Friday, April 29, 2011

Chris's Pond - 29th April 2011

Rather than sit in front of the telly all day watching the privileged get married, Les arranged a match at Clivey Fisheries in Wiltshire. I picked up Janders at ten to seven (ouch!) and after meeting the others we set off for hopefully a good days fishing. We made good time and met a couple of anglers making their virgin visit at the pond, namely Mike Hosgood (not from Exeter) and Paul Blake. Also two venue regulars, Dave and Dan Ball were fishing. Les did his usual good job of depriving everyone of all the cash they had and a couple of people had to get their credit cards out!

Hainsey oversaw the draw and I pulled out peg 11 which I hoped was near where I was on my last visit, in fact it was in a corner which we don't normally peg and is home to a big bed of lilies right in front of you. It was obviously home to lots of carp as well but the problem would be getting them out. Terry 'Niblett' Green was in the same peg as he won off last time (just pipping me into second in the process) and I was hoping I could return the favour today. I had the usual £1 sidebets on with Picky and Janders and Picky had drawn one of the first pegs inside the gate and they're not normally that good so maybe I could make it 3-3!

I had Les (or Oliver as Janders calls him because he's not a Royalist!) on the next peg yet again. Despite all the resident carp I was determined to fish all out for silvers and hopefully land the odd bonus carp along the way. Targeting the carp seems too hit and miss to me and the silvers are normally a much safer bet. Last year it was possible to do over 20lb of silvers from most pegs. I set up a Carpa 2 with 0.12mm bottom and size 16 808 and also a similar rig using a Drennan Carp float in case of tangles/breakages. Both rigs had toss pots fitted so I could feed a pinch of worm and caster every chuck. After chopping up some worm and casters I was ready for the off.

Janders had a little surprise for Oliver (sorry Les!) in the shape of a Union Jack with Kate and William on it. Les took it well and had it flying behind him all day, hoping it might change his luck.

Les looking quite patriotic

Or maybe not!

Les blew for the all in and we were off, I cupped in half a pot of choppie past the lily bed and some more up towards Les by some more lilies to give me a second line. I started on the second line with a worm head as bait and was soon getting indications but I was missing most and I bumped off a couple of roach, not the start I was hoping for. Les was fishing to hand and targeting the silvers as well, he had a few fish but even at this early stage he reckoned it was going to be hard. Dave Ball in the opposite corner was getting the odd carp and took an early lead. I finally got off the mark with a roach and after an hour had added two more roach and two skimmers.

Nobody seemed to be bagging and Les seemed to be right about it being hard, hour two was even worse for me and I only had two more fish and then lost a carp that smashed me in the lilies followed by a skimmer that came off - great! Terry was getting the odd good skimmer and I could see Butch Baker (next to Janders) netting fish too. After an early flurry, Les was struggling for odd roach but Dave was still getting carp and had five or six after two hours.

Hour three was really good for me and I had three good skimmers, a small carp and some smaller skimmers and roach and a rudd. Most of these fish coming from my main line past the lilies in front of me. Just when I thought I was getting somewhere I lifted into a bite and a big carp swirled and I had it in open water briefly before the hook pulled out and I was sure it was foulhooked. I would get fish in ones and twos but I was still missing loads of bites (small fish?) and this seemed to be the pattern for most people.

I kept swapping lines and managed to keep odd fish going in the net (all on worm) and I added three or four small carp and even a couple of little crucians plus a good skimmer. I also got smashed by a couple more carp and they really seemed to want the cover of the lilies. Anglers on open pegs (including Janders) really struggled. With an hour to go it was obvious Dave Ball would run out an easy winner as he'd caught small carp quite steadily all match.

My main worries from the anglers I could see were Terry and Butch who seemed to be netting fish quite regularly and my last hour was awful with only a couple of roach and a lost carp to show for my efforts. I ended with 33 fish and thought I had around 10lb but Les called me some rude names and said I had more than that. Terry also reckoned I'd beaten him but I thought it would be close. Les was paying the top six and I hoped I'd done enough to pick up a brown envelope of some sort.

