silvers lead. Les then had 29lb 8oz of carp but his silvers went 7lb to pip Mike. Janders had 27lb 12oz of carp and 6lb 4oz of silvers so I was back on an even keel with today's sidebets. Dino and Mark M had struggled in 11 and 12 and I managed to make a dent in his big lead from last week.

The Hoff had 35lb odd of carp so I was still hanging onto second place but I knew it would only last until we got to Chilly and Bushy might also beat me as he had 12 carp. Butch had put together a nice net of skimmers weighing 9lb 4oz and went into the silvers lead with six pegs to weigh. Dave M had 28lb of carp and 6lb of silvers and then Brendon had 14lb of carp and 3lb of silvers (I hope he bucks his ideas up when he fishes for me in a few weeks!) and then Chilly had 55lb 6oz of carp on the other side of Brendon to complete the battering and push me down into third place. It wasn't all bad news though as Chilly had bet me a £1 he wouldn't win today and he was looking good with two pegs to go.
He might not catch much but he certainly looks the part on his sexy box!
Bish had 25lb of carp and 3lb 5oz of skimbobs before Dunner went into second place in the silvers with 8lb 5oz which just left Bushy, his silvers net went 3lb 8oz and his carp 32lb so I managed to hang onto third place (for carp) for the second week running. The pond had fished really well and I'm sure the weights will just get higher as the weather warms up. I picked up £40 for third place and £3 in sidebets although I had to give one of those to Picky.

Good weights all round

1 - Andy Winters (Chard) - 55lb 6oz
2 - Alan Gage (Chard) - 42lb 9oz
3 - Jamie Rich (Against Men and Fish) - 42lb
4 - Kev Baker (Tatworth Tigers) - 40lb 12oz

1 - Butch Baker (Tatworth Tigers) - 9lb 4oz
2 - Alan Dunn (Chard) - 8lb 5oz
3 - Les Braunton (Cotley Baggers) - 7lb
4 - Mike Hosgood (Near Exeter) - 6lb 14oz

As both leagues are to be decided on weight this year, here's how they look after two matches,

Carp League
1 - Andy Winters - 95lb 6oz
2 - Mark Mockridge - 87lb 14oz
3 - Jamie Rich - 83lb 9oz
4 - Paul Blake - 74lb

Silvers League
1 - Butch Baker - 14lb
2 - Mike Hosgood - 13lb 8oz
3 - Steve Bush - 13lb 2oz
4 - Steve Bishop - 12lb 11oz

I can see the silvers league being a really tight affair but the carp league will be much more open and one good week and it'll be all change. As soon as Les works out the pairs knockout results, I'll put them on here.
Next week me and Janders are hopefully off to Summerhayes so tune in and see how we get on.

Coming soon - review of the new Ringers Pellet Pump

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Sunday, April 14, 2013

Perry St Pond - Spring League 1 - 14th April 2013

For this year's league, Les had brought in a new payout system where the top four carp weights and the top four silvers weights are paid out each match and there would be two leagues, one for silvers and one for carp and these would be decided on weight. I had thought I would try and fish for silvers but after only catching one skimmer on Good Friday, I had no idea how I was going to approach this first match. We all had to meet early so Les could explain the rules etc and after paying my pools and buying a new club licence and collecting my bait I was £73 worse off! The draw system was also different this year with an open draw on the first match and then if you draw an odd number you would be on odd numbers for the rest of the series and the same with even numbers.

The near end of the pond had fished poorly in the last match so when Picky drew peg 2, how we all laughed (well me and Brendon did), then I opened my peg and had poxy peg 3 where I was last time! Picky and Brendon were killing themselves and then the Torquay Tart opened his and he was on 20 which isn't much better and we all had a good laugh at him as well. Still the weather was a lot milder than last time and the pond had received an injection of small carp so it had to be better than last time, didn't it?

I got to my peg and there was some good news in that peg 4 wasn't drawn today as Mike Collins was on holiday and surely the extra space had to be a good thing. With skimmers in mind I set up a 0.75 gram Drennan G-tip with 0.08mm bottom and size 18 808 and plumbed up three lines, two at 11.5 metres and one at 10 metres. I also set up a dibber rig to fish the inside towards the empty peg on my left with 0.10 mm bottom and the same hook size and pattern. I mixed up some Bag 'Em goundbait and chopped up some worms and casters and was just about ready in time. Les blew for the start and I cupped in two balls containing dead maggots and casters at 11.5 metres, straight out in front and then a single ball at 10 metres to my right before putting some choppie in at 11.5 metres towards the left. Finally I cupped in some dead reds and casters on the inside at about 5 metres.

