Sunday, April 29, 2012

Summerhayes - Open - 29th April 2012

Well I woke up to howling wind and rain of biblical proportions battering my window but I was still going fishing which confirms that most anglers are indeed raving bonkers! I picked Janders up and the weather was atrocious, we got to Summerhayes and I was half expecting Pete to say the match was off but no, there were plenty of other lunatics all eager to fish! Pete did say he was going to switch the match from Sellicks to Longs which might afford some anglers some cover. The top pegs looked relatively calm and I drew peg 1 which was one of those, the down side is that the peg is quite narrow, still the weather would be a bit of a leveller. Janders drew peg 36 opposite and would have the rain right in his kisser.

I decided to keep things simple and just had a Malman 0.4 gram pencil for my main skimmer line and a dibber for the insides to the left and right. For bait I just had 4mm expanders, micros and some corn. I had Ray Wickham on my right on peg 39 and Nigel Wickham was the next peg along from him on 37 which was also one of the golden pegs. To my left I had Roy Hughes who I knew would be targeting silvers as I suspected quite a few would today as the wind would make fishing across nigh on impossible.

The rain was still coming down quite hard and my Preston waterproofs would have a good workout today, my peg wasn't too affected by the wind and I could fish at 8 metres comfortably which put me two thirds of the way across the peg. A quick coffee to warm my already cold hands and then we were off. I cupped in half a pot of micros at 8 metres before feeding the same plus corn to my left margin and just micros to the right. I shipped out and didn't have to wait long before my first bite, I struck and it felt like a good skimmer before the hook pulled and I came back with small scale on the hook. Next chuck I missed a bite before losing what felt like a small tench or crucian, this was going well!! I then had a 12oz tench and thought if I could do 3lb an hour I wouldn't be far off. I was getting regular bites and added a little skimmer and two crucians before losing another skimmer at the net. After the first hour I probably had around 2lb and nobody around me had caught much yet.

Hour two was slightly better and I had two more crucians plus a few skimmers to put me on around 4.5lb, still under my target but at least I was catching steadily. Hour three saw things start to slow and I only had a little tench plus a couple of skimmers and a tiny carp to put me on around 6lb in total. Bites were very sporadic so I tried fishing to the left and right of my feed but never had a bite, I also put in a very lightly fed line to my left at 8 metres in front of the empty pallet, no bites here either. Hour four and my main line was as dead as a dodo, so I tried both inside lines but apart from a couple of knocks I didn't have any proper bites. With no fish added to my net in hour four I revised my target to 10lb which meant I needed to catch around another 4lb of silvers in the remaining two hours.

It still seemed to be quite hard at our end and several people were walking about, Nigel was getting the odd carp down the edge but that was about it. I stuck it out on my main line and lost another foulhooked skimmer, before catching a 2lb carp which didn't help me much, I also lost another foulhooker which I think was a carp. I did get a couple of better skimmers, a roach and a lovely golden tench which probably put me on 8lb with an hour to go. I was by now very cold and my micros were in danger of turning into mush. Nigel was still getting carp and probably had a dozen by now which would give him a good chance of the golden peg, Roy was getting odd skimmers but like me he'd get one or two before it went quiet. I managed another three in the last hour to put me on about 9.5lb but I was only admitting to 8lb!.

It was sweet relief when Pete shouted the all out and I quickly packed up my sodden gear and took it back to the car. I asked Janders how he got on and he said he'd only had three carp so the £1 should be safe. The scales started at 39 and Ray had 8lb and reckoned I had more than I was admitting, Nigel put an excellent 24lb 11oz on the scales, Janders had a level 6lb and handed over a nugget (5-4 to me now!), then a couple of anglers (including Digger) didn't trouble the scales before Bruce put 21lb 7oz in the weigh sling. Jim Jenner in peg 30 had 10lb 7oz of silvers and I thought I might be close to that, then the chap on 28 (Paul Homewood I think) had 13lb 1oz of silvers and I was sure I didn't have that although Ray reckoned I did! Jess Jordon went one better with 13lb 15oz and I knew I wouldn't be picking up today.

The next decent net was Glyn Wickham who had a single carp of 1lb 15oz plus a brilliant 22lb 5oz of skimmers to give him 24lb 4oz which was just 7oz shy of stopping his brother from winning the bonus peg payday. Adie Bishop also came close with 20lb 6oz and had lost four carp which would have won it. Roy had just over 9lb of silvers and then it was turn, my two carp went a level 2lb and when I pulled my silvers out I didn't think it would be enough and Pete called out 12lb 5oz and I missed out on second in the silvers by 12oz - bugger! I'd lost/bumped enough to have won it with Glyn framing but I'm sure others lost fish as well.