The weigh in started at Picky on peg 16 and it became apparent how hard it had fished when he weighed 5lb 2oz and handed over a £1 (3-3 now Picky!), Dan Ball had 3lb 12oz and Oz 5lb 5oz before we got to Terry, he had 10lb 12oz and I thought I might pip him. My silvers went 9lb 10oz and my carp a level 6lb to give me a 15lb 10oz total. Les had struggled (and his flag hadn't helped him) and weighed 6lb 1oz, Janders didn't weigh and handed over a squid. Then Butch just pipped Terry with 10lb 14oz and I was still hanging on in first place. This lasted to the next peg where Dave Ball plonked 27lb 1oz of mainly carp on the scales to top the leader board.

Alan Dunn had a nice net of silvers weighing 13lb 2oz followed by Mike (not from Exeter) who had 7lb 6oz. With three anglers to weigh I was still in second place, Blaker and Bushy didn't trouble the scalesman and the ever consistent Hoff had 10lb 9oz to take the last frame place. I picked up £60 to end my bad run for now and had quite an enjoyable day.

Not the usual big weights but some good nets of fish were caught

1 - Dave Ball (Haines Angling) - 27lb 1oz
2 - Jamie Rich (Against Men and Fish) - 15lb 10oz
3 - Alan Dunn (Chard) - 13lb 2oz
4 - Butch Baker (Chard) - 10lb 14oz
5 - Terry Green (Sillybait) - 10lb 12oz
6 - Mark Hollister (Chard) - 10lb 9oz

Round three of the Spring League is next up at Perry St on Sunday so tune in to see if Picky makes it 4-3 or if I can sneak into the lead for the first time this year!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Dillington Pond - Evening League 1 - 27th April 2011

With the evening league starting a lot earlier this year, I wasn't sure how it would fish but with the warm weather we've been having I had high hopes. I had to pick Alvin up and when we got to the pond, we both thought you would need close to double figures to win it. There were only five of us fishing including Moses Holbrook who has a good record on the pond. With the wind blowing into one bank we decided to fish the far side, out of the wind, on pegs 2, 4, 6, 8 and 10.

I pulled out peg 6 and as it was quite overgrown I had to borrow a weed cutter off Moses and spend a while cutting the reeds back so I could get into it. This combined with an earlier start meant I only had time to set a 4 metre whip up and mix my groundbait (50:50 Sensas Roach and Lake). Rob blew the whistle at 5:45 and Justin Charles still hadn't arrived! I stuck a single red maggot on and flicked the rig out, before I even had chance to toss a nugget of groundbait out, the float buried and I missed it! Next put in I had a small roach and then another and was expecting good things, Moses seemed to be catching well also.

But then I was having to wait longer and longer for bites, I did catch a slightly better rudd but after an hour I only had 8 or 9 fish - not good. There were quite a few people who had come out to watch including Robert Tolman who I haven't seen for years, he's been unwell and had just got back into fishing after a long break. He said he was hoping to pick up some tips from me!!!!!, I don't think he learnt much as I only caught two small roach while he watched me for about half an hour.

By now Justin had arrived and had let Robin have some caster so with Moses still catching it was time for me to try a different tact and stage one was poncing some casters off of Rob. Stage two was getting the pole out and putting on a 0.5 gram Roach rig. I plumbed up at 8.5 metres and cupped in ball of groundbait before going over it with double red maggot. No bites for a while and with time running out I slipped on a caster to try and get some better quality fish.

I eventually started getting some slightly better roach although most were coming on the drop but I never really bagged and knew this would be my third match on the trot with no return. I ended with 30 fish (mainly roach with 1 perch and 1 rudd). We packed up as it rapidly got dark, Rob had 1lb 6oz, Alvin had a level 4lb and my fish went 2lb 11oz. Moses continued where he left off last year with another victory, this time with 4lb 7oz and Justin didn't bother weighing. I forgot to mention that Moses instigated the usual £1 winner takes all side bet so he took home our quids as well!

