Sunday, June 26, 2011

Dillington Pond - Royal Oak Summer League 4 - 26th June 2011

After weeks of pretty crap weather we were due a scorcher today. There were nine of us today as Robin had some work to do and Leighton was suffering a hangover (perhaps they knew something I didn't!). Pegs 1 and 16 were in today for the first time in ages and everyone fancied a chance of some chub. Of course I managed to avoid both and pulled out 11 but I wasn't too disappointed as they can be shit or bust pegs. I had worm with me again and I was determined to fish for the eels like I did last time as I was convinced the whip line would die after a couple of hours.

I made my self comfortable and mixed some Sensas Lake groundbait before setting up a 4 metre whip rig and a chopped worm rig for 10 metres. I had Richy White on my right and venue expert Moses Holbrook on my left. It was already looking like a very hot day although luckily my peg was quite sheltered by some trees. I chopped up some worms and casters and was ready for the off. On the whistle I cupped in some choppie at 10 metres before starting on the whip. I missed three bites on maggot before catching a small roach so I soon switched to caster. I was getting odd roach but it was really hard going and after an hour me and Richy were neck and neck on around a dozen fish.

I was missing quite a few bites on caster but switching to maggot saw me catch very tiny roach so I stuck at it. I also cupped in some more chopped worm and was itching to try over it. I could see Martin on 2 and Fieldy on 20 catching their usual 'pairs of eyes' but nobody else seemed to be catching that well. I did have a 6oz perch on caster but after two hours I was only on 24 fish and although I had pulled away from Richy I was going nowhere fast, it was time for the chopped worm.

I nipped off a worm head and put it on the hook and shipped out and started feeding casters quite heavily, I had bites straight away from small perch with the odd better one of 4oz or so and had 12 quite quickly. I then had my first eel of 6oz and thought 'here we go', but it was short lived and I only added the odd small perch. Some big bream could be seen cruising between me and Rich but they weren't interested in feeding. I cupped in some more worm and tried the whip again but never had a bite on it.

To be honest the rest of the match was a real struggle and I only added a few more small perch to end with 43 fish and I thought I'd struggle to do 2lb. I was sure Martin and Fieldy would be first and second as they both had over 100 fish and it looked like my duff run was set to continue. I quickly packed up and to be honest I'll be glad to see the back of the pond for a few weeks. The scales started at Steve Parker in peg 1 and he hadn't found the chub and weighed a lowly 9oz and to top things off he'd been eaten by red ants all day. Martin weighed 7lb 8oz and I thought he'd win with that, Neil Dring had 1lb 13oz, Richy had 1lb 4oz and then I weighed 2lb 13oz so as long as Martin framed I'd pick up the section by default. Richy paid me our £1 side bet but I gave it straight to Martin (easy come, easy go!).

Back at the results I was amazed when Moses had 7lb, Alvin had 7lb 4oz and Fieldy only won his section with 6lb 8oz, I hadn't seen those two catch much all day! Bob Hammond had a chubless day like Steve and weighed 1lb 8oz. I picked up £10 for the section which at least stopped the rot for now. After four matches and dropping the worst result Martin leads with a perfect 3 point score, followed by Fieldy on 4 and Alvin on 6. I'm out of it as I've already missed two matches and will miss two more.

Martin marches on

1 - Martin Heard (Tiverton) - 7lb 8oz
2 - Alvin Jones (Enterprise Angling) - 7lb 4oz
3 - Moses Holbrook (Ilminster) - 7lb

A - Jamie Rich (Against Men and Fish) - 2lb 13oz
B - Graham Field (Taunton) - 6lb 8oz

I can't believe how the fishing has changed at Dillington over the last couple of years, it used to be all quality fish with double figures needed to win and now it's all whip fishing for bits with 10lb a rarity. I really think the club needs to move lots of small fish down the river and stock the pond with skimmers and some more chub and tench would be nice too! Never going to happen. I think they need to do something as my blogs are getting shorter and shorter (thank God I hear you cry!).