1 - Nigel Wickham (Summerhayes) - 24lb 11oz
2 - Glyn Wickham (Summerhayes) - 24lb 4oz
3 - Bruce Hunt (Summerhayes) - 21lb 7oz
4 - Adie Bishop (Summerhayes) - 20lb 6oz

1 - Jess Jordon (Summerhayes) - 13lb 15oz
2 - Paul Homewood (Summerhayes) - 13lb 1oz

Nigel had a nice pick up of £230 with the golden ball and his brother was second, I think they all fish the worm and really make it work here. As for me, well at least I know my Preston waterproofs work!

Even the weigh board got soaked!

Well next week is round three of the Spring League at Perry St, so be sure to come back to see if I can start May with a bang or will Janders pull it back to 5-5.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Mission Impossible Update - 24th April 2012

Just a quick update on my Mission Impossible, my second Korum Challenge badge arrived today for the bream/skimmer I caught down the resi.

My chub badge is no longer lonely!

When the weather warms up a bit, next on the hit list will be carp, tench and crucians and although not strictly a 'Mission', I haven't forgotten Mr Mullet and will be headed to Seaton to try up my pb of 1lb 13oz

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Perry St Pond - Spring League 2 - 22nd April 2012

The forecast wasn't great for this one with rain, wind and even hail predicted! I woke up and the there wasn't a cloud in the sky and the sun was shining, had they got this one wrong? I got out the pond and it was great to see Les there, he's had to give up the fags and will have to make some changes to his lifestyle but other than that he looked in good nick (still a grumpy bugger though!). As we drew, the blue sky started to go rather grey and it looked like we'd be in for some rain. I pulled out peg 16 and was reasonably happy as I wanted a middle peg after the last match. Janders drew peg 7 and played his joker as did several others although they were all hoping to avoid it turning into a 'choker' as Picky very wittily put it!

Janders played his joker

Picky had drawn 14 and it looked like I might be losing another two squid this week. I had Dave Mockridge on my right and Dave Abrams on my left (a Dave sandwich!). I set up two dibbers, one for up in the water with a hair rigged banded pellet and the other for fishing down the edge to my left. I also set up a Drennan 0.4 Carp for fishing at 5 metres with meat. Dave M provided the early excitement when he hooked a 7lb carp on a bare hook which he landed and put back, hopefully we'd be in for a good day (famous last words!). Then my mate Andy turned up and managed to accidentally kick Chilly's landing net pole and snapped it in half! The sky was getting blacker all the time and the wind was really cold and quite blustery.

Les blew for the start and I fed meat dusted with some groundbait on the inside and at 5 metres before starting at 11.5 metres up in the water. I was firing 6mm's out and had a bite quite quickly, the carp was only on briefly though and I suspect it was foulhooked. I did manage a 4oz roach on 6mm banded pellet so avoided the blank, then it started to rain and that was enough for Andy and he left us to it. Blaker opposite on peg 5 got an early fish and Janders got off to a flying start landing two carp in quick succession but other than those two, not a lot was happening from what I could see.

Just before the first hour was up I managed a carp of around 5lb and wasn't too far off the pace, Rocking Roy in peg 10 had landed a couple and Blaker and Exeter Mike had also gotten off the mark. It was painfully slow though, I was just thinking about trying my other lines when I lost another foulhooker before catching carp number two. Janders had another to stay one fish ahead and Bish in peg 3 had a couple up in the water so I stuck with it for now. Dave M lost a carp but so far hadn't landed anything and was wishing he'd kept the fish he had before the whistle.

After two hours I was on two carp and it looked like being hard, I fed my other two lines again with the intention of trying them shortly. Then I had my third carp and me and Janders were neck and neck. The rain kept stopping and starting and it was freezing cold which probably explained the slow sport. With half the match gone I still only had the three carp (plus that roach), Janders had another to inch ahead again and Blaker and Mike were getting odd fish and looked to be losing some foulhooked fish as well. I decided to try my 5 metre line and baited up with a 6mm cube of meat and toss potted in some free samples over the top. No indications after 15 mins saw that rig up the bank, not to be used again. Next stop was my inside line, this was slightly better in that I had an indication but no proper bites.

I was still feeding pellets at 11.5 metres and after no more knocks down the inside I was soon back out and had a 4oz rudd to add to my 'bulging' net. I lost another foulhooked fish so they were obviously out there mooching about, I tried changing depths and even went out to 13 metres but just couldn't tempt anymore fish. Odd fish seemed to be coming out from the inside lines so I thought I'd spend the remainder of the match down the edge. The Hoff in peg 1 and Dino in 2 were catching quite well and were now on eight fish apiece and it looked like they'd be in the money today. After those two early fish, Bish hadn't added anymore on peg 3 and Dave A on my left had been quiet although I saw him net one fish, Dave M still hadn't caught on my right.