I started straight out with double dead red maggot on the hook and toss potted a few dead maggots in, I had a bite quite quickly and was soon playing one of the new carp around the pound mark, the blue hydro did it's job and I was off the mark. All around people seemed to playing small carp and it looked like we could be in for a good match. Second chuck I had another small carp and Blaker on peg 5 was already on three or four! I've shipped out for the third time but the float just sat there and the action was short lived. Again it looked like our end would be hard with everybody on a couple of fish but Blaker was still catching and Chilly and Bish on the far bank were netting fish regularly as well.

I was soon trying my other open water lines but never had another touch, Blaker was catching close in so I fed my longer lines before having a look on the inside a lot sooner than I wanted to. Bushy and Dunner opposite me were getting odd fish as was Picky on my right and even Brendon had caught a couple. After five minutes my float went and I landed carp number three and this was shortly followed by number four and they were the newly stocked fish. I've then had two bigger fish to put me on six after two hours and although I was doing okay at our end, with Blaker, Bish, Chilly, Exeter Mike all catching and Mark Mockridge and the Hoff in the top two corner pegs, it seemed like we were well off the pace.

My inside line then dried up so I had a quick look on my three other lines again but there was no sign of life. Brendon hooked a nice tench which came off at the net which cheered me up a bit and Bushy, Dunner and Kev Baker were still getting odd carp and silvers but I couldn't buy a bite off any of my lines. Brendon was sat on his posh new Preston box and although he wasn't catching much, he certainly looked the part. Chilly on peg 15 was still catching carp like a man possessed and already had his third keepnet in! Les asked how many carp he had and he replied that he had five in each net with some silvers in his third net.

I was by now back on the inside and it was looking like there would be no brown envelope coming my way today. Then I've had a decent carp which was foulhooked in the tail and if nothing else I was still keeping ahead of Picky and Brendon so my sidebets were safe for the time being. I added another decent carp before catching a 6oz perch and was going back to the car to get my third net when Picky said I could borrow his as he didn't need it (cheers Picky). I was getting a few indications on the inside so decided to feed another line a section further towards the empty peg. Chilly now had four nets in and they were all different colours with some square and some round and he started to get some stick, especially when Les told him it wasn't only five carp per net.

I added a couple more carp including a good one foulhooked in the fin and then hooked a nice tench from this new line which I was about to net and the hook pulled out, I scooped at it and was relieved to see it in the net, was luck on my side today? At our end it was just odd fish being caught now and although Blaker and Chilly were still catching it looked like most people had slowed up. If anything my peg was getting stronger and I started to think I might be able to sneak into the lower frame places. Most of my fish were around the 4-5lb mark and not the new stockies. I landed my 13th carp with five minutes to go and had time to ship back out and I did have one more knock before the all out was called.

I finished with 13 carp plus that tench and perch and had no clue what weight I had because the carp ranged from 1-6lb. I packed up and took my holdall back to the car before checking on how Chelsea were doing against Man City, it wasn't good news and we were 2-0 down. While waiting for the scales at peg 1, Picky and Brendon conceded defeat and paid their pounds (so it's 1-1 with both of them after two matches), Janders had 12 carp and several skimmers so that side bet could be a lot closer and we'd have to wait for the tale of the scales. The weigh in started and Rocking Roy had 9lb of carp and a few silvers before Picky had  10lb 12oz of carp. My silvers weighed 2lb 6oz before my carp weighed 41lb 9oz which was more than I thought but I still didn't think it would enough for a top four placing, especially when Blaker had 52lb 10oz of carp to go into the lead.

Exeter Mike had just over 20lb of carp but his 6lb 10oz of skimmers saw him take the lead on that front, Les had struggled before it was Janders turn, his silvers went 3lb 4oz before his carp weighed a level 30lb and I was another pound better off. Dino had a bad day in peg 9 and must have had neck ache watching Mark M in peg 10 who weighed 76lb 14oz of carp. The Hoff had over 26lb of carp opposite Mark and when Butch had a similar net of carp I was still hanging on to third place. Dave M had over 27lb of carp and his 5lb 14oz of skimmers put him second in the silvers. We got to Chilly and as he had 18 carp I was sure he'd knock me down to fourth but they were the new smaller fish and weighed a level 40lb. Bish had a few carp but again had done well with skimmers and was the new leader with 9lb 6oz. Pup had struggled in peg 17 before Bushy had 15lb of carp and 9lb 10oz of skimmers to just pip Bish.

Brendon (aka The Torquay Tart) and Butch weighing Chilly in

Kev Baker had 13lb of carp and Brendon 12lb something so I'd ended up third in the carp which was much better than I thought I'd do although my plan of going for the silvers isn't going too well! I checked on the footy and Chelsea lost 2-1 to City and another chance of a trophy bites the dust. Les did the results and I was called out in third place and picked up £40 which along with the side bets helped after a rather expensive day.