I'm back at Perry St next week so tune in to see if I can end my bad run out there.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Dillington Pond - Evening League 5 - 22nd June 2011

After a couple of poor matches I was keen to get back to winning ways tonight, there were the usual six of us and I pulled peg 4 out of the bag, which I was happy with. I set up a 4 metre whip rig and also a light Drennan Squatt float for fishing the hemp on the pole, if I started catching on it on the whip. I mixed up a little groundbait and was ready for the off, there were quite a few fish topping and everything looked set for a good match.

First put in I had a nice roach and caught well on caster and maggot for the first hour and ended with 45 fish including a nice roach of 8-10oz, everything was going to plan. Alvin on my left and Fieldy next to him were also catching but then these matches are normally tight. Justin was late (as always) and was on peg 2 on my right, as he has no chance of beating the whip anglers on small fish because of his late starts he pins his faith in chopped worm but it hasn't really paid off yet.

Going into the second hour I was still getting odd fish but the bites were slowing up, Richy White and my mate Arf turned up and I just couldn't buy a bite apart from the odd tiny perch on maggot. I tried the other, lighter rig but it didn't really help. I tried going out to 11.5 metres and fishing caster up in the water and had a couple of small roach but was going nowhere fast. I could still see Fieldy whipping out pairs of eyes and Alvin was getting the odd fish and I thought I was miles off the pace.

Max and his massive dog and Scotty also turned up and my peg was getting more and more like Piccadilly Circus by the minute, in fact there were nearly as many people watching as fishing the match! Max reported that Justin had landed a chub and an eel and had also lost two other eels, so maybe his approach was going to pay off this week! After catching 45 fish in the first hour, I only added 17 more in the last two hours and knew I wouldn't be collecting a brown envelope for the third match on the trot.

As the scales made their way around the pond, Moses (the venue expert) was leading with 5lb 7oz, Fieldy came close with 4lb 14oz and Alvin had 4lb 8oz. My fish weighed more than I thought at 4lb 4oz and Justin's bonus fish went 3lb 12oz so I'd just missed out and should have just got my head down and fished the maggot all match.

1 - Moses Holbrook (Ilminster) - 5lb 7oz
2 - Graham Field (Taunton) - 4lb 14oz
3 - Alvin Jones (Chard) - 4lb 8oz

At the halfway point in the league, Alvin leads with 4 points followed by Fieldy on 5 and Moses just half a point behind. I'm back here on Sunday so tune in to see if the bad run continues or if I can turn it around.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Perry St Pond - Spring League 8 - 19th June 2011

Conditions were much better for this one, although we did have a couple of showers early on. I was still in with a chance of a corner peg but when I opened my peg I had the number one staring back at me, just the peg I didn't want. Although it's a corner, it's not a good one, the only good thing going for it is that it's probably the best peg in the five peg section so at least I'd have something to go for. The peg has lilies in front of you and to the right with just a fairly small channel to get angry carp through - great!

I had Picky opposite me on 19 and he was confident of making it 7-5 in the sidebet stakes, Janders, fresh back from his holiday, was in my section on peg 5. There were quite a few carp moving about and I fancied I'd get a few up in the water. I set up a dibber for shallow, another for fishing the inside to my right and a Carpa 2 for fishing at 10 metres in the channel between the lilies. On the whistle I cupped in some micros, corn and maggots on my deep line and at two spots on the inside before starting up in the water.

Picky's new saying is 'Quit the jibber jabber' and this was soon being heard all over the place, mainly by me and Picky! Dave Abrams on 20 ha a carp on his second put in and and I thought it wouldn't be long before I got in on the action. Firing 6mm's out and lifting and dropping the rig it was harder than I thought and it took me 45 mins before I had my first carp of around 3lb. There was the odd carp being caught but nobody at our end was setting the world alight. I gave it another half an hour before deciding to try my deep rig.