With the intermittent rain, all over the pond people were putting brollies up, only to take them down again ten minutes later, Exeter Mike was playing a carp when his brolley decided to shut of it's own accord around his ears and he wanted to know who'd turned the lights out! I'd had no more action down the edge so it was back out to 11.5 metres, Janders had suffered several lost fish but was still stuck on four fish so if I could get one more, it would at least give me a chance in the £1 sidebet. With half an hour to go I hooked and landed my fourth carp but that was the last of the action and I wasn't sad to hear Les blow for the all out as it really was a pretty miserable day.

I packed up and was sure my rubbish run at Perry St this year was set to continue, if they'd caught opposite, surely the pegs to my left in my section would have found a few as well? Well Dave M had dry netted although he was in the other section and I'm sure he couldn't imagine that happening when he was playing that carp before the start! As I walked back to the car park, Dave A said he'd had two carp, Chilly only had one, as did Bushy and Oz in 20 had two carp and a tench so there was glimmer of a brown envelope for me, now we just had to await the scales.

As always the scales started at peg 1 where Hoff put ten carp in the weigh sling for 46lb, a good weight and he'd played his joker too!, then Dino took the lead with ten carp for 57lb 12oz, Bish had struggled for 10lb 8oz and then Exeter Mike and Blaker both had over 20lb. Mike T only had two for 5lb 8oz in peg 6 and then it was Jander's turn. He asked what I had and I said I reckoned I had about 10lb, he was admitting to a rather accurate 8lb 4oz but actually weighed 16lb 10oz, over 100% out, I  chucked my pound at him in disgust! The next decent weight was Rocking Roy in peg 10 with 26lb 8oz which was followed by Mark Mockridge with 34lb 8oz in peg 11. Picky said he'd had 9 carp so I paid him up as well (he weighed 38lb 10oz to go into third place) and this was turning into a rather expensive day!

Then it was my sections turn and my four carp (and a roach and a rudd) went 15lb 4oz so I wasn't too far off Jander's weight, Dave A had 11lb, Chilly had 4lb 12oz so didn't need his landing net pole after all!, Bushy had 9lb 12oz and Oz a level 9lb, so I'd sneaked the section win and picked up £30 (which took the sting out of losing both sidebets)- get in!

Today's weigh board

So Dino won, followed by Hoff and Picky, there were also some preliminary knock out rounds today (I had a bye) but I can't remember who was against who! With several jokers played today it was all change in the league with the Hoff  taking top spot with 27 points followed by Mark Mockridge on 26 and Exeter Mike on 21.

The legend that is Graham 'Dino' Pepper

1 - Graham Pepper (Taunton) - 57lb 12oz
2 - Mark Hollister (Chard) - 46lb
3 - Alan Gage (Chard) - 38lb 10oz

A - Paul Blake (Chard) - 25lb 10oz
B - Roy Fowler (Chard) - 26lb 8oz
C - Mark Mockridge (Chard) - 34lb 8oz
D - Jamie Rich (Against Men and Fish) - 15lb 4oz

Next week me and Janders are off back to Summerhayes, lets hope the weather is better and we can have a good day catching 'silvers'.

Update - just found out the results of the early knockout rounds (points scores in brackets)

Mark Mockridge (9) and Roy Fowler (8) beat Dave Mockridge (1) and Paul Blake (8)

Alan Gage (10) and Dave Abrams (5) beat Les Braunton (5) and Mike Collins (3)

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Summerhayes - Open - 15th April 2012

After a bit of a bad run where I've gone three matches with no brown envelopes, I was really looking forward to this one. Hopefully I'd be able to have a nice day catching silvers. I spent ages on Saturday making up four new rigs, all sparkly Malman pencil floats, I re-elasticated two of my pole tops and put a pulla bung in one of them before sorting out expanders for me and Janders.

I was up bright and early but although it looked nice outside, there was a definite chill in the air and we'd had a bit of a frost, would this affect sport though? I picked John up and off we went, Pete had eighteen booked in for this one on Sellicks and all the usual faces were there plus Alvin Jones, who I hadn't seen for ages. There were two golden pegs and Janders only went and drew one of them (peg 8), was it going to be his lucky day? I pulled out peg 12 and was quite chuffed as the last time I was there I won the silvers with over 15lb and was hoping for more of the same today. It's also a good carp peg with a long inside line to my right leading up to a corner.