Venue expert Moses

1 - Moses Holbrook (Ilminster) - 4lb 7oz
2 - Alvin Jones (Enterprise Angling) - 4lb

So I've fished three matches on three different venues and not picked up a bean, next up is a trip to Wiltshire on Friday to visit Hainsey's pond. Tune in to see if I can make it four duff matches out of four!

Monday, April 25, 2011

Summerhayes - Open - 25th April 2011

After a few bevvies last night, my head was a little woolly for this one, after a couple cups of coffee I was on my way to Summerhayes for the draw at 11. I got there and paid my pools and said hello to Scott and Roger and then saw Bob Gullick who I haven't seen for a good ten years and he was on his maiden visit to the venue. My record on Long's isn't good as I've drawn 39 both times I've been here and not done very well off it. Well the good news was it wasn't in today! I pulled out peg 7 and when I asked people about it, they all turned their noses up - great!

I was determined to fish for silvers all day and Scotty who was the next peg along from me on peg 2 (I think) said I should avoid the reeds in the bay to my left as I'd get smashed up. I set up a Carpa 2 rig for fishing at 8 metres for silvers and I couldn't resist setting up a dibber for the reeds to give me a second line. On the whistle I cupped in half a pot of micros at 8 metres and micros plus corn by the reeds. I went out on my silvers line with a 4mm expander on the hook and waited, and waited!, where were all the skimmers? Scotty looked to be struggling too.

Finally, after 10 mins, the float slid away and I netted a 10oz skimmer, when I had a smaller one next put in, I thought 'here we go, they're arrived' but it proved to be a false dawn and after an hour I only had five skimmers. Scotty had netted some small crucians but it wasn't really happening for either of us. Going into hour two I had a foulhooked 2lb carp plus a small crucian and a sweet little tench plus a couple more skimmers but I wasn't catching well enough to do any good. I then lost a small carp at the net followed by a crucian that slipped the hook as well and I was having to wait ages for a bite.

By the half way point it was time to bite the bullet and go into the dragon's den (by the reeds), with corn on the hook I was getting indications straight away and soon netted two small pasties about a 1lb apiece, when I followed those with a crucian about 1.5lb, things were looking up and I couldn't understand what all the fuss about the reeds was! Then I got smashed up! I cupped in some more feed and went back over my skimmer line and had a brief flurry of two or three skimmers including a flier (why do they do that on commercials?) before that line died again.

So with a new hook on, it was back by the reeds and I had a good skimmer, a smaller one and a couple of tench and a small carp before I got smashed again. I went back over the skimmer line while I tied a new hooklength on my other rig but had no more bites there. We were now into the last hour and I needed a good hour to say the least. Back by the reeds and I had another small tench and was getting a good bite every chuck but I couldn't hit them! I tried 4 and 6mm expanders but couldn't hit the bites on them either. Scotty had dug some worms out of his carryall in desperation and had a blinding last hour catching big skimmers and tench.

I stuck no more fish in the net and got smashed up again just before the all out, not a good day. I had 27 fish and thought I probably had 15lb or so and was hoping I might sneak second in the silvers (but that was just wishful thinking). Scotty reckoned I'd battered him (more wishful thinking). I packed up and caught up with the scales just as Bob was being weighed in, he had 58lb 2oz and was odds on to win here at his first attempt. He'd caught right across on 6mm banded pellet. Looking at the weighboard and any hope of getting in the silvers frame evaporated, Roger had weighed over 23lb of silvers and Bruce Hunt had a level 19lb and I knew I had nowhere near that. My carp went 7lb 4oz and my silvers weighed 12lb 11oz to give me a 19lb 15oz total.

Scotty had 25lb 2oz of silvers (of which he reckoned he had 18lb in the last hour, pesky worms!) to win the silvers pool and Roger was second to keep it a family affair.

1 - Bob Gullick (Garbolino Blackmore Vale) - 58lb 2oz

'Silvers King' Scotty

1 - Scott Russell (TackleUK) - 25lb 2oz
2 - Roger Russell - 23lb+

So thats two duff matches for me now, next up is Dillington on Wednesday evening, so tune in for more tales of woe then!

