Sunday, April 25, 2010

Perry St Pond - Spring League 3 - 25th April 2010

With no hope of a corner peg for at least another three matches I really fancied pegs 6 or 7 but pulled out peg 9, which hasn't had great form but the wind was blowing down towards pegs 10 and 11 and I thought I might get a few up in the water. Janders was across from me on peg 13 and Picky had drawn badly down on 16 so the £1 side bets were finely balanced. It was quite sunny but a lot cooler than it had been although there were still quite a few carp moving about in 10 and 11. Mark Hollister had drawn 10 and Hainsey had 11 and both are class acts and would be hard to beat today.

In fact with Alan Dunn on peg 6 and Bish on 7 in my section I couldn't see any hope of any coin today but at least I had the side bets to fish for. I set up three rigs (blimey!), a Drennan Roach float for fishing on the bottom at 11.5 metres, a little Trabucco dibber for fishing up in the water and a Drennan Carp for fishing down by the cormorant roost (sorry fish refuge). All had size 16 808's and 0.12mm bottoms. I mixed up some groundbait (Sensas Carp) and wetted some micro pellets before sorting out the rest of my bait. I also had maggots, corn and some hard 6mm pellets.

On the whistle I cupped in two balls of groundbait laced with maggots, micros and corn at 11 metres before potting in some feed by the barge. I baited up with a 6mm Sonubaits S-Pellet before shipping out to 11.5 metres and firing in six pellets every 30 seconds or so. Mark was quickly into fish and I decided to give it at least an hour up in the water. After 15 mins of lifting and dropping the rig while all the time firing in a few pellets, I was into my first fish and safely netted a 3lb carp. Graham Pepper on 14 also got off to a flying start and landed two carp quite quickly.

Mark (Hoff) was bagging and was soon on five fish, I was looking at him when my pole was yanked down but I somehow missed the bite! Hainsey opposite was also off the mark with a carp but even at this early stage it looked like the other end of the pond were in for a struggle. I hooked a second carp and after getting it under control, it snagged me up about seven metres out and I lost my hooklength. I did manage a second carp by the end of the first hour and thought if I could do two an hour I would get good points. Hainsey had pulled it back and the score between him and Hoff now stood at 5-5 and Graham was close behind on four fish.

I cupped in some more feed by the barge and continued fishing up in the water as I was getting enough indications to keep me interested and I was soon netting my third carp. Number four soon followed but every time I got one so did Hoff, Hainsey and Dino (Graham Pepper), in fact Hoff started pulling away from Chris and was already on six or seven fish. I kept feeding my inside line every hour or so as every time the wind dropped and the ripple disappeared, so did my bites. After three hours I was on five fish and it was already clear the winner would come form either peg 10 or 11 although they were both losing quite a few foul hooked fish.

Oz on peg 12 and Janders both now had a carp apiece and there also seemed to be quite a bit of splashing coming from the vicinity of pegs 6 and 7. The wind had now dropped and it was raining and I couldn't buy a bite, a brief try on the inside yielded no bites so I put some more feed in and went back out shallow. There were quite a few blows coming up from my long line so I tried a full depth rig with corn on the hook but never had a bite on it. Time was now ticking by and Hoff now had around a dozen fish and Chris 8 or 9 and I think Dino was on 6 or 7.

I came back on the inside and was feeding small amounts of bait via a little toss pot and missed two really good bites. With an hour to go Hoff had put his third keepnet in! Janders and Oz were now on two fish each so at least one pound was safe at the moment, also I had only seen Picky net one fish but you can never be sure. Another missed bite on corn and I was beginning to think I wasn't going to get any more. Then with quarter of an hour to go the float went and a decent fish was on, the black hydro did it's job and I netted my best fish of about 5lb with five minutes to go. No more bites and Les called the all out, Hoff had ended with 19 fish and Chris had around 12 and Dino had 9.