Today's board, it fished well and should only get better as it warms up

1 - Mark Mockridge (Chard) - 76lb 14oz
2 - Paul Blake (Chard) - 52lb 10oz
3 - Jamie Rich (Against Men and Fish) - 41lb 9oz
4 - Andy 'Chilly' Winters (Chard) - 40lb

1 - Steve Bush (Chard) - 9lb 10oz
2 - Steve Bishop (Chard) - 9lb 6oz
3 - Mike Hosgood (Near Exeter) - 6lb 10oz
4 - Dave Mockridge (Chard) - 5lb 14oz

So not too bad a day, I got the league off to a good start from a peg I didn't fancy (although the empty peg next door definitely helped) and never lost a fish all day. With the leagues being decided on weight it only takes a couple of good weights and things can change very quickly, after one match I'm already 35lb behind the leader! Round two is next week so come back then to see how the side bets go and if I finally manage to catch a skimmer!

Saturday, April 13, 2013

It's a funny old game - My Top Ten Posts

Match fishing, it's a funny old game and that's why I love it so much. You never know what's going to happen and I think that's what keeps us going week after week. You can be the best angler in the world but if the fish aren't in your peg or they're not feeding, World Champions can blank like the rest of us. Of course this doesn't happen very often as they usually have enough tricks up their sleeves to extract a fish or two or turn a mediocre peg into a winner. I've drawn next to some top anglers over the years and normally get my bum spanked but occasionally you beat them and leave the bank on a real high.

As I said earlier it's the unexpected, the not knowing that makes it exciting, we've all fished matches where a certain peg was expected to win and if we didn't draw it we might as well just all go home, but it doesn't always go like that for whatever reason. I've drawn fliers and won and also drawn the hot peg and either the fish haven't fed or I've cocked it up. I've won matches thanks to bonus fish (notably a 28lb 4oz carp at Chard Reservoir) and done well off not so good pegs thanks to other people messing up the flier. I've drawn a noted roach peg and then gone on to win the match with six chub and I've won a match on the river with a single trout plus a few minnows.

I've sat it out in atrocious conditions hoping and praying for a single bite but whether I got it or not, I'm always back the next week because it might be different then. I've been out in heavy snow and rain, wind so strong it was almost impossible to fish and days so hot, all my bait has died. Even if you fish the same venue every week, it's always different. You never stop learning in this game and there's always new gear or bait that you hope will put extra fish in your net, most of them hook more anglers than they do fish but that's another story.

First and foremost I love catching fish but I do love the buzz of fishing competitions and doing well gives me real satisfaction. I enjoy the banter of fishing a match around a pond but equally I love the solitude of fishing on the river, miles from the next peg where I can be left to my own thoughts. I'm also quite anally retentive and keep quite detailed records of my competitions and catches and I'm always trying to beat the previous years winnings total or increase personal bests or catch new species. I suppose this blog is a fairly detailed record since I started it in 2006 and I thought I'd list my top ten posts so far. They're in no particular order, I've just gone through them from the start.

10 - The Post That Started It All
My first post, way back in July 2006, was very short and announced my arrival into the blog-o-sphere. I never really imagined I'd still be going nearly seven years and approaching 65,000 hits later. I hope my posts have improved in that time and if nothing else, this blog has enabled me to meet some really nice people and realise an ambition of appearing in Match Fishing.

9 - The Chris Patten Memorial Match
I knew Chris quite well and he was an excellent angler and all round nice guy who was taken from us far too early. I felt privileged to be invited to his memorial match the year before and then I won it on my second attempt and it still remains one of my favourite match wins.

8 - My Biggest Isle Match Weight
The hot peg on the river was 125 and I drew it with some colour in the river and enjoyed a fantastic days fishing on the waggler.

7 - A Bit Of A Bonus!
I was looking forward to a nice days bream fishing but they had other ideas but just to show what 'a funny old game' fishing is, one bite changed my day from a disaster to sheer delight.

6 - One Of My Favourite Match Wins
Barney Crockett, along with Adrian Green, was one the people who got me into match fishing and took me under his wing, he was a lovely man and a great angler and it was a really sad day when he passed away. Ilminster AA held a pairs match in his memory and I managed to win it on the individual front which meant a lot to me.

5 - The Perfect Day?
We used to fish Chris Haines's pond at Clivey quite a bit and my results were getting steadily better every time, it was also my birthday and the last day of the footy season where Chelsea needed to win to be crowned Champions. See how the day went

4 - A Great Little Run
I'd just won three matches on the trot on the Isle and the next match was on Ilminster Canal, one of my favourite venues. I'd won a few matches on the canal but this one is the best of the bunch so far.