I went over it with corn on the hook and toss potted in some bait, after 10 mins I missed a bite so I gave it a little longer but there didn't seem to be many fish there either. I then tried both inside lines with the same result. Picky got his first carp and quickly followed it up with an eel so I told him to 'Quit the jibber jabber'. Back on the shallow rig I hooked another carp briefly but it tore off and the hook pulled out - bugger. Mike Hosgood (from adjacent to Exeter) had a couple of fish as did Rocking Roy and Mike Collins. Dave Abrams had two eels but released one back to the lake early - whoops.

Mike T on my left was struggling but I think Oz next to him had a couple of carp but still nobody was running away with it in our ten peg section, I was sure the pegs at the other end had to be getting a few. I was back on my inside line when I hooked a carp which swam straight out through the channel and all the way round the lilies and I thought I had it under control when it went into some lilies on my left and the line went slack, I was sure it had broken me but the hook pulled on that one as well. We were now three hours into the match and another disastrous points score was looking likely.

I flirted with up in the water again and even tried fishing tight to the lilies on my right while flicking some pellets over the top, still no joy. My mate Andy turned up and said he's thinking about getting back into fishing which is good news although after watching me for a bit he's probably having second thoughts! After he left I tried shallowing up to six inches and fishing by the lilies, I had three carp quite quickly and despite some hairy moments in the lilies, netted all three safely. I was just thinking about a grandstand finish when with half an hour to go, the fish disappeared as quickly as they arrived.

I spent the last half an hour on the inside, I missed a bite on corn before getting carp number five and still had time to miss two more bites before the all out. Dave Abrams had the same number of carp but he did have a good one so I was sure he'd done me. Picky had four small carp (yeah right!) and a couple of eels so it would be close between us. Janders only had two small carp and was wishing he was still in St Ives as he handed over his nugget. Dino and Oz were both admitting to five carp but as they had decent fish I reckoned it would be between them for the section.

The scales started at me and my five carp weighed 15lb 10oz, Mike T had really struggled for 2lb 10oz and then Oz just pipped me with 17lb odd before Dino pipped him with 20lb 13oz and then Janders two 'mini' carp weighed 2lb 7oz. Then the weights just got better as you went up the pond, Blaker did 44lb 8oz from peg 6, Bushy did 55lb 6oz from next to him, Terry Green had 'struggled' for 25lb 10oz, Butch did just over 30lb although Bish had relatively struggled in the normally good peg 10 for 20lb odd (which just goes to show the fish aren't there all the time). Opposite him the Hoff had no such worries and weighed 71lb 3oz to win comfortably.

The weights were still good coming back the other side, Les did 38lb 2oz and Hainsey had 36lb 12oz before the weights started dropping again with the only other weight of note was Mike Collins who had six carp and a bream on the feeder from peg 16 for 28lb 13oz. Picky handed over a £1 although I've been had like that before but he was actually telling the truth this time when he weighed 13lb something. That's 6-6 now mate! so 'Quit the jibber jabber!'

In the league it was all change again as Bushy went to the top of the leader board with 21 points followed by Chris Haines on 24 and Terry Green on 25. I'm still down in 7th position on 33 points and out of it.

It was almost like there was a line across the pond, good weights from peg 6 upwards and the anglers at my end struggling.

1 - Mark Hollister (Chard) - 71lb 3oz
2 - Steve Bush (Chard) - 55lb 6oz
3 - Paul Blake (Chard) - 44lb 8oz

A - Graham Pepper (Taunton) - 20lb 13oz
B - Butch Baker (Chard) - 30lb 1oz
C - Les Braunton (Haines Angling) - 38lb 2oz
D - Mike Collins (Chard) - 28lb 13oz

I seem to be having a bit of a duff patch so lets see if I can turn that around at Dillington on Wednesday night, tune in to find out.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Perry St Pond - Spring League 7 - 12th June 2011

The weather was truly awful for this one and I made sure I had waterproofs, wellies and I even took a brolly for the first time in years. I had drawn Dunner in the knockout and he pulled out corner peg 1, while I had peg 8. My peg can be a good one but you're always up against it when you've got 6, 7 and 10 in the same 5 peg section. I had Les next to me on 7 and I can't seem to get away from him these days.