I packed up and as I walked past, asked how people had got on and it became apparent how hard it had fished towards the other end of the pond, Mike Collins had one carp, Bish had four but had lost five and Dunner had five and then it got even harder with Mike Hosgood on peg 1 only having two carp, maybe I might sneak my section after all? As always the scales started at peg 1 where Mike had 5lb 4oz then Bushy had 1lb 9oz from peg 2 and then Les put the first double figure weight on the scales, weighing 11lb 1oz. Dunner had 14lb 15oz form peg 6 and Bish a level 12lb from 7 and I thought I probably had that. Mike Collins had 1lb 14oz from peg 8 and my six fish weighed 20lb and I knew then I'd won the section as Hoff would frame.

Hoff's 19 carp went 63lb 2oz which was a fantastic weight and Hainsey weighed 38lb 5oz for second place. Oz had 8lb 3oz from peg 12 and Janders had 6lb 11oz and handed over a £1. He also had on a different hat and very fetching it was too! Dino did really well from peg 14 to sneak third place with 27lb 9oz. Picky weighed 5lb 14oz and handed over £1 (4-3 now) to make it a good day, things got even better when Chelsea thumped Stoke 7-0 to go back to the top of the league. The other end of the pond really had fished terribly with Dave Abrams only weighing 8oz off peg 20!

Janders was sporting a new hat!

So I picked up £30 for the section win and have rocketed up to 4th in the league with 40 pts which is currently being lead by Bish with 49 pts followed by Hainsey on 48 and Picky on 45. Round four is next week so more of the same would be nice! I was really pleased with how my day went and felt I'd fished a tidy match, hooking seven carp and landing six although I did miss a few bites.

You can see how poorly one end fished by the results

1 - Mark Hollister (Chard) - 63lb 2oz
2 - Chris Haines (Haines Angling) - 38lb 5oz
3 - Graham Pepper (Chard) - 27lb 9oz

A - Les Braunton (Chard) - 11lb 1oz
B - Jamie Rich (Against Men and Fish) - 20lb
C - Roy Fowler (Chard) - 9lb 2oz
D - Paul Blake (Chard) - 8lb 15oz

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Chris's Pond - 18th April 2010

Dave Lawrence picked me up at 7:00 and off we went, via Cartgate for a brekkie. There were only nine of us today and the pond looked really nice, Chris has given it a spring clean and got rid of lots of vegetation on the islands. I have struggled at the venue in the past and it's mainly due to me chasing carp, the last two matches I fished I got my head down for the silvers and framed both times and that was to be the plan for today (remember that!).

After Les emptied my wallet, it was time for the draw and I pulled out peg 5, which didn't mean too much to me until I got there and it was the peg where I lost a match-winning carp at the net. It's in a bit of a corner with reeds all along my left towards an empty peg, Janders was on the next peg along and I had Picky to my right so at least I'd be able to tell if I was going to be another £2 lighter! I also had an island opposite but I was determined to ignore the carp. It was a glorious sunny day and carp could be seen cruising and knocking the reeds about.

I had half a kilo of worms, micro pellets, caster, maggots and corn, so quite a full bait tray then! I set up two Drennan Carp rigs, both nearly identical apart from the one for open water had 0.12mm bottom and size 18 808 and the other had a beefier size 16 B911 and 0.14mm for fishing by the reeds (if I had to). I wetted some pellets and chopped some worms and was ready for the off with ten minutes to go. Les blew his whistle and we were off, I cupped in a full pot of choppie, casters and a few maggots at 8 metres in open water and micro pellet, caster and corn by the reeds to my left.

I started out with the head of a worm on the hook and had to wait quite a while before getting bites. In fact Janders had several fish and from the splashing to my right so had Picky before I got off the mark after 20 minutes with a net roach. Then I started to catch roach and skimmers and after an hour I had ten fish for about 2-3lb and I was pleased with my progress. Nobody seemed to be running away with it, in fact Janders had already slowed up and was trying his carp line. Hour two saw me catching a couple of better skimmers along with the roach but it wasn't as fast and furious as I'd hoped. I was having to wait longer and longer for bites so I decided to re feed the worm line and try the inside while it settled.