3 - Paradise
I couldn't not put a post in from my trips to the wonderful Gillhams Resort in Thailand and to be honest I couldn't decide which one to use as they're all been fantastic. In the end I chose my second trip with Scotty where we caught some fantastic fish and also had a couple of days in Bangkok with Stuart where he showed us the sights.

2 - A Long Time Coming
I hadn't won a match at Perry St for a fair old while but when I drew peg 10 I knew I had a chance and I had a cracking day catching carp up in the water and also beat my biggest ever match weight on the pond.

1 - My First Win At Summerhayes
I love fishing at this venue and have had some lovely days fishing for the silvers, I'd framed several times but never won, until now! Everything went right and it was nearly the perfect match for me.

I've really enjoyed looking back over my old posts and to be honest there were several posts I wish I could have put in and could have done a top twenty! There were my first trips after grayling and mullet, mine and Andy's pairs win at Summerhayes plus several great days on the river. Maybe another time.

Sunday, April 07, 2013

Summerhayes - Open - 7th April 2013

I was looking forward to getting back on Longs today and hopefully having a nice days skimmer fishing, the forecast wasn't as good as yesterday but still better than what we've been used to of late. I picked Janders up and on arriving at the fishery there were a fair few cars already there and it looked like Pete had a fair few booked in for today. I said hello to all the usual suspects like Scott, Exeter Mike, Adie, Bruce, Heardy and Bill 'The Redfin' Hopping and even Ashley Tomkins had turned up today. Also fishing today was Trevor Holmes who reads the blog and we've had the odd chat on Twitter and it was lovely to finally meet him in the flesh.

There were 19 anglers fishing today and pegs 11 and 12 were fancied by a lot of people as they'd done well last weekend and also in the mid-week match. I went in the bucket and pulled out peg 35 which is on the track side and an area I've not fished before. Trevor was on 31 and Janders a few pegs to his right. Adie and Scott were the lucky anglers to draw 11 and 12 and I was sure both would do the business off those pegs. I helped Janders to his peg with his gear (because that's the kind of guy I am!) and then he returned the favour (cheers John!). I had Dave T on my right but then had three empty pegs to my left which could only be a good thing with quite a few anglers on the pond today.
Peg 35 on Longs
Dave T on the next peg
It was quite windy on our side and me and Dave seemed to be getting the worst of it from what I could see. I set up a 10 x 11 MW F1 Slim with 0.08mm bottom and size 18 808 and also a the same pattern but 14 x 11 with 0.10mm bottom and size 16 808 but never picked this rig up all day. I was also trying out my new Frenzee Soft Pots for the first time and I must say how impressed I am with them. For bait I had micros, Bait Tech 4mm expanders and some dead maggots. I plumbed up three lines at 10 metres, angled to my right, straight out and to my left, I also plumbed up at 11.5 metres but unless the wind dropped I couldn't see me fishing there.

My new Frenzee pots
Pete blew for the start and I cupped in small amounts of micros on all three lines before starting on the right hand line and the plan was to take a couple of fish off this line before moving to the next and so on. I had a bite quite quickly and netted my first decent skimmer and then had one next chuck before moving to the next line. I had a small skimmer and a better one before moving to the left hand line. I was feeding a pinch of micros each time with my new toss pots and things were going really well. After an hour I'd had 12 fish which included 5 decent skimmers, a lovely 12oz golden tench, 2 carp and the rest small skimmers to give me about 3lb of silvers and as I thought around 15lb would probably win the silvers today, I was slightly ahead of my target.

The wind was being a real pain and had already blown my pole off the roller several times, knocking the roller over in the process. Dave was getting odd fish but was being plagued by bits and I guessed he must have been fishing the maggot. Hour two was slightly better and I added another 13 fish including another carp, a couple of tench and some more skimmers and I was up to 6lb of silvers and still doing well. I kept expecting bites to slow but rotating the lines I was catching really well and had hardly missed a bite and hadn't lost a fish yet.

The third hour was pretty good and I was still getting the odd skimmer but was starting to get quite a few small roach and blades as well although I did add my first crucian which was about 8oz. Adam Palmer turned up with his kids for a look and I could see them over with Scott before he came round to see how I was getting on. I had another crucian while he was there and he said Scotty was struggling and I was winning the match! At the halfway point I had about 7.5lb of silvers and five carp but felt sure my silvers would slow up at some point.

In the fourth hour I was still getting plenty of bites but they were mainly from small fish or carp and after last week I decided to feed two lines at 11.5 metres and if things didn't improve I'd go over them to see if the bigger silvers had backed off. I could see Scotty catching regularly now and I heard Adie was getting a few as well. I started to nick just one fish off each line before swapping and I was still getting the odd better skimmer and probably had 8.5lb of silvers with two hours to go. I was still getting carp as well and had nine or ten already.