I was going to have my work cut out fishing for silvers though as I had Adie Bishop on the next peg to my right and Glyn Wickham on my left, both good silver fish anglers. The wind was bitter and pretty strong and would be sure to make presentation difficult at long pole lengths. I set up a 0.6 gram Malman pencil for fishing at 10 metres for the skimmers with Preston red (number 11) elastic rigged up to my pulla bung, hopefully this lighter elastic would stop me bumping skimmers. I also set up a dibber for down the edge at 8.5 metres. Bait was the usual 4mm expanders, corn and micros for feed. Glyn and Adie both looked like they were going down the chopped worm road for silvers.

11:00 arrived and Pete blew for the all in, I cupped in half a pot of micros on my skimmer line before potting in the same plus corn down the edge. I started out with a 4mm expander and second put in, the float sunk from view and I was into my first skimmer, it was all going to plan before it came off at the net!, so much for my super duper new elastic! Then I couldn't buy a bite and it was already looking like being pretty hard. I did manage three 4oz skimmers plus a couple of tiny ones and a little tench in the first hour but it really wasn't happening. Adie hadn't caught and Glyn had only had one carp. Bruce Hunt next to him was catching though and already had three of four carp.

Going into the second hour, Adie had a couple of carp and Glyn had lost one when his top three snapped in half! I could see Janders netting skimmers and he looked to be doing okay as nobody apart from Bruce was really catching. As the silvers weren't really having it yet, I decided to feed another half a pot of micros before trying down the edge. I normally fish corn down the edge but decided to try expanders as quite a few tench and crucians get caught from the inside on this peg as well. I had small toss pots fitted to both of my pole tops and was feeding micros every put in. My first bite saw me catch a tiny skimmer before I lost a foulhooked carp and came back with a scale on the hook. I then had two carp quite quickly with the second one around 4-5lb. Any hopes of doing a decent weight soon disappeared though when I lost a second foulhooked fish and then could only get the odd tiny blade.

Adie had a phone call and had to pack up and leave which meant I now had a blank peg to my right but would it help? Glyn was still struggling and only had a couple of carp and had suffered foulhooked fish as well but thankfully he hadn't snapped any more pole sections! I re-fed the inside before going over my skimmer line and had one straight away but this proved to be another false dawn and I really didn't know what to do next. Janders seemed to have slowed up now and it still looked like Bruce was the man to beat as he now had five or six carp after two hours. I lost another foulhooker but this time from my skimmer line so went down the edge for another look.

Glyn had a tench and then followed that with a near 3lb crucian and had blown my paltry silvers out the water in one fell swoop. That was it, I was going to stick it out down the edge as I reckoned another half a dozen carp would get me in the frame. I had a small carp straight away and then things went pear shaped when I knocked my number four section in the pond where it promptly sunk! After much faffing about I managed to get it back but my inside had died again and all I added was a couple more blades. Time was running out and I still didn't know whether to try and catch carp or stick it out on my longer line to see if could sneak in the silvers frame (he was paying two today). Janders and Glyn would both beat me on silvers but as Glyn now had several carp as well, I reckoned he would frame and you don't get double bubble.

I bumped a good skimmer on my long line which didn't help my cause at all and only added a couple more tiny fish so with an hour to go I was back down the edge (make up your mind Jamie!). I missed a couple more bites before getting snagged and lost my hooklength so I chucked that rig up the bank and went back to 10 metres (I really didn't know whether I was coming or going by this stage!). I was resigned to another poor day when I had another skimmer but bites were very few and far between. I've then hooked a beast which I thought might be a big bream or tench before it woke up and led me a merry dance on my light elastic. I eventually got down to my top kit and the pulla bung worked a treat and up popped a carp that had to be around 8lb! I didn't think it would help me much, apart from maybe take a £1 off Janders. That was the last of the action and I was quite glad to pack up as I was freezing cold and the wind really had been a pain. I ended with 19 fish (4 carp and the rest, mainly small skimmers plus that little tench).

On my way back to the car with half my kit, I stopped at Janders who said he'd had seven or eight skimmers, a tench and three carp so it could be close between us. Pete started the weigh in and the early pegs had been hard before Nigel Wickham had 22lb 11oz (which included 5lb 13oz of silvers), Janders had 7lb odd of carp and an excellent 9lb 10oz of silvers, I said he'd frame in the silvers with that although Alvin was admitting to 10lb of skimmers. There was a 17lb 10oz on peg 9 before it was my turn, my silvers went 4lb 1oz (which was more than I thought), before my four carp went 16lb 10oz to give me a 20lb 11oz total so at least I had won a £1 off Janders. Glyn had 6lb 8oz of silvers plus 26lb 1oz of carp to go into the lead. His lead lasted until the scales reached Bruce who took over top spot with 39lb 8oz.