Janders had a decent carp of 5lb or so to put him firmly in the driving seat, I had a small carp on corn and two little tench on the inside before cupping in some more pellets and corn and going back over my worm line. It hadn't improved much and I was just about to give it up for a bad job when I had two decent skimmers to keep me interested and I was slowly clawing back Janders early lead. There still seemed to be a lot of splashing from Picky's direction and from all accounts, Butch, Les and Bushy were all catching well. I bumped a couple of fish so put some more worm in and tried the inside again.

I had also started feeding casters to the inside to my right but I never had a bite here all match. I missed some good bites on corn on my left hand inside but as I had a couple of roach I think they might have been the culprits, I also added another small carp. Janders had landed a couple more small carp and lost a couple too. I was swapping between my three lines and a lift bite over the worm line saw me net a 3lb bream which was very welcome and it was now tight between me and Janders but my two productive lines were slowing up. There were still loads of carp up towards the empty peg and I couldn't resist it any longer so shipped out to 11 metres, I lost a foulhooked carp and then had one on about 4lb and I thought it was fairly hooked but the hook pulled out of this one too!

I could still get odd fish from the worm line and I lost a couple of small carp from the inside. With an hour or so to go I thought I was out of it and concentrated on my inside but with all those carp showing temptation proved too much and I dug out a small dibber style rig and started flicking some 6mm pellets towards the reeds, but I never had a bite and in hindsight I wished I'd stayed on the inside or over the worm. I ended up with 37 fish and I thought I might just have double figures.

The scales started at Dave on peg 9 and he had 8lb 11oz, Bushy had an excellent 30lb 9oz from peg 1 and then Bish had 16lb 14oz from next door. Dunner had 17lb 8oz and I thought he'd been struggling!, Janders had 13lb 12oz and I thought I had a chance of beating that. My fish actually went 16lb 9oz and I was left cursing my faffing about for the carp, I should have done what I intended to do and just fish for silvers (will I ever learn?). Then Picky had 12lb 4oz which was a lot less than I thought and I gratefully pocketed his quid (4-2 now Picky!) and Janders handed over his too. Also it was Janders birthday today so happy birthday mate, you don't look a day over 75!

Birthday boy Janders (he's had a hard life you know!)

Bish just about to weigh in his 16lb 14oz

Butch then weighed 17lb 8oz and Les 20lb 13oz so another 1lb would have got me 3rd and I reckon I could have done Les if I'd ignored those poxy carp. I've also realised I need to sort my elastic out as my blue hydro is too tight and that cost me several fish as well.

1 - Steve Bush (Chard) - 30lb 9oz
2 - Les Braunton (Chard) - 20lb 13oz
3 - Butch Baker (Chard) - 17lb 8oz
3 - Alan Dunn (Chard) - 17lb 8oz

Next week is round three of the Spring league, so hopefully I'll make fewer mistakes then!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Perry St Pond - Spring League 2 - 11th April 2010

Much better weather for this one and the day started brightly (pun intended) when the league's sponsor, Chris Haines, gave us all Keenets sunglasses to cope with the extreme brightness of Bish's seatbox! At least we would now all be able to concentrate on our floats.

Bish is pictured in the centre (red fleece) with his box and the anglers are all wearing their new protective equipment (cheers Chris!)

Les announced the draw but first we had to draw for the individual knockout and I got Picky and as he'd beaten me three weeks on the trot out here, I really needed a good draw. I stuck my hand in and pulled out peg 10, a corner peg and just where I wanted to draw, Picky also got a corner in the shape of peg 20 and as the wind was blowing towards that end, there was every chance he'd do well. Bushy had peg 1 at the same end as Picky and I reckoned they'd both do well. Saying that, my peg is very good and has been doing well, Les was second off it in the last match. I also came in for a lot of grief and people started calling me the new 'Corner Boy'.

I got to my peg and it looked really fishy with quite a few carp cruising around, Oz was next to me on peg 9 and opposite on the other corner (peg 11) was Mike Collins, at least I think it was as he was togged out, head to foot in camouflage gear apart from a bright red hat! I mixed up some carpy groundbait and wetted some micro pellets before setting some rigs up. I set up a Drennan 0.5 gram Roach rig for fishing out and a little Trabucco Dibber for fishing up into the corner and down the insides. This rig would also double up as my up in the water rig if those carp stayed cruising about.