The penultimate hour saw me spend quite a while playing carp and I only added three more skimmers and a few bits to give me 10lb with 60 minutes to go. I didn't think I'd reach my 15lb target but as several people were now packing up I felt I must still be doing okay. I decided to spent the last period of the match just fishing the line straight out and added a couple more carp and skimmers although I did lose one good skimmer on the way in (the only decent fish I lost all day!). I ended up with 68 fish (14 carp and the rest silvers) and thought I probably had 21lb of carp and 11-12lb of silvers but would it be enough?

Steve Jackson had stood behind me for the last 15 mins and he gave me some great tips while I was packing up and said he'd reckoned I had over 40lb! Scotty came round and congratulated me on winning, I asked what he weighed and he said 36lb odd and I was sure I'd be a couple of fish shy of that. I walked down to watch the last couple of pegs weigh and also checked out the weighboard, Janders had done really well and had weighed 11lb 8oz of silvers and was currently lying third overall, Heardy then had 22lb odd to go into third, Trevor didn't weigh but had caught some nice skimmers and I said I hoped he comes back when it warms up a bit. Redfin Hopping had 6lb 6oz and Dave had 8lb 8oz and it had been really hard for some.

I was the last peg to weigh and pulled out my carp net first, Pete called out 27lb and I needed 10lb of silvers to win and I hoped I had that, in fact my silvers weighed 19lb 13oz! to give me a 46lb 13oz total and despite being the top weight last Monday, this was my first proper win at Summerhayes and I was well chuffed. I picked up £70 and had enjoyed a cracking days fishing, Janders won the silvers but still had to pay me a pound. Scotty was second overall with Heardy third and Adie fourth and Ash was second in the silvers just 3oz behind Janders.
Me with my silvers net
Today's weighboard

1 - Jamie Rich (Against Men and Fish) - 46lb 13oz
2 - Scott Russell (Tackleuk) - 36lb 6oz
3 - Martin Heard (Summerhayes) - 22lb 13oz
4 - Adie Bishop (Summerhayes) - 17lb 5oz

1 - John Anderson (Donyatt Superstars) - 11lb 8oz
2 - Ashley Tomkins (Tackleuk) - 11lb 3oz

So another really good weekends fishing and Chelsea beat Sunderland to go back above Spurs in the league which finished the day off perfectly. Next weekend is the first round of the Spring League at Perry St so come back then to see if I can draw the top end or come back down to earth with a bump!

Saturday, April 06, 2013

Goodiford Mill - 6th April 2013

I don't normally fish Saturdays apart from the odd trip after mullet, pike or barbel etc but when Glyn Wickham phoned me and asked if I wanted to fish the silvers lake at Goodiford Mill I was tempted. He then went on to say it's stuffed with big roach to 2lb+ and that you would need 40lb+ to win and that was all the incentive I needed to put my name down. Glyn said he'd sort some bait for me and I could meet him at the services and follow him to the lake. I have fished the match lake once and had a very enjoyable day catching over 23lb of skimmers, roach, crucians and tench but I always get a buzz when fishing somewhere new for the first time.

My alarm went off at the ungodly hour of 6:30 and we'd had a nasty frost overnight but then that's nothing unusual these days! I made good time and arrived at the services half an hour early but luckily the Wickhams were early too so I didn't have too long to wait. We got there and the lake was fairly small with only 14 pegs and Glyn said it used to be the trout lake. Whilst waiting for the others to arrive we sorted out my bait and for today I had a pint and half of casters and the same of maggots along with some groundbait I'd brought from home. As the rest began to turn up, the talk was of the middle pegs being better, basically the pegs are on opposite banks of the pond with none on the sides (if that makes sense!).
The silvers lake (you can see my peg in the far corner)

I drew peg 13 which put me on the end peg on the far side, apparently Glyn came second off it with 38lb one match and that would suit me fine. Bruce Hunt was on my left on a really good peg (nothing new there then!) with John Green next to him and Dave T on the other end. I set up two rigs, a 0.75 gram Drennan G-tip and a 0.5 gram Drennan Roach, both had 0.08mm bottoms and size 18 hooks. I mixed up a bag of groundbait and had a coffee while the sun started to emerge and the frost gradually disappeared. Odd good fish could be seen topping just past pole range and visions of 2lb roach and a new Mission Impossible badge started to flash before my eyes.