Friday, April 22, 2011

Perry St Pond - Good Friday Match - 22nd April 2011

The weather was forecast to be good for this one and I was looking forward to seeing if I could continue my good form. At the draw, Scotty brought on some new digital scales as the club had been having problems with their set and it was fairly amusing watching half a dozen blokes crowded around, just trying to work out how to open the box!

How many blokes does it take to open a box!

After finally figuring out how to open the box and work the scales it was time to draw. Of course everybody wanted peg 10 and Scotty drew it (and he only fishes here once a year), that boy draws better than Picasso! I opened my peg to reveal peg 19, which Bish had done ok off last match, so I wasn't too disappointed. Les had left 18 out so I had an empty peg to my right and then Les was the next peg on (his drawing arm has really let him down this year so far). Carp could be seen all over the pond basking and I couldn't wait to get started.

I set up two dibbers, one for up in the water and the other for fishing the inside lines and also a Carpa 2 rig for fishing at 5 metres (I won't say any more about this rig as I never tried it all day!). For bait I just had corn, micros and 6mm sinkers. Opposite me was Bish on peg 2 and that peg had done ok last match as well. Mike Hosgood (from Exeter) was on peg 1 and Oz was on peg 20, the two corners at our end.

Les blew the whistle for the all in and I set my sights on two carp an hour which would give 45-50lb and hopefully a brown envelope. I cupped in some micros at 5 metres and the same plus corn down the edge to my left and by the cormorant roost to my right. I started out at 11.5 metres with a 6mm banded pellet on the size 16 808 hook, firing half a dozen over the top every few seconds. The early banter around the pond suggested Scotty had caught straight away and Bish, Oz and Mike all had early fish at our end as well.

I started getting indications quite quickly and after 20 mins had my first carp but at 1lb it was probably the smallest one in the pond! After an hour I was on three carp so ahead of my target but two of them were very small with the other probably 6lb or so. With most people catching I quickly upped my target to three fish an hour. Me and Bish were neck and neck on numbers but his fish were bigger, Mike and Oz had slowed up after promising starts. Les had one carp but was also now struggling. I had three more carp in hour two but lost a good fish that snapped me. Before tying a new hooklength, I refed my two inside lines.

The third hour saw things slow up for me, I lost another carp which I think was foulhooked before catching number seven. I then hooked a decent mirror which I came close to netting a couple of times before it powered off and rather than add pole sections I just sat there like a numpty with the top three and it snapped me (schoolboy error!). My mate Andy turned just as I lost it and sat behind me, beer in hand on his deck chair. With the long line now very slow, despite loads of fish still cruising, I fed the insides once more with it in mind to try them shortly. Bish was now ahead of me by a fish or two although he'd lost a couple as well.

I couldn't really see how the pegs past Les were getting on but both the Hoff and Blaker came up with 8lb+ fish for Les to weigh. I had carp number eight before losing another foulhooker, I stuck with the long line a bit longer but only added a small roach, so with the final hour approaching it was time to try my inside lines. Mike was catching me up fast and I also wanted to try and stay in touch with Bish. I fed some corn and micros via a toss pot and lowered my rig in past the cormorant roost, I started getting the odd indication but missed several bites so tried to my left (where Bish had caught last match) but due to a tree you have to stand up to see the float and I soon got fed up with that!

Back to the right and I finally hooked a carp on corn but the hook pulled out and I was starting to get frustrated. After another 10 mins I was just thinking about going back out long when I had carp number nine which was about 3-4lb. I landed number ten with quarter of hour left and hoping to get one more but it didn't happen. I shouted across to ask Bish how many he'd had and when he replied 11 I knew he'd beaten me as along with having more fish, he had bigger fish too. My only hope now of a brown envelope was winning my six peg section. Oz had five carp so I was sure I'd beaten him and Les had a mixed bag of 1 carp, 1 roach, 1 rudd and 1 eel so that left Dave Lawrence, Janders and the Hoff in my section. Hoff said he'd had ten fish including the one of 8lb 1oz he'd weighed earlier and I knew my good run had ended.