The lovely Steve Chant came round taking photos, which I hope to put on here soon and then there was just time to open some corn and have a quick coffee before we were off. I cupped in two balls containing some pellets, corn and maggots at 11 metres in open water before cupping in modest amounts on the inside and by the reeds at 13 metres. On the inside I added some corn and went with just maggots and pellets at 13 metres. I flirted with maggot up in the water but this just brought me a couple of small roach so I went to 11 metres with my deep rig. After half an hour I hadn't caught on this line and with Mike Thomas and Alan Dunn catching early carp, I was itching to try by the reeds.

I filled my little cad pot with pellets and maggots and shipped out with double red on the size 16 808 hook, I started getting bites, but only from small fish so I tried a piece of corn. Better indications followed and I was soon into a carp but not for long and I'm sure it was foulhooked. I then had a small carp which settled the nerves somewhat. Mike T was still getting the odd fish and Janders had a couple as well. I then had my second and lost another foulhooker and came back with a scale on the hook but it felt like there were loads of fish there.

After an hour I had two carp and I made sure I wasn't neglecting the inside and cupped in some more feed. During the second hour I added four more carp and lost another when the hook pinged out. There were still quite a few carp coming out but I was comfortably ahead of the people around me, Oz had got off the mark with a carp, Dunner had a couple and Mike T had added to his early fish although he'd lost a couple of screamers. At this point I felt my peg was solid and a really good weight was on, during hour three I added two more carp including my best fish of around 5lb to give me eight carp.

I refed the inside with it in mind to give it a try shortly, my 13 metre line started to slow towards the end of the third hour and I wanted to rest it. It wasn't just me though and everybody at our end seemed to have slowed up, still there was plenty of time to go. I came on the inside and had a bite quite quickly but the strike resulted with brief resistance before I came back with shit on the hook. The next bite saw the same result but this time along with the crap, I had a scale on the hook. No more bites saw me cup in a little more feed before going back on the more productive line. Did I say 'more productive'?, I now couldn't get a bite!

I gave it half an hour before trying my inside line again but the result was the same - nothing! The air temp had gotten a little colder and I wondered if this was the cause? Mike Collins had his first carp but nobody was really doing much up our end at all now. I tried my long line but came in a section where it was a bit deeper and the float went and I was attached to a big fish that lead me a merry dance and I had just about got it under control when it found a snag I didn't know was there and snapped me! Up until now I was really pleased with how I'd fished but it was now all going pearshaped. I tied on a new hook and went back over again, I had a bite which I missed before going back to watching a motionless float.

Time was now running out and I was pinning my hopes on the inside coming good in the last hour. Dunner was now catching quite consistently and I feared he might overtake me, I didn't know how the other end was fishing but reports suggested they were catching well and at this rate I wouldn't even pick up a section win, and from a corner peg as well! Back on the inside and nothing, I went to move the rig and a fish was on!, it wasn't very big but it had snagged me solid in all the brambles and although I could see swirls it wouldn't budge. I had to ship back and grab the elastic and pull for a break but slowly but surely the obstruction was giving and I thought I might sneak it in. Then the rig shot back at a rate of knots and on closer inspection the hook had straightened - great!.

The last hour I swapped between the two lines but never added another fish, in retrospect I should have stuck another section on as those fish might have backed off. I had eight carp plus a few bits which I reckoned might go 20lb or so. I packed up quickly and took most of my gear back to car, on the way I asked how people had got on and several people had 5, 6 or 7 carp and I was really regretting losing that big fish, which could have made all the difference. The scales started at Bushy on peg 1 and he had an excellent 41lb 9oz and nobody else would be near that. Hainsey had a nightmare and snapped his pole and weighed 11lb odd. There were several more double figure weights including Mike Hosgood who had three bream in his 13lb 6oz. Darren Roberts had just shy of 20lb and lost several as had Butch and that seemed to be quite a common theme for the day.