Glyn shouted the all in and everybody began cupping in feed on their various lines apart from Glyn who boshed in several big balls! I cupped in two balls at 11 metres with a further two at 8.5 metres where I hoped to catch later. I noticed Bruce was fishing longer than me as were most people on the far bank but I would see how it went for a while. I slipped on two red maggots and shipped out to my longer line and started feeding maggots and casters over both of my lines. Given the frost I thought it might take a while to get a bite and nobody did for a little while and then Glyn got off the mark with a decent fish and soon after added another. My float remained motionless but when both Nigel and Ray Wickham had fish on the opposite bank, surely it was only a matter of time before I caught.

Then Bruce started getting odd fish and John Green netted a couple of skimmers, I still hadn't had a bite despite trying my shorter line a lot earlier than I wanted to. After an hour I was still fishless as was Dave T on the other end. I did try 13 metres briefly just loose feeding casters over the top but not a sign. Bruce now had five or six fish including a nice crucian and Ray and Nigel were probably on around the same number. Paul Homewood had a couple of fish but Glyn's bites had dried up and I couldn't see 40lb winning it today, for me a bite was a priority! The one consolation was that it was now a lovely day and I had to take off my coat and fleece and compared to recent weeks it was boiling hot.

With two hours gone I once again pushed the pole out to 13 metres and was just about to feed when the float sunk from view and I was in! It felt like a really good fish but actually turned out to be a foulhooked 2lb skimmer but I was up and running. That fish proved to a false dawn and no more bites saw me try 11 metres and 8.5 metres but I just couldn't catch. John Green hadn't added to his two early fish and Dave T was still blanking. Bruce, Ray and Nigel were catching quite well now and were looking good to fill the top three places although there were two section prizes up for grabs as well.

With less than three hours to go I just couldn't buy a bite and out of desperation I added another section to fish 14.5 metres out but angled to my left so I was fishing more towards the middle of the lake and started feeding casters and maggots over the top, Eventually I had a bite which I missed but it seemed to be a one off, so again I rotated around my other three lines but still nothing. Bruce was still catching roach and skimmers and looking to be heading for yet another victory. Glyn was still struggling and even boshed in some more groundbait. Back at 14.5 metres I had another bite and hit this one only for it to come off on the way in and things weren't going to plan. With Dave T still blanking and John still stuck on two skimmers, I realised I wouldn't need to catch too many fish to win the section by default if Bruce won or framed.

I finally hooked and landed a nice roach of 8oz or so and was getting bites but they would just come out of the blue and I couldn't seem to string two bites together. I lost a fish which felt like a decent skimmer but did manage to add another eight roach before the all out. John packed up early and Dave T blanked so as long as Bruce framed I should pick up the section. Glyn also chucked back early and was lifting his box out of the water when one of his drawers slid out and deposited all his line, hooks and shot on the pond! Along with his groundbait bombardments he'd pretty much chucked everything in the lake today! The owner does the weigh in so as I was packing up, the weigh in had already started on the far bank.

Paul Homewood had 6lb 4oz before Nigel weighed 9lb 10oz and then Ray had 8lb 2oz, the scales reached me and my one skimmer and nine roach weighed 5lb 12oz and should be enough for the section with only Bruce left to weigh. He had a lovely net of quality roach and skimmers weighing 27lb 14oz and I could certainly see the potential of this nice little fishery but it does look like the pegs in the middle are the places to be. Still it had been a lovely day, the best so far this year weatherwise and I'd even burnt my face! I picked up £10 for the section and if I'd fished long towards the middle earlier I might have been a lot closer to Ray and Nigel's weights but worth remembering for next time.

1 - Bruce Hunt (Tiverton) - 27lb 14oz
2 - Nigel Wickham (Street) - 9lb 10oz
3 - Ray Wickham (Street) - 8lb 2oz

A - Paul Homewood  - 6lb 4oz
B - Jamie Rich (Against Men and Fish) - 5lb 12oz

Well I'm back at Summerhayes tomorrow and I think it's on Longs, pegs 11 and 12 are still fishing well so one of those two would be nice please! Pop back tomorrow night to see if I manage to draw a decent silvers peg.

Monday, April 01, 2013

Summerhayes - Festival Day 2 - 1st April 2013

Going into day two I was feeling quite nervous as I needed to do really well today to stand any chance of a top three finish (although I found out later that Pete was paying the top six overall for silvers and carp!). No sun today and it was overcast and that biting easterly wind was still doing it's best to chill you to the core. I got to Bridgy and the first thing I noticed was that the cold wind was blowing straight into peg 39 and up through the pegs by the track. Nobody wanted 39 and the more we talked about it, the more I was convinced I was going to draw it. The wind was blowing round Sellicks too and it wouldn't be much fun sat there for six hours today.