It really was chucking it down so the first job was to try and get the brolly in, after much bashing and crashing I hammered the bankstick in but it was by no means secure. I was already soaked and my enthusiasm was disappearing fast, I set up a dibber for up in the water but couldn't really see me catching on it. I also set up a Carpa 2 for fishing at 8.5 metres slightly to my right, about a metre past the lilies. I had maggots, corn, micros and 6mm pellets for bait.

Les blew for the all in and I cupped in some micros, corn and maggots on the 8.5 metre line before starting on the shallow rig. I gave it nearly an hour but the wind made holding the pole at 11.5 metres a nightmare and at times I had to hold onto the brolly as well. I had a couple of indications but I think they were from roach or rudd. Nobody really seemed to be bagging, Mike T opposite had a couple of fish as did Bushy on 14 and Les had landed a couple of carp and bream.

I baited up the deeper rig with corn and fed some micros, maggots and corn via a little tosspot. After about five minutes I had a good bite which I missed and I missed the next one too! The next one saw me connect with it but it wasn't to be third time lucky and the carp did me in the lilies. I stepped up to 0.14mm bottom and then landed five carp in quick succession and I was back in the hunt. Whilst playing the fourth carp I had to keep grabbing the brolly as it threatened to take off so I took it down and chucked it up the bank. I would get very wet but it was one less thing to worry about.

We were now half way through the match and I was doing as well as anyone apart from Paul Blake on peg 10 who had taken one fish to be weighed at 14lb+. I was still getting the odd bite but it wasn't as hectic, I found if I kept lifting or dragging the rig I would get more bites. I did lose another which I think was foulhooked. I could see Mike T getting the odd fish and as he was getting some eels I thought he must be fishing maggot. I slipped three on the hook and first put in had a roach so it was back to the corn.

I was now absolutely soaked and I really must invest in some decent waterproofs, most of my sodden maggots had made a bid for freedom and my damp micros were in danger of turning into mush. Just as I felt Bushy and Mike T were catching me up, my fish returned and I had two more smallish carp followed by a good one. I hooked my ninth carp just before the whistle and safely landed it five minutes after time. Les reckoned I'd done him as he'd only had six carp but he had some bream to go with it. I quickly packed up my drenched gear and as I walked back, it became apparent it could be quite close as several anglers were admitting to six to eight carp. Picky had six and was sure it would be 6-5 now, I wasn't so sure. Also Dunner said he had six so I thought I might have a chance in the knockout.

Dunner's six (more like eight!) carp went 34lb 6oz and I wasn't sure I had that, Picky weighed 25lb 14oz and I thought I might pull one back. Terry 'The Paste King' had 60lb 14oz from peg three and he gets my man of the match award as it hasn't done a lot this series. Les then weighed 33lb 14oz and had a nice net of bream plus a few carp, I came close with 32lb 14oz but when Blaker added 22lb odd to his earlier 14 pounder I knew any chance of a brown envelope had gone this week, I needed two more fish.

Mike Hosgood (from somewhere in the vicinity of Exeter) had more than I thought he'd had and he pipped me with 36lb 2oz as well. Bushy had dropped a few points with 25lb something and then Chris Haines had eight carp and a few bits for 43lb 15oz and Bish had a similar net for 39lb 15oz from the peg next door and they took second and third places. Dave Abrams had packed up and gone as he'd smashed several pole sections and Dave Lawrence chucked back although if he'd weighed in he'd have won the section by double default!!!