Dunner did well off peg 8 with 21lb 4oz and I wasn't sure I had that, my fish went on the scales and I was relieved when Butch called out 23lb 8oz, so at least I'd won my section. Mike T had a level 17lb but had been done by several as well, Janders had 12lb 1oz and handed over a £1. Terry Green came close with only five paste caught fish for 22lb 15oz but I was still hanging on to second place. I was worried though as Bish had seven fish and Picky eight. Bish's went 18lb 6oz but Picky's weighed 28lb 4oz so he pushed me down into third, knocked me out of the knockout and took a a pound off me, I'll get you next week if it kills me!

Still I picked up £70 and that's three matches on the trot I've picked up, that elusive third Perry St win still evades me and today was the best chance for ages for me to get it and I really wish now that I'd tried 14.5 metres. Well I won't have another chance of another corner for at least three matches because you can only draw two in the series. In the league Picky leads the way with 36 points followed by Bish on 34 and Terry Green on 30. With all the stick Bish has been getting I reckon he might use his section winnings to buy some black paint for his box!

Scores on the doors

Next week we're at Chris's pond in Frome and I'm hoping for plenty of silverfish action, I'll keep you posted.

1 - Steve Bush (Chard) - 41lb 9oz
2 - Alan Gage (Chard) - 28lb 4oz
3 - Jamie Rich (Against Men and Fish) - 23lb 8oz
4 - Terry Green (Chard) - 22lb 15oz

A - Butch Baker (Chard) - 13lb 11oz
B - Alan Dunn (Chard) - 21lb 4oz
C - Mike Thomas (Chard) - 17lb
D - Steve Bishop (Chard) - 18lb 6oz

Sunday, April 04, 2010

Perry St Pond - 4th April 2010

The weather was much better and there were even some blue patches in the sky and a big orange thing shining away! All I needed to do now was draw a corner peg! Les drew peg 10 and has now taken over Roy's mantle as corner boy! I drew and opened my hand to reveal peg 11, a corner peg! I now had to try and make the most of it. Janders had drawn peg 6 which has been quite consistent so the pound was all to play for. As well as the pound I had on with Picky (who was on peg 17), Les decided he wanted a piece of the action, he originally wanted a fiver but as he has much more experience of these corner pegs than me, we settled on a pound.

My peg looked the part although there was a cold wind blowing straight in my face and unusually there weren't any carp moving about - great! I set up the same two rigs as Friday with the only difference being that I upgraded to 0.14mm hooklength on my main rig. I also opened a tin of corn as Bish had caught most of his fish on it last Sunday. I settled on three lines, 11 metres in open water, 11 metres under the first tree and the margin to my left where Steve had caught late on.

Les blew for the start and everybody started cupping in their feed, I put maggots and micro pellets on the two longer lines and added some corn to the margin swim. I started in open water and missed a bite after ten minutes, which I think was a small fish but still took it to be a good sign. But that was it and Les hadn't caught either, Paul Blake on 13 had an early fish but it looked like it was going to be hard again. I gave the open water line forty minutes but had no more indications so I moved under the tree. I thought this might be better but I never had a bite!

Odd fish were by now being caught with both Rocking and Dave Abrams getting off the mark and Les had a small carp as well. I kept thinking 'any minute now' but it just wasn't happening and my worst nightmare was coming true, cocking up a flier. I kept thinking perhaps the really cold wind had something to do with it as it was coming over the top of Les and hitting me in the face. Les now had a couple of fish and I couldn't buy a bite. I tried the inside and had a couple of rudd but soon got bored of that and tried a piece of corn but the float just sat there.

Back out in open water saw me add a roach but I was going nowhere fast, we were now three hours into the match and I hadn't seen a sign of a carp. Bank walkers reported that odd fish were coming out at the other end and I was probably last on the pond and from a coveted corner peg! I was religiously feeding the margin hoping they would move in late as so often happens with carp. I asked Les where he'd caught on Friday and he said I was fishing the wrong place and needed to be further over. I dug out my 13 and 14.5 sections and pushed the rig past the first tree towards the second one and closer to the bank.