I collected my keepnets before grabbing a coffee and paying Clive another fiver for today's superpool. Soon everybody had arrived and Pete announced the draw for Sellicks with Heardy in 23 and Glyn in my peg from yesterday (17). Then it was time for the draw for Longs, I decided to hang back and wait until 39 had gone but five or six people drew and it still hadn't gone - gulp! Adam Palmer also had the same idea and was hanging back, I bit the bullet and went for it, I grabbed a ball and opened my fingers to reveal peg 12 - thank God! Adam was the unlucky angler to pull out 39 although I still fancied it for a few silvers as Mark Leahy had done okay off it yesterday despite fishing for carp for half the match.
Peg 12 on Longs, my home for the next six hours
I had Scotty on peg 11 and Paul Homewood was on peg 14 to my left, the wind was a bit gusty but we were sheltered from the worst of it. Roy Hughes was on yesterdays winning peg (7) and would be fishing for carp today and Pete had peg 9 which can be good for silvers. I set up a 10 x 11 MW F1 Slim with a spread bulk and size 18 808 to 0.08mm hooklength and also a 14 x 10 version with 0.10mm hooklength and size 16 hook. For bait I had the usual micros, 4mm Bait Tech expanders plus pinkies and dead red maggots. I plumbed up three lines at 10 metres to my right, straight out and to my left and also plumbed up at 11.5 metres to give me another option if I stopped catching. The whistle went and I potted in quarter of a cup of micros to my right and straight out before adding a few dead maggots to some micros for the left hand line.
Roy Hughes getting ready to tackle peg 7

I started on the right hand line and intended to try and catch a couple of fish from it before resting it and moving to the next one and so on. After feeding his skimmer lines, Scotty was straight across after the carp. I had a bite first chuck and actually managed to hit it!, I shipped back gently and was soon netting a pound skimmer - great start. I had a slightly smaller one next put in before moving lines, Scott lost a foulhooked carp and when I had skimmer number three, he was soon going out over his skimmer line. I missed a couple of bites before moving to the left hand line but with no indications I was soon back over the right hand line. Scotty was soon catching skimmers too although I was managing to stay a couple ahead for the time being.

After the first hour I had seven skimmers for around 5lb with Scott a fish or two behind. Going into hour two I was still getting odd good skimmers from the right hand line and in front of me, the left hand line was a bit of a flop and I only managed a couple of blades and a small carp from there all day. Scott was slowly but surely catching me up but then I had a good skimmer that had to pushing 3lb and shortly after another of similar size. I then hooked what I thought was a carp but the jagging fight had me hoping it was a tench and it was! At a pound and a half, it was a welcome bonus although I don't think Scott thought so!

After two hours I probably had getting on for double figures and it was a right head to head with Scotty. Paul and Jamie P on 16 were getting odd carp but from what I could see Roy and Pete were struggling. Nigel Wickham had drawn 28 which was the top silvers weight yesterday but I couldn't see him and thought he must be getting a few too. Scott phoned Adam who reported he was struggling and only had a pound or so. Hour three was similar although bites were slowing down and not wanting to get caught out like yesterday I tried dead red maggot but never had a bite on it. Scott had now edged slightly ahead on numbers of fish but I hoped my bigger ones would cancel his advantage out. Adam came for a wander to warm up and he was still struggling and I didn't envy him having to sit there with the wind in his face, mind you he is a Royal Marine and they are made of stern stuff!

The fourth hour saw my swim die a death and Scotty started to pull away again and was four good skimmers ahead. He was fishing further across than me so I cupped in a small amount of micros at 11.5 metres to my right and in front, past my original lines. I had now stopped feeding the left hand line as I hadn't had a decent fish off it. My first bite from my new line was a carp and it felt like the match was going away from me. Then I had a foulhooked skimmer but they all help! only for Scotty to net another to remain four ahead. I had another skimmer to pull one back and then hooked another fish and again it felt very tench-like, surely not another? Yep and up popped another lovely tench about the same size as the first and Scott was now only two ahead.

With an hour left our bites pretty much dried up and out of desperation I tried double pinkie and lost a small blade before catching two little roach and a tiny skimmer to try and keep putting something in the net. I also had another carp on pinkie but when Scott had another skimmer to put him three ahead I had to go back on expander. I cupped in a few micros on the two longer lines before coming back onto my 10 metre line, I had carp number four and they weren't helping me at all. I then had a precious skimmer to edge closer to my next peg adversary. I've then hooked another carp which snapped the hooklength and with only five minutes left, I picked up the heavier rig and went back out. Carp number five was hooked and landed after the whistle but thankfully Scott hadn't added any more silvers and ended the match with a couple more than me.