Terry has gone to the top of the league with 18 points, overtaking Bushy who is now on 19 points and Hainsey joins him on the same score. Dunner knocked me out of the knockout leaving the only good thing about today was taking a £1 off Picky to make it 6-5 to him. Janders is on holiday but I beat his stand in, Dan Ball, who also broke his pole today so I'm sure he'll pay me on his return!!!!

Even the board got soaked!.

1 - Terry Green (Sillybait) - 60lb 14oz
2 - Chris Haines (Haines Angling) - 43lb 15oz
3 - Steve Bishop (Chard) - 39lb 15oz

A - Alan Dunn (Chard) - 34lb 6oz
B - Paul Blake (Chard) - 37lb 1oz
C - Mike Hosgood (Chard Raiders) - 36lb 2oz

Round eight is next week so lets pray the weather is better, it can't get any worse!

Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Dillington Pond - Evening League 4 - 8th June 2011

It was pretty windy for round four and when we got to the pond the level was well down. There were only five of us fishing tonight because Robin was in Nottingham (maybe his second name is Hood and not Cox!). We put all five pegs on the field side as with the level down, where we would be sat wasn't so steep. I fancied peg 4 but pulled out peg 6, so I wasn't too far away.

I quickly set up the usual whip rig and also got a rig out for eels but I didn't think I'd be using it. I mixed up a little groundbait and had maggots, casters and hemp for bait. I called the all in and cupped in half a pot of casters, hemp and dead maggots at 10 metres for the eels before starting on the whip. I had a decent roach first put in and feeding the odd nugget of groundbait along with some loosefeed I had a good first hour, catching 57 fish (mainly roach). Everybody seemed to be catching quite well, including Justin who had turned up late per usual and was fishing the chopped worm.

I kept trying caster and would get the odd better roach but then suffered a spell of missing bites and bumping fish. A switch to maggot saw the stamp of fish drop dramatically so I thought I'd try a grain of hemp. I had to wait longer for the bites but I was hardly missing any bites and the roach were a decent size and I even netted a couple. Fieldy was a few fish ahead but he was getting a lot of smaller fish so I felt I was ahead of him. Justin had netted a couple of good perch and we all thought we'd be fishing for second place (it would make a change for him as he hasn't weighed in for the last three matches!). After two hours I was on 92 fish and although my catch rate had dropped the size had increased to (hopefully) compensate.

The third hour saw me suffer a bit of a nightmare, I was still getting loads of bites on hemp but missing or bumping most of them. A switch to caster made no difference and I struggled on to 121 fish. Fieldy ended up with 131 and he'd also landed a decent-ish perch but I still felt I'd beaten him. Justin had added a third good perch and an eel and I thought he would definitely be there or thereabouts.

The scales started with Justin and we were all surprised when he only weighed 6lb 2oz, Alvin then weighed 6lb 14oz before it was my turn. My fish went 8lb 1oz and with Moses adamant that I'd beaten him I thought I had another victory under my belt. Then Fieldy ruined it when he weighed 8lb 10oz and that perch had made all the difference although I'd bumped/missed enough in the last hour to have done double figures. Moses weighed 7lb 3oz so once again it was all very tight with not much between everyone.

I ended up in second place and picked up £20 plus a £1 off Moses (cheers mate!). In the league Fieldy and Alvin are leading with perfect 3 point scores followed by Moses on 4.5 and then me a further point behind.

1 - Graham Field (Taunton) - 8lb 10oz
2 - Jamie Rich (Against Men and Fish) - 8lb 1oz
3 - Moses Holbrook (Ilminster) - 7lb 3oz

I'm at Perry St on Sunday and any chance of the league went out of the window in the last match but there's still the individual knockout and it would be nice to take a £1 off Picky for a change!

Sunday, June 05, 2011

Summerhayes - Open - 5th June 2011

With nothing on locally I booked in for another match at Summerhayes with it being on Sellicks this week. I did well on Sellicks last year and I was hoping this would continue. Scotty and Roger were fishing as well as the usual crew and Scott did my expanders once again (aww isn't he lovely!). I pulled out peg 12 which is on the bottom bank where I've never been pegged before. Scotty pulled out 4 which is a good peg and as he had an empty peg either side, he was fancied to do well.