I had a bite quite quickly which turned out to be a tiny fish which fell off on the strike and I was becoming disheartened. Then a proper bite and black hydro streamed out and it was either a munter or foulhooked, it turned out to be the latter, hooked in the fin but at 3lb it was most welcome. I then had a second and as Les was stuck on five, I thought a comeback could be on the cards. A third one followed quite quickly but then it slowed. I was still getting the odd indication but I kept hitting a branch on the strike which wasn't helping. Also the otter fencing was making shipping out really hard work and most of the feed in my toss pot wasn't reaching its intended destination. I was trying to keep things tight and didn't want to reach for the catapult.

I did manage another carp but it was quite small and was praying for another, I flirted briefly with the inside but it seemed devoid of fish so I stuck it out long for the remainder of the match. I had a few indications but didn't add to my tally, I'm sure there were fish there but I'm a long way off the pace out here at the moment. As I was packing up, Picky walked up and said he'd had four carp, as had Butch on peg 20, Bushy had five and there were several people with two or three and I started to think I'd done worse than I first feared.

The scales started with Dave Lawrence on peg one who didn't weigh, next up was Bushy who did well from unfancied peg three with 20lb 12oz. Janders on six had a level 6lb and handed over a £1 which I gave straight to Les, Rocking had three carp for 11lb 5oz and I wasn't sure I had that. Dave Abrams had 7lb 6oz and Les came close with 20lb 5oz. My four carp and bits went 11lb 6oz and I'd pipped Rocking by an ounce. Blaker didn't weigh from thirteen although he'd had two carp and lost seven! Picky took a pound off me with 14lb 1oz and Mike Collins had 9lb 4oz form peg nineteen. With only Butch to go I needed him to beat Picky for me to sneak the section and he did just that with 15lb 6oz.

Bushy really didn't fancy peg 3!

So I managed to pick up £20 and keep the winnings ticking over but today was a case of 'must do better!'. Still I hadn't lost anything and it had been quite a nice day, I even had Les firing chocolates across the pond with his catapult, very nice they were too!

1 - Steve Bush (Chard) - 20lb 12oz
2 - Les Braunton (Chard) - 20lb 5oz
3 - Butch Baker (Chard) - 15lb 6oz

A - Jamie Rich (Against Men and Fish) - 11lb 6oz
B - Alan Gage (Chard) - 14lb 1oz

Next Sunday is round two of the Spring League and I really can't afford any more bad results.

Saturday, April 03, 2010

Perry St Pond - 2nd April 2010

There was a full house for the annual Good Friday match but conditions were awful with freezing cold rain pelting down and lots of rain during the night as well might well make the fishing hard. I was still praying for a corner peg though as loads of carp had been moving in pegs 10 and 11. Les announced the draw and promptly drew peg 11!, me and Janders drew late, he pulled out corner peg 20 and I pulled out poxy peg 4! Rocking Roy (the corner boy) actually didn't get a corner and was on 17 opposite me. My mood was lifted slightly when I got to my peg and I had quite a bit of cover in the shape of some dead reeds on the inside lines.

It was still chucking it down and I was already soaked and really cold, I was wishing I'd worn wellies and bought some waterproofs other than Drennan Drenchwear! I set up a 0.5 gram Drennan Roach float for 11 metres and 5 metres and a 0.4 gram Drennan Carp for the insides. Both rigs had 0.12mm bottom and size 18 808's at the business end. On my left I had Darren Roberts and Dave Abrams on the other side. As Janders had 20 and Picky had peg 6, I reckoned both pounds would be headed their way. I also mixed up a little Sensas Shrimp and Fishmeal groundbait for the long line.

Les blew his whistle and we were off, I cupped in two balls at 11 metres and small amounts of micro pellets (Ringers) and maggots on the five metre line and the two insides. I also added a few casters to the left hand margin to add a bit of variety. I started long with double red maggot on the hook and as predicted it was hard and a case of sitting and waiting. Roger Russell obviously hadn't read the script though and was into a carp from the cormorant roost between him and Steve Chant. The first hour was pretty much a non starter for our end of the pond (apart from Rog), Darren Roberts was getting the odd silver and that was it. I bumped a small fish on the long line and that was it.