I finished with 26 fish (17 good skimmers, 2 tench and seven small fish) plus five carp, Scotty was adamant I'd beaten him and reckoned on having 15lb and said I had 3lb more, I wasn't so sure. Pete and Roy had packed up early and were soon over weighing in Sellicks. We packed up and loaded the cars before catching the last couple of pegs to weigh on the other pond, it hadn't fished well at all and Bill 'the carpman' Hopping was the top weight with 26lb 13oz of carp. Mark Leahy was the top silvers with 11lb 3oz from peg 5, Heardy had done really well to catch lots of tiny fish for 3lb 10oz from peg 23 to put him second in silvers on the pond which would see him win it overall. Glyn Wickham only had 14oz from my peg yesterday but it put him third in silvers to finish with 19 points.

Then we got to Long's and Adam had done brilliantly to weigh 8lb 6oz on what must have been a very uncomfortable day, Martin Addicot had 12lb 6oz of carp which would see him challenge for top place. With Roy and Pete not weighing, it was Scott's turn next and he had 3lb 12oz of carp before he pulled out his silvers net and it was obvious he was way out with his estimate, Pete called out 20lb 6oz and he'd had a lovely net of skimmers. To do any good I needed to beat Scotty and wasn't sure I had, my carp weighed 10lb 7oz before I pulled my silvers out, it looked to be around 20lb and I was well chuffed when Pete called out 23lb 9oz and those bonus fish had made the difference. I'd had a cracking days fishing and it was a right next peg battle with Scotty.

Paul had 7lb 14oz of carp and Jamie P had 21lb 3oz and he would be close to the frame for carp with that. Nigel Wickham had 11lb 3oz of carp and 6lb 3oz of silvers from 28 but the wind hadn't done them any favours over on that side. Clive had 16lb 10oz of carp and Rob Birch had four carp for 10lb 5oz but two had escaped his keepnet when it folded down in the wind and they could prove to be costly. So I won the silvers (and was actually top overall weight on the day!) giving me 11 points today and 20 in total with Scott and Adam also both on the same score so it would come down to weight.

Back at the results and Pete's lovely wife had laid on brownies and cakes to go with the usual crisps and coffee, a very nice gesture. I've listed the top three on each pond and there are photos of the full results.

1 - Jamie Rich (Against Men and Fish) - 23lb 9oz
2 - Scott Russell (Tackleuk) - 20lb 6oz
3 - Adam Palmer (Bridgwater) - 8lb 6oz

1 - Jamie Parkhouse (Summerhayes) - 21lb 3oz
2 - Clive Cunningham (Summerhayes) - 16lb 10oz
3 - Martin Addicot (Taunton) - 12lb 6oz

1 - Mark Leahy (Street) - 11lb 3oz
2 - Martin Heard (Tiverton) - 3lb 10oz
3 - Glyn Wickham (Summerhayes) - 14oz

1 - Bill Hopping (Summerhayes) - 26lb 13oz
2 - Darren Roberts (Street) - 18lb 5oz
3 - Dave Ball (Summerhayes) - 14lb

Sellicks results from day two
Long's results from the second day

Pete called out the winners and the silvers was a very close affair with just two points separating the top six and in several cases it came down to weight. I was called out in second place behind Martin and picked up £70 plus £20 from the superpool for today.

Overall silvers
1 - Martin Heard - 21 pts
2 - Jamie Rich - 20 pts (32lb 8oz)
3 - Scott Russell - 20 pts (30lb 1oz)
4 - Adam Palmer - 20 pts (18lb 5oz)
5 - Mark Leahy - 19 pts (17lb 10oz)
6 - Glyn Wickham - 19 pts (11lb 3oz)

The overall carp result was also close with weight deciding the top two.
Overall Carp
1 - Martin Addicot - 19 pts (39lb 13oz)
2 - Jamie Parkhouse - 19 pts (36lb 9oz)
3 - Bruce Hunt - 18 pts (64lb 7oz)
4 - Darren Roberts - 18 pts (29lb 1oz)
5 - Adie Bishop - 18 pts (26lb 9oz)
6 - Bill Hopping - 17 pts

Another cracking little festival and a massive thanks to Pete for organising it, there's another one next Bank Holiday but I'll have to miss it as there's a spring league match at Perry St. Well done to all the winners as it was hard going on Sellicks and the bitter weather made things difficult for some. For me I had a cracking two days, catching over 32lb of silvers and 23lb of carp, picking up £90 and being top weight today was the icing on the cake. Things got even better when I heard Chelsea beat Man United 1-0 in the FA Cup although we have Man City next and that will be a tough game.

Back to work tomorrow although it's a short week and then it's back here next Sunday so come back next week to see how me and Janders get on.

Update - Glyn Wickham just phoned and asked if I wanted to fish a match at Goodiford Mill on Saturday, big weights of roach to 40lb, I'll let you know how I get on!