The scales started at Mike Hosgood (from Exeter) and he weighed 25lb, before Bish set the bar with 42lb 3oz, Butch had 23lb 8oz and 'Paste King' Terry Green had 32lb 1oz. Then Bushy plonked 18 carp for 70lb 14oz on the scales from peg 6 but would it be enough? Picky stuck eight lumps on the scales and took a £1 off me with 45lb 10oz (and yes it's 3-2 to him now!). Rocking didn't weigh in from peg 8 and Dave Abrams had 20lb 15oz from peg 9. Then we got to Scotty in peg 10 and despite suffering a nightmare with floating white fluff, he had 16 carp for 62lb 13oz. Mike Collins didn't weigh and then Blaker had 68lb 10oz to move into second place.

Then we reached my section and Janders had 17lb 8oz and gave me a replacement £1 for the one I gave Picky, Dave had 25lb 4oz and then Hoff had 41lb 13oz and I knew I had nowhere near that. Les didn't weigh and then my ten carp (and single roach) went 31lb 11oz, I was actually quite relieved that the 6 pounder I lost earlier hadn't cost me, Oz had 19lb 2oz from peg 20 and that was that.

Another impressive set of results

1 - Steve Bush (Chard) - 70lb 14oz
2 - Paul Blake (Chard) - 68lb 10oz
3 - Scott Russell (TackleUK) - 62lb 13oz

A - Steve Bishop (Chard) - 42lb 3oz
B - Alan Gage (Chard) - 45lb 10oz
C - Mark Hollister (Chard) - 41lb 13oz

So my good run came to an end, next up is a match at Summerhayes on Monday, the trouble is it's on Long's Pond and I never seem to do very well there. Tune in to see if I can get back to winning ways.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Summerhayes - Open - 17th April 2011

With no Chard or Ilminster matches I phoned Pete at Summerhayes and he said there was a match on Lily Pond, so I stuck my name down. I haven't fished this pond before so I asked Scotty about it and he said it could be hard and that his Dad had won a match with 6lb odd of skimmers. Oh well it would be better than moping round the house. Also it was a 12 'o' clock draw so I could have a bit of a lie in.

I was up early-ish and on my way when I got a call from Pete asking where I was as the draw was at 11!!!! Apparently he'd told a couple of people the wrong time and he said he'd draw for me. I got there about half past and he said I was on peg 3, I quickly set up a Carpa 2 for fishing in the open water and a dibber for fishing the inside by the reeds (which were already knocking!). For bait I had maggots, corn, micros and 4 and 6mm expanders. Martin Heard was on my left and wanted a side bet and Paul Ellsworthy was on my right in the corner with an inviting looking bed of lilies.

I was just about ready and on the whistle cupped in some micros and maggots at 11.5 metres and then some corn and micros on the inside towards Martin. I started long with a 4mm expander on the hook and was surprised to see Martin go straight down the margins. After 5 mins without any indication I started to think perhaps he knew something I didn't. Then he had a couple of small carp as did Paul in the corner and after a further biteless 5 mins I was just thinking about trying my inside line, when my float slid away only for me to bump it! - good start! Next put in I had a skimmer and after half an hour I had four in the net for about 2lb and I wasn't too far behind.

Martin was now on five but Paul hadn't added any more, then I hooked what felt like a small carp but the hook pulled out as I unshipped, then next chuck I pulled out of a skimmer on the way in and things weren't going to plan. I was feeding every put in through a toss pot but my bites faded on my long line so I refed with half a cup full before trying down the edge. I had too wait ages before I caught a small carp on corn, during that time Martin had added a couple more on paste and Paul was getting odd fish on corn.

I put some more grub on the inside before going back out long and had a run of five or six skimmers and a couple of small rudd that took the bait on the drop. It was really fizzing on my long line but I wasn't getting that many bites and I couldn't understand why. Another try on the inside saw me pull out of a carp before I landed a foulhooker, then next chuck I had another straight away and things were looking up. The reeds were still knocking so I also started feeding at two sections to my left in the reeds and missed a couple of bites before hooking a fish that tore through the reeds and snapped me and that was the last time I tried that.