Jess Jenner had 18lb 13oz and Mark Leahy had 19lb 15oz and I was still hanging on in 4th spot, with five pegs to weigh I was sure someone would pip me. Alvin had 11lb 11oz of quality skimmers to push Janders into second in the silvers pool and with no more decent weights, I'd actually sneaked fourth place and a little envelope would be headed my way.

The weigh board showed me how handy that last gasp fish was!

Looking at the weigh board there were six weights between 14 and 20lb, so that last fish propelled me from 10th to 4th place! I picked up £22 plus the all important £1 from Janders who also picked up for his silvers second. He fished a really tidy match to pick up for the first time here, well done mate. I'm glad he did well because I'm sure he was starting to think I was giving him dodgy expanders!

1 - Bruce Hunt (Summerhayes) - 39lb 8oz
2 - Glyn Wickham (Summerhayes) - 32lb 9oz
3 - Nigel Wickham (Summerhayes) - 22lb 11oz
4 - Jamie Rich (Against Men and Fish) - 20lb 11oz

1 - Alvin Jones (Paul Church Motors) - 11lb 11oz
2 - John 'Janders' Anderson (Donyatt Superstars) - 9lb 10oz

Janders (silver fish expert!)

Things got better when I got home and Chelsea beat Spurs 5-1 to reach the FA cup final. Next week we're back at Perry St so tune in to see if I can do better than my last two visits.

Also I can't go without passing on my best wishes to Les Braunton who got admitted to hospital with a mild heart attack last week, the good news is that it was very minor and Janders said he's coming home today. Hopefully he'll be there next Sunday, get well soon Les.

Sunday, April 08, 2012

Perry St Pond - Spring League 1 - 8th April 2012

After Fridays match I was looking forward to the first match of the Spring League and hopefully I'd do better than the three carp I had then. Les read out the rules and this year we are allowed to have two 'jokers', basically if you play your joker you get double points at the end of the match. Also there would be two sections for points with the winner of each getting ten points down to one for last in the section. After Friday I wasn't really sure where I wanted to draw and when I went in the draw bag there were only a couple of pegs left. I opened it up and peg 9 was staring back at me, I wasn't too upset as I'd done okay off it last year although it wasn't used on Friday.

I took my kit to the peg and surveyed the scene, I had a cormorant roost (fish refuge) on the inside to my right and that would do for my inside line. I was also intending to use my normal up in the water approach but in a departure from Friday's plan of attack, I was going to fish a line at 5 metres, feeding meat. Dunner was on peg 10 and it's normally a flier and Hoff was on my right on peg 8. Opposite there was Mike Hosgood (I believe he hails from somewhere near Exeter!) on the other corner peg (11) with Blaker next to him on 12. For bait I had 4mm and 6mm pellets for the shallow rig, micros, meat and maggots for my other two lines.

Les blew for the start and all over the pond, cupping kits were being shipped out, I fed the inside and 5 metres before starting shallow at 11.5 metres with a hair rigged banded pellet and started firing pellets out while lifting and dropping the rig. Much the same as Friday, I had a couple of indications and after 20 mins I foulhooked a carp which came off. Hoff got off to a flying start landing a couple of carp from on the deck at about 11.5 metres. Andy 'Chilly' Winters on peg 13 was also quickly into fish. There is a rope that goes across the pond from between pegs 8 and 9 to between 12 and 13 on the far bank and there was a distinct lack of action from our side of the rope!

Bish on 14 (where I was on Friday!) was soon catching fish from his inside line and Mark Mockridge was catching fish up in the water on 15. After two and a half hours me, Dunner and Mike hadn't caught a carp!, I think Blaker might have had one and lost a couple of foulhookers but already it wasn't looking good at our end. Hoff was still catching so I tried my 5 metre line and then my inside but no bites and I was at a loss. In desperation I tried double maggot on my 5 metre line while still feeding pellets shallow, I did miss a bite before I was distracted by carp coming up for the odd floating pellet on my long line. I went back out long and had a small carp (phew!) before catching one of around 4lb, here we go I thought, all was not lost yet. Dunner had a fish on the feeder and Mike got in on the act as well and all of a sudden it seemed like there were a few fish about.

Chilly had slowed up but Bish was now catching up in the water as well as from his inside line and it also filtered up the bank that Bushy was catching in peg 3 and had landed seven carp in the first couple of hours. So it looked like the frame places would be taken up by Bish, Hoff and Bushy but from what I could see there was still a chance of picking up some section money as apparently Les was struggling in peg 7 and with both me and Dunner on two fish apiece it was all to play for (as long as Hoff framed!).