My peg looked really nice with the island only 13 metres away and a nice long margin up to a corner on my right. Heardy told me it can be a good silvers peg so the first rig out of the bag was a Carpa 2, followed by a Trabucco dibber for the island and the margin. I had some micros that I added some water to, 4mm pellets, corn and 4 and 6mm expanders for bait. The owner Pete was next door on my right and I was determined to pay him back for the hiding he gave me on Monday.

Pete blew for the all in and I cupped some micros in at 10 metres, micros, corn and 4mm pellets down the margin and the same across to the island. I started down the track with 4mm expander on the hook, my first bite saw a 12oz skimmer come flying out the water and next chuck I had another of a similar size. The first hour was really good and I had 17 fish (mostly skimmers with a few roach) and never missed a bite. I tried a 6mm expander and had a couple of fish but had to wait too long for the bites.

Pete had landed a couple of carp and Adrian Bishop next to him had some silvers while the bloke on my left had an early carp and some skimmers but at this early stage I was confident I was ahead of the anglers I could see. Going into the second hour I had another roach and then missed my first bite! Then it slowed right up so I cupped in some more micros and re fed the margin line. The second hour was a real struggle and I only added three or four fish including another 12oz skimmer. I kept thinking about trying the margin but Pete was fishing towards the corner on his side and really struggling.

Most people at our end seemed to be fishing for silvers so I stuck at it and kept putting the odd 4oz skimmer and roach in the net. With three hours gone I had a quick try down the margin with corn on the hook but the scum that had accumulated there made it difficult to even get a grain of corn through it! I did have one indication but soon gave it up as a bad job. My next port of call was across to the island, I toss potted in some corn and a few 4mm pellets and was getting the odd indication. I then hooked what felt like a decent fish which turned out to be a 1.5lb skimmer hooked in the back! I tried again with a banded pellet and hooked another good skimmer, this one hooked outside the mouth!

Back down the track saw me catch my first carp and I was still doing well compared to the anglers around me. I was still getting fish in ones and twos before I would have a quiet spell. I did land a foulhooked carp around 2lb but I was sure I wouldn't be winning anything with carp today! Mark Leahy turned up having a walk around and said Scotty was catching well and had caught two carp while he was there. I suffered a spell of missed bites and bumped fish but did add another 12oz skimmer and a few smaller samples before the end. The guy on my left had fished the whip and caught well for he last hour but I thought I might still just beat him. I ended with 35 fish (2 carp and the rest mainly skimmers along with a few roach) and thought I had about 10lb of silvers.

The scales started at peg 2 and he'd struggled for 5lb something, Scotty made the most of the space he had to weigh 52lb odd of carp and a solitary 1oz rudd! Then there were a couple of 20lb+ weights and Adie Bishop was top silvers weight with 7lb 15oz. Pete didn't weigh so I managed to get my revenge! then my two carp weighed 3lb 5oz and my silvers went 15lb 10oz to give me a 18lb 15oz total. I knew I wouldn't be making the main frame but had I done enough for the silvers? Martin Heard went into second place with 31lb 12oz and then there were several 20lb+ weights but the silvers weights were still around 5-7lb. One chap came close but luckily the needle stopped just shy of 12lb. Bruce Hunt went into second place with 33lb+ and that was that. I really enjoyed the day and picked up £34 for winning the silvers pool.

Scotty Dog - Top Dog

1 - Scott Russell (TackleUK) - 52lb+
2 - Bruce Hunt (ALS) - 33lb+
3 - Martin Heard (Tiverton) - 31lb 12oz

1 - Jamie Rich (Against Men and Fish) - 15lb 10oz

Next up is an evening match at Dillington so lets see if I can collect another brown envelope then.