Paul was still catching steadily without really bagging and was looking favourite to win, Martin wasn't far behind either. I kept plugging away but bites were becoming harder and harder to come by, every time I went long I would get a couple before it died and I'd feed it again before trying the inside but I never had another carp. The last couple of hours were really difficult and I only added a couple of small rudd, I even tried maggot on the long line but never had a bite, all my skimmers coming to 4mm expander.

Pete was paying the top three overall and the top two in the silvers and I was hoping I'd done enough to pick up in the silver pool although Martin, Adrian Bishop and a lad on the opposite side seemed to have been catching silvers quite well. I ended up with 14 skimmers, 3 carp and a few rudd and I thought I might have double figures but was more concerned with what my silvers would weigh. Paul was first to weigh and put an excellent 32lb 6oz on the scales, my silvers went 7lb 8oz and my carp weighed 6lb 12oz to give me a 14lb 4oz total. Martin had 29lb 6oz of which 5lb 2oz was silvers so I was still in with a chance although I had been battered both sides and lost a £1 to Martin in the process!

Adrian had 4lb 15oz of silvers and 17lb odd of carp to give him 22lb+, nobody else had much until they got to the lad on the opposite side and his silvers went 5lb 3oz, just pipping Martin so I'd won the silvers pool and picked up £18 which was most welcome.

1 - Paul Ellsworthy (Summerhayes) - 32lb 6oz
2 - Martin Heard (Tiverton) - 29lb 6oz
3 - Adrian Bishop (Summerhayes) - 22lb+

1 - Jamie Rich (Against Men and Fish) - 7lb 8oz

Next up is the Good Friday match at Perry St and Scotty is fishing so another battering is on the cards!

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Perry St Pond - Spring League 2 - 10th April 2011

Round two arrived and it was a glorious sunny day, I sorted out some bait and paid my pools and the first job was draw pegs out of the bucket to see who we had in the drawn pairs. I got paired with Steve Bishop and was well pleased with that, our opponents for the day were Chris Haines and Graham 'Dino' Pepper and we would have our work cut out trying to beat two class anglers. Then it was time for the draw to see which pegs we had, Bish drew 19 (which did well last match) and I got peg 6, which I had three times last year and only did well once. The peg has a tree in the water which holds loads of carp but they know exactly where that bloody tree is! Hainsey got peg 7 next to me, a really good peg and everyone expected him to do well off it, Dino drew 16 which is a mediocre peg.

As for my £1 sidebets, Janders drew a corner, although peg 20 isn't the best of the four and Picky had peg 9 which did well last week. On arriving at my peg, carp could be seen cruising everywhere and although there wasn't much ripple I fancied I could catch up in the water. I hadn't bothered with expander pellets this week and was pinning my faith in 6mm sinking pellets, micros, maggots and corn. I set up the usual Carpa 2 rig for fishing at 8 metres plus a Trabucco dibber for fishing up in the water and another for fishing down the margins. I decided I would start up in the water but in front of me and only fish towards the tree if I couldn't catch.

On the whistle I cupped in micros, maggots and corn at 8 metres and on both inside lines before slipping on a 6mm banded pellet and shipping out to 11.5 metres and constantly firing out 5 or 6 pellets. My partner Bish and 'Paste King' Terry Green both caught nearly straight away as did the Hoff on peg 14. I had to wait quite a while but after about 30 mins I had my first carp and thought if I could catch two an hour, I'd be there or thereabouts. The only other action I had in the first hour was a lost carp. Les next to me had a couple as did Oz next to him but apart from Bish, Terry and the Hoff nobody was setting the world alight.