Well famous last words as for the remainder of the match the only action me and Dunner saw was a lost foulhooked fish each. Mike started catching odd fish although Blaker was having a nightmare and was losing foulhooked fish at an alarming rate and seemed to spend most of the match with his head in his hands. Chilly had also slowed right up and had snapped his number five section earlier in the match so his day wasn't going well either. I kept trying the inside but never had a bite there and spent the last half an hour back up in the water but no more bites saw me stuck on two fish (well one and a half!). A really frustrating day but me and Dunner had to laugh about it as it just didn't seem like the fish were there. Hoff on the other hand had bagged right up and caught well from the inside to his right on worm, interestingly he never had a bite to his left by the cormorant roost where I had fished and fed.

I packed up and as I walked down the bank, any thoughts of sneaking a section win went out the window when Les said he'd had four carp and Butch on peg 6 had several as well. Mike had ended up with several fish and was mightily relieved as he had played his joker this morning and should now salvage decent points. The only other angler to play his joker was Picky on peg 20. With my pitiful haul of two carp there was also a good chance I could be £2 down in sidebets to Janders and Picky. The weigh in started at Dave Mockridge on peg 1 and he had 18lb 4oz, Mike Collins had 11lb 14oz before Bushy put an excellent 69lb 10oz of carp on the scales. I still felt it could be close with Hoff and Bish also having similar numbers of fish.

Butch had 11lb+ in peg 6 before Les had 17lb odd and would win the section if Hoff framed, his fish went 61lb 12oz to go into second place. My two fish went 6lb 4oz and I'd been battered off the next peg again, still at least I beat Dunner who had 5lb 10oz. I didn't see the rest of the weigh in as I was taking my box back to the car but at the results Bish had come close with 67lb 8oz and pushed the Hoff into third place. I did lose both sidebets with Janders weighing 18lb 8oz (and yes the score so far this year is 3-3!) and Picky weighing 12lb 8oz (and the scores are now level at 1-1 with him). I scored a lowly 2 points which wasn't a great start to the league for me.

Bushy (the up in the water king) weighed an excellent 69lb 10oz

The results board (just don't look at peg 9 please!)

1 - Steve Bush (Chard) - 69lb 10oz
2 - Steve Bishop (Chard) - 67lb 8oz
3 - Mark Hollister (Chard) - 61lb 12oz

A - Dave Abrams (Weymouth) - 32lb 6oz
B - Les Braunton (Haines Angling) - 17lb 4oz
C - Mark Mockridge (Chard) - 43lb 10oz
D - Mike Thomas (Chard) - 32lb 8oz

Well that was a pretty disastrous two days fishing, well the next round is in two weeks, next Sunday I'll hopefully be at Summerhayes so tune in to see if this bad run continues.

Friday, April 06, 2012

Perry St Pond - Good Friday Match - 6th April 2012

The weather forecast wasn't great for this one but I was pleasantly surprised to look out the window and see blue skies and some sun although the temperature was still quite chilly. I got out the pond and there was a good turnout of 19 anglers including all the usual suspects plus Brendon Ions and Scotty had also booked in for this one. Everyone wanted pegs 10 or 11 but per usual I couldn't get anywhere near and ended up on peg 14 which I was fairly happy with as it can be a decent peg.

I was going to fish up in the water if I could but the wind was a bit keen and I wasn't sure how it would affect the carp. Janders was opposite me on peg 6 and it's a good peg so my pound could be in jeopardy, my other side bet with Picky could be close as he drew the newly revamped peg 19, if the fishing wasn't so good for him he could always practice his high diving off the new pallet which was quite high off the water! Butch had drawn peg 10 with Mark Mockridge in 11 and I thought they would be the pegs to beat, I also had Bish on my right and Oz on my left.

I set up a Trabucco dibber with a hair rigged band for fishing up in the water, another dibber for fishing the inside to my right and a Drennan 0.4 gram Carp float for fishing at full depth at 10 metres away from my shallow line. I had soaked micros, 4mm and 6mm sinking pellets, corn and maggots for bait. All too soon it was time to start and everybody started feeding their various lines. I fed micros, corn and maggots at 10 metres and on the inside before pinging some 4mm pellets out to 11.5 metres. I had a 6mm pellet in the band and was lifting and dropping the rig in amongst the loose feed. The odd carp could be seen cruising around although the action wasn't instant on our side.