Scotty Russell had drawn my peg from last week (8) and said he knew what not to do after reading this blog! He seemed to be proved right as well as he was playing a huge fish that he did well to land and at 14lb 14oz put him in a commanding early lead. Not to be outdone Rog added another and was miles ahead as nobody else down our end had anything vaguely carplike. Even the normally good corners (1 and 20) hadn't caught and nor had Picky so at the moment my pounds were safe. I was rotating my lines but after two hours I was still blanking. Les had caught a couple on peg 11 but that was about it.

I finally hooked a fish from the left hand margin which turned out to be a 12oz perch, my mate Andy turned up and the sun was actually out, this didn't last long though and the rain started again and he left us to it. I was so cold and bored and then to make matters worse Janders latched into a carp and after netting it was crowing somewhat! I then had a bite on the five metre line a carefully played and landed a 2lb carp despite a lot of barracking by Chanter who said he couldn't understand why I'd suddenly gone quiet! Brendon Ions on peg 1 also had a carp and I thought perhaps we might go on to catch a few now - wrong!

We were all going through the motions (apart from Rog who had now caught four and lost one), Chanter had resorted to facing the other way so he didn't have to keep seeing Rog's elastic coming out! I started getting bites from the right hand margin and had a couple of rudd and perch before hooking another carp which put me ahead in the section. Picky had a carp to keep him in contention for the pound. Back at 5 metres I missed bite and then next put in hooked a good fish which felt like an eel from all the head shaking! It did indeed turn out to be a snake and at 2lb+ it was unusual for this time of year but very welcome.

Darren was still getting silvers but no sign of a carp whatsoever. The weather and the fishing was that crap that Dave Abrams and Mike Hosgood packed up and had an early bath. I kept expecting Jander's and Brendon's pegs to switch on but the longer it wasn't happening the more I fancied my chances for the section. I couldn't buy a bite on the insides and was concentrating on the 5 metre line. I did have a bite where I struck and connected with the fish up in the water, foulhooked it didn't stay on long. I also had a good bite and the strike saw a good fish on briefly before my green Preston Hollow elastic retracted into the pole tip - bugger! On closer inspection the maggot was over the tip of the hook - bugger again!

Picky found two more carp up in the water and I needed another to be sure of collecting a pound but it wasn't to be although I was really glad to hear Les blow the whistle, I was so cold and wet. I packed up my sodden gear and took most of it back to the car before the weigh in. Brendon only had the one carp for 3lb and no one else weighed in the section until the scales got to me. I was admitting to 5lb or so and was pleased when the needle pulled round to 8lb 6oz. Darren had around 4-5lb of roach, rudd and perch but chucked them back. Picky's fish went 10lb so I really needed that last fish, I handed over Janders pound as he'd already conceded defeat.

Mark 'Hoff' Hollister had been sneaking them out and weighed 15lb 8oz and Scotty had added another to give him a total of 19lb 12oz (so that's how I should have fished that peg!), Bushy had 15lb 14oz from peg 10 before Les pipped him with 16lb 12oz. Les only had four fish, two big tench and two carp. Mike T had 4lb 8oz and Butch 4lb and then nobody else weighed until Rog plonked five carp in the weigh sling for 16lb 10oz. Janders single fish weighed 3lb 10oz but that was enough for him to win the section. I won my section and picked up £25 to stop a run of bad results and I felt I actually fished quite a good match.

Specimen hunter Scotty had a munter of 14lb 14oz

1 - Scott Russell (Yeovil and District Angling Centre) - 19lb 12oz
2 - Les Braunton (Chard) - 16lb 12oz
3 - Roger Russell (Ilminster) - 16lb 10oz
4 - Steve Bush (Chard) - 15lb 14oz

A - Jamie Rich (Against Men and Fish) - 8lb 6oz
B - Mark Hollister (Chard) - 15lb 8oz
C - Mike Thomas (Chard) - 4lb 8oz
D - John Anderson (Chard) - 3lb 10oz

I'm back out there again on Sunday and at least the weathers supposed to be a bit better, just need to draw a corner peg now!