The second hour was slow for me as well with only another lost carp to show for my efforts. I refed my insides and thought I might be trying them sooner than I'd hoped. Hainsey had landed a couple and Dino got off the mark as well, so at this early stage there wasn't a lot between our two pairs. I then landed carp number two and was getting a few more indications and I think the fact Les had stopped fishing long was helping my cause. I got to four carp and was playing number five when I heard Chris say he'd had four and Hoff said he had nine. I couldn't see me catching Hoff but if I could stay in touch with Chris, we would stand a chance in the pairs.

It was blazing hot and from what I could gather the pegs past Chris weren't bagging and opposite only Butch Baker and Hoff were catching. I had one good fish which must have been around 8lb and I went to weigh it but the digital scales were playing up so Les said to stick it in my net. Next fish was another of a similar size and all of a sudden I was catching Hoff up, although he had some lumps as well. With about an hour to go I was on ten fish and closing in on my target of twelve. In fact I ended up with thirteen landing the last one, five minutes from the end. I was quite pleased that after losing those two early fish I never lost another. Despite feeding my margin lines all day, I ended up not trying them once.

As people started packing up they were shouting across the pond asking how everyone had got on and when Hoff said he'd had twelve fish and Hainsey said he'd had eight carp and two tench, I started to think I might stand a chance of framing. As the weigh in started, Paul Blake set the bar with 37lb, although I thought I had more than that, then there were a couple of 20lb+ weights before my fish went 48lb 12oz, but would it be enough? Hainsey fell one fish short with 44lb 12oz and I was well chuffed to beat him. Picky weighed 19lb 4oz and paid me a nugget (2-2 now!), Mike Hosgood was in peg 10 and had 43lb 6oz and opposite Dave Abrams had 35lb 10oz and I thought they'd been struggling!

Butch did well with a level 36lb from peg 13, I asked Hoff if he thought he'd done me and he said he reckoned he had. His twelve fish went 54lb 12oz and I needed a couple more fish - bugger. Dino came back from last weeks DNW to weigh 29lb 2oz and if Bish could beat him we'd be through to the next round of the pairs. Bish's ten fish went 44lb 4oz so we were through - phew. Janders had suffered a nightmare in peg 20 and been beaten up all over the place, he weighed 21lb 4oz and I took a squid off him as well.

At the results Hoff won and I was second and picked up £75, followed by Hainsey who was third. I finished up with two section points to keep me up there in the league. At this early stage, Hoff leads with three points followed by Blaker and Bish on four.

The Hoff

Pretty good weights all around

1 - Mark Hollister (Chard) - 54lb 12oz
2 - Jamie Rich (Against Men and Fish) - 48lb 12oz
3 - Chris Haines (Haines Angling) - 44lb 12oz


A - Paul Blake (Chard) - 37lb
B - Mike Hosgood (Exeter) - 43lb 6oz
C - Butch Baker (Chard) - 36lb
D - Steve Bishop (Chard) - 44lb 4oz

With nothing on next week, I might see if there's a match at Summerhayes, tune in to see if I make the trip to Bridgwater!!!

Sunday, April 03, 2011

Perry St Pond - Spring League 1 - 3rd April 2011

I can't believe the Spring League is here again, it doesn't seem like a year ago! Anyway I got out the pond and most people were already there and it was great to see Chris Haines again, along with all the usual suspects. After sorting out some bait it was time for Les to read out the rules and then the draw was made for the first round of the pairs knockout (well two pairs were to fish against each other to make the numbers right!). I got a bye so was through to the next round by default and then it was time for the draw for today. As always people wanted the corners but my crap drawing continued and I pulled out peg 17, the infamous 'worst peg on the pond' - great!

Although there wasn't much ripple on the pond, I still fancied I could get a few up in the water so got my little Trabucco dibber rig out, which would also double up as my inside rig. I also set up a Carpa 2 float for my eight metre line. Janders was opposite so I'd be able to keep an eye on how one of my £1's was doing, Picky was on peg 12 and I think he quite fancied it so it could end up 3-0 to the Pickmeister. Les put the start time back a little bit as some people weren't quite ready so I used the extra time to make up a duplicate shallow rig, in case of tangles/breakages.