Mark in peg 11 got off to a flying start and Bish had an early fish too, Janders hooked a fish after about 20 mins, I had a couple of indications before hooking a carp of my own and safely netted a 3lb+ carp, then disaster struck when my band came off the hair, I carried on just fishing with a banded pellet but had no more bites, so quickly tied another hair rig but this didn't improve things either. Bish had a couple more fish and Blaker on peg 7 was catching steadily and had around 4 carp in the first hour and a half. Nobody else around me was catching much so with two hours gone, I cupped in some more feed on my inside before having my first look with the deep rig at 10 metres.

I was toss potting in some micros and missed a couple of bites before catching carp number two on corn, so far so good. After a couple more indications this line just went dead, so I tried the inside but no bites here and I was scratching my head. Bish now had 4 carp and Blaker had five or six and was looking good to frame. Over the next three hours I kept rotating my lines but the only action I had was from a foulhooked fish over my deep line which I only had on briefly before the hook pulled out. Janders was now on two carp as well and it looked like that pound was going down to the wire. Butch was struggling in 10 and Mark had slowed up in 11 but apart from Blaker nobody I could see was really catching and I started to think that if Bish and Mark framed I might sneak the section.

With an hour to go I was on the inside and I was getting odd knocks which at least meant there were some fish there. Then Janders got his third carp and I needed another to stand any chance of winning his pound. Time was ticking by and then with half an hour to go I hooked one and from the amount of black hydro streaming out, it was either a very big fish or foulhooked, my money was on the latter. I eventually netted a 5lb carp hooked up the bum! The score between me and Janders now stood at 3-3 with 20 mins left. Butch was now getting the odd fish and Blaker had added a couple more as well.

No more action for Janders or me and we would have to wait for the scales to see where the pound would be headed. As I was packing up I asked Bish how he'd got on and he said he'd had 7 carp plus 2 skimmers, Mike T next to him had 3 carp, I don't think Mark had added much to his early 8 fish but hopefully he'd still be there or thereabouts. As I took my holdall back to the car, it became apparent our side had been hard, Oz on my left had one carp and chucked back, Mike Collins and Les to Oz's left both weren't weighing either. Then Bushy on 18 said he had six carp and tench and said Scotty and the Hoff opposite him had both caught well, so it looked like that end had fished half decent. Picky only had one carp and was admitting defeat when I said I had 8 or 9lb.

Rocking in peg 1 didn't weigh so Scotty was the first angler to wet the weigh net and put an excellent 47lb 14oz on the scales, Hoff had 32lb 8oz next door, Brendon didn't weigh, Dunner had 16lb 14oz before Jander's three carp weighed 15lb 12oz and I paid him a pound, he was only admitting to 10-11lb and is as bad at estimating as me! Blaker plonked 41lb 4oz on the scales to go into second place, Mike (from somewhere near Exeter) had 17lb 4oz and then Butch had 16lb 10oz. Mark in peg 11 had a level 27lb before Bish just pipped him with 28lb 2oz. Any hope of a brown envelope for me had long gone but I weighed as there was still the Picky side bet to go for, my three carp went 13lb 14oz. Bushy had 29lb 8oz to take the last frame place and then Picky's single carp plus a few silvers went 12lb 10oz - phew! At least I was quits on the side bets. Dave Mockridge had 12lb 12oz to win the section and make Picky's day a little bit worse.

Scotty was top dog on the day with 47lb 14oz

A patchy weigh board

1 - Scott Russell (Tackleuk) - 47lb 14oz
2 - Paul Blake (Chard) - 41lb 4oz
3 - Mark Hollister (Chard) - 32lb 8oz
4 - Steve Bush (Chard) - 29lb 8oz

A - Alan Dunn (Chard) - 16lb 14oz
B - Steve Bishop (Chard) - 28lb 2oz
C - Dave Mockridge (Chard) - 12lb 12oz

Well the first part of my Easter double header hasn't gone well, lets hope Sunday and the first match of the Spring League goes better!

Sunday, April 01, 2012

Summerhayes - Open - 1st April 2012

Up and off quite early for this one (well for me anyway!) and on arrival at Summerhayes, several people said I wouldn't be fishing for silvers today! Apparently the fish were on the top gasping for air earlier due to low dissolved oxygen so Pete had to put the aerator on which would create a fair bit of tow. I was hoping to avoid the peg closest to the aerator and peg 23 which I've never really got on with. I pulled out peg 5 which never used to be in due to a massive lily bed but this has been removed by Pete. Poor Adie Bishop drew peg 2 by the aerator and he wasn't happy but Pete bet him a fiver he'd frame from it!

Sellicks looking up from peg 2 (you can see my peg set back from the others)

I got comfortable at my peg and surveyed the scene, my peg was set back from the rest and I would've needed 17.5 metres to reach the far bank (not that I intended going over anyway) and I plumbed up at 11.5 metres so I could fish the line I normally fish (10 metres). I set up a 0.4 gram Drennan Carp float which I hoped would be heavy enough to cope with the tow and also a dibber for the inside to my right. The start time soon arrived and I cupped in half a pot of damp micros on the long line plus the same plus some corn on the inside. The anglers either side went straight across to the far bank.

I baited up with a 4mm expander, shipped out, emptied my toss pot, the rig settled and the float disappeared from view and I was soon netting a 6oz skimmer. All the talk at the draw had been of it being hard but this was going to be easy wasn't it? Next put in I bumped a fish before missing a couple of bites but then I couldn't buy a bite! The chap on peg 4 had two or three carp but apart from him I hadn't seen anybody on our side catch. I did manage a foulhooked skimmer just before the first hour was up and wasn't too concerned as I thought I could still do enough to get in the silvers frame as Pete was paying two today.

After two hours I was still stuck on two fish although I had missed a few bites, the chap on my left was still blanking but my neighbour on the other side was still getting odd carp and already looking like he was in contention of a good result. He'd also had a fish from his inside line so I thought I'd have a look as nothing much was happening on the long line. I had a few indications on soft pellet before hooking a small carp which I had in open water and it snagged me solid and I had to pull for a break. I think it must have found the remains of the old lily bed! I didn't waste anymore time down here as I was never going to catch the bloke on my right.

Back out long was still barren and the only action I had was a small skimmer and I also lost a couple a foulhooked carp which I wasn't too worried about. Despite my meagre tally at the half way mark I stuck at it as I was still doing well on our side compared to the others with the exception of peg 4. I netted a foulhooked 2lb carp but bites were still few and far between. The tow was quite bad but I actually had a few bites by laying the rig in against the flow and almost trotting it through. I also played around with the depth but nothing seemed to help.

I did manage a couple more skimmers and was hoping for a good last hour or so, Bruce Hunt and the chap next to him both packed up so it was really grim on our side. Then I lost another foulhooked carp which I thought I was going to land and then next chuck I hooked another. This was a decent fish and I had hell of a job getting it's head up, the reason why became apparent after I netted it, it was hooked outside the mouth! As I was unhooking it I heard a crunch and my landing net pole snapped just below the net - great! I chucked it up the bank and had to use a long bank stick as a make shift landing net pole, mind you with the lack of action it wasn't going to be too much of an issue.

The guy on my left finally landed a skimmer but more worryingly, Glyn Wickham a few pegs up seemed to be netting some silvers. I did catch two more skimmers in the final hour but it had been painfully slow. I packed up and chucked my ruined landing net pole in the bin before watching the start of the weigh in, Adie Bishop weighed 7lb 4oz but at least was guaranteed a fiver off Pete, the next peg didn't weigh and then Mark H on peg 4 put an excellent 55lb 10oz on the scales and I had been well and truly battered. My two carp weighed 7lb 12oz and my seven skimmers weighed 4lb 5oz to give me a total of 12lb 1oz. I felt I had a chance of sneaking in the silvers if I remained top along our side. Dave on peg 6 had a single skimmer for 1lb 9oz and then pegs 7 and 8 had packed up before it was Glyn's turn. He had 6lb 9oz including a nice tench all caught on worm in the last hour and with a few carp weighed a total of 13lb 5oz.

I then took my gear back to the car so missed the rest of the weigh in but back at the results I checked the weigh board and Nigel Wickham had a fantastic 15lb 11oz of silvers from peg 19 and I could have stayed in my peg until next Sunday and not had that. Glyn was second in the silvers and Mark Leahy had 5lb 12oz although he framed overall and there was also a 5lb 2oz. I reckon I'd missed enough bites for second but then Glyn had lost two big skimmers as well.

Lots of people didn't trouble the scales!

1 - Mark H (Summerhayes) - 55lb 10oz
2 - Paul H (Summerhayes) - 48lb 1oz
3 - Mark Leahy (Street) - 38lb 1oz
4 - Ray Wickham (Summerhayes) - 28lb

1 - Nigel Wickham (Summerhayes) - 15lb 11oz
2 - Glyn Wickham (Summerhayes) - 6lb 9oz

So it looks my jinx on Long's has stopped but one has now started on Sellicks! Next up for me is a Good Friday match on Perry St but as I haven't fished it since last year, I'll be feeling my way in a bit, lets hope it's warm so I can fish up in the water.

So my three days fishing started with a bit of a flop and ended in an anti-climax with the highlight being catching my first mullet in between.