On the whistle I cupped in some maggots and micros on my eight metre line and then the same plus some corn on both the insides. I put on a 6mm banded pellet before shipping out to 11.5 metres and then constantly firing out a few pellets and lifting and dropping the rig. I didn't have to wait long before hooking my first carp but it came off and I suspect it may have been foulhooked. Next put in, I didn't have time to feed before the pole was ripped round and this one I netted safely. By the end of the first hour I had three (including one foulhooker I got in) and was ahead of the people around me. Janders and Dino opposite were yet to get of the mark, Hoff had landed an 8lb+ carp and Bish on 20 and Niblett on 19 had both had a couple but Oz on peg 1 seemed to be struggling.

During the second hour I landed two more carp and lost one and felt I was on for a good weight. Niblett 'the Paste King' was still catching and all of a sudden I couldn't buy a bite! I wanted to leave my other lines for as long as possible before trying them so I cupped some more grub in and carried on with the shallow rig. Janders finally landed a carp although Dino was becoming disillusioned after losing two foulhookers. The Hoff had now caught up and overtaken me and after hour three, it was time to try my other lines.

Plan B was to try the eight metre line with a 4mm expander but no bites after 15 mins saw me ship out to 11.5 metres and see if there were any fish over all the pellets I had been firing out - nope, no bites here either. Les was now starting to get a few from peg 6 and I was getting left behind and then it started raining! Apparently Bushy in peg 10 was sacking and Paul Blake was also catching well in 7. I tried both insides with corn on the hook and expected an instant response but didn't get one. Niblett was now miles ahead and looking good for a frame place, I was now worried for my £1 as Janders was slowly but surely catching me up and I couldn't buy a bite.

Eventually I had a sailaway bite from the left hand inside line and promptly missed it! and next put in I hooked a good fish which led me a merry dance before coming off and things were going from bad to worse even though I was sure it was foulhooked. I was getting quite a few liners but with Janders now on five fish and time running out, I desperately needed another. With 10 minutes to go I had a decent bite and fish number six was on, I netted a good fish of 5-6lb with two minutes to go and that was it.

I was packing up my sodden gear when Picky came past and said he'd had six carp as well so both the £1's were in the balance. The weigh in started with Oz and he had 17lb 11oz, Mike Hosgood had 7lb 6oz, Dino hadn't caught and then Janders five carp went 25lb 13oz and I really wasn't sure my fish would top that. Hoff then put an excellent 41lb 12oz on the scales to set the bar. Les had 25lb 3oz and then Blaker took the lead with 50lb 12oz. Hainsey had 34lb 3oz and Mike T came close with 46lb 10oz. Then we got to Bushy and with 31 carp, everybody was wondering if he'd broken the 100lb barrier and three weighs later he had with a new pond match record of 115lb 15oz - well done Steve, a stunning weight.

Butch Baker had 19lb 4oz from peg 15 but should have actually had more as he netted a carp and then proceeded to miss the keepnet with it! - whoops!!! Picky had 22lb 13oz and I thought it would be close between us, my fish actually went 26lb 12oz which meant I'd done the double and pocketed £1's off Janders and Picky (2-1 now). Then my thoughts turned to the section, if Niblett framed (even though he was admitting to five carp! - lying git), it would be close between me and Bish who also had six carp. Niblett did enough for second place with 51lb 7oz but Bish denied me a brown envelope when his six carp went 31lb 3oz.

New match record for Perry St Pond

So I wasn't too far off and have scored decent section points in the league, lets see if I can get back to winning ways next week.

1 - Steve Bush (Chard) - 115lb 15oz (New match record)
2 - Terry Green (Sillybait) - 51lb 7oz
3 - Paul Blake (Chard) - 50lb 12oz

A - Mark Hollister (Chard) - 41lb 12oz
B - Mike Thomas (Chard) - 46lb 10oz
C - Alan Dunn (Chard) - 27lb 8oz
D - Steve Bishop (Chard) - 31lb 3oz

I can't go without saying congrats to Scotty Russell who won at Todber today with 202lb - well done matey.