Monday, April 20, 2009

Perry St Pond - Spring League - 19th April 2009

I was quite nervous for this one, me and Les were in the pairs final with Steve Bush and Butch Baker and I really wanted to do well. Both Butch and me had yet to draw corner pegs and we had a one in two chance today and it could decide who won the pairs. We all assembled for the draw and all the anglers who had already drawn corners pegs went first followed by those of us that hadn't. I rather nervously looked at my peg and I had drawn number 11, a corner - yes!, I would rather have had 10 but I wasn't complaining. Things got better when Butch hadn't got one, but now the pressure was on and I needed to do well off it.

In recent weeks, peg 11 has won once (Alan Gage) although on other occasions it hasn't done so well and I can recall both Janders and Dunner struggling off it. I got there and it looked quite nice with a few fish moving. Les came up to offer some advice and let me have some casters, cheers partner. I decided to fish at about 6 metres just past some lilies to my right with another line past it under a tree at about 10 metres. I would also fish an open water line to give my other lines a chance to settle. Opposite on peg 10 was Mark Leahy, a really good carp angler and I knew I would struggle to beat him. On my left I had Mike T for company.

My next peg neighbour, Mike T

On the whistle I cupped in some maggots and pellets at 11.5 metres in the open water followed by more of the same plus corn on both my lines to the right. For good measure I also cupped in some feed on the inside to my left to hopefully stop any fish heading towards Mike. I started on the open water line and after about 5 mins I missed a bite on double red maggot. Next but in the float went again and a fair amount of blue hydro streamed out, I'd obviously hooked a decent carp. After about 10 mins I safely netted a mirror of about 4-5lb, what a dream start. I followed this early fish with a 4oz skimmer before feeding all my lines again.

An early carp was the dream start

After an hour I had that carp, two skimmers and two small rudd and was pleased with how things were going, nobody around me had caught much, although Mark had lost one. To be honest I was itching to try the lines to my right, with a few fish moving about near the surface I had a quick go up in the water but after catching a couple of small rudd it was time to try the other lines. I slipped on two red maggots and went in just past the lilies, feeding through a little pole pot. I fully expected to catch quite quickly but when this didn't happen (apart from some small fish bites), so I tried a piece of corn. This was pretty unresponsive to, not to worry though there were still four and a half hours to go.

Mark by now had stopped fishing the open water and had gone long against the edge and straight away was into fish. When he got to about four or five and I hadn't added anymore it was time to try under the tree. Steve Osborne and Terry (Niblett) Green had both caught a couple of carp and I was rapidly slipping down the placings. Mark was now giving a real masterclass in carp fishing and hooking fish regularly and landing the majority with very little fuss, even feeding while playing fish, I was in for a right tonking today. With half the match gone and no more fish for me I had to go longer, I poked the rig under the brambles and immediately hooked and lost a carp, then I had one about 3lb, that's it I thought, cracked it. But then the fish backed away and I couldn't buy a bite.

Mark netted a real beauty that had to be a double and Mike T next to me started hooking carp down his inside towards me. I hadn't fed this line apart from my initial feed at the start and was regretting it now. Between me and Mark there is a cage with barley in it to stop algae blooms and there seemed to be loads of carp moving there but it was a long way out, over 16 metres and we were restricted to 14.5 metres in this league. Still it had to be worth a try so I got a pristine section out of my bag (I don't fish long very often!) and shipped out. Straight away I lost a fish and was just going nowhere and it felt like I'd blown it.

Mark was still catching like a man possessed, with my arms killing me, I took a section off and tried my other lines again but the fish just weren't there. Back out long and I finally added carp number three and was probably only about fifteen behind Mark! I'd given up with the pole pot by now and was loose feeding with the catapult. Another lost fish followed by the fourth one in the net and there was still time for a good finish. Apart from Mark nobody seemed to be bagging, Oz and Niblett were doing ok and Picky next to Mike had landed a couple so my pound could be heading his way today.

I was struggling to feed accurately at 14.5 metres with a catapult and suffered several breakages, which didn't help. There were loads of fish around the cage, as the bow waves testified, but they seemed to prefer it round Mark's side and would only have the odd brief foray round to see me. I'm sure I would have had more if I could have fished 16 metres, although it probably would have killed me! I did manage to catch two more to end with six carp plus a few bits but I really thought I'd cocked it up and thrown the pairs away. Mark ended up putting his third net in, I'd barely used one!

As I was packing up, Les came up and when I said I'd only had six carp he said that Butch and Steve had beaten us. Bushy had caught seven carp and a bream and Les reckoned that although he'd beaten Butch it wasn't by enough - shit, we'd fallen at the last hurdle. As always we started the weigh in at peg 1 and Chris Haines had done well but not as well as I thought he'd do with 26lb, then Steve Chant had done well from peg 2 with 15lb 4oz. The next few pegs had really struggled with Butch only managing 10oz and several people only weighing a couple of pounds. Then Terry Niblett had a level 20lb from peg 8 and as I thought I had about 16lb I wouldn't be scoring many points today. Oz had 14lb and then Mark put a fantastic 80lb 10oz on the scales including one of 12lb 8oz, well done mate it was a pleasure to watch.

Chris Haines did well again with 26lb

Mark included this beauty of 12lb 8oz in his winning net

Had I done enough to beat Bushy?



I surprised myself when my fish went 20lb 4oz and Bushy said he didn't have that, although I wasn't so sure. I was cursing the fact that a couple more would have seen me push Hainsey and possibly a frame place. Mike T had 8lb 14oz and Picky weighed 11lb 6oz and handed over another squid - cheers bud. Les had really struggled with two carp for 6lb but he at least had several people between him and Butch points wise. Then it was Bushy's turn and it was close, the needle eventually settled on 19lb 14oz and we'd done it, we were pairs champions. Janders only had one small carp for 1lb 8oz so I was two quid to the good.

Darren Roberts did well from peg 17

Darren Roberts and Alan Dunn both did well off not so good pegs, weighing 23lb 10oz and 35lb 4oz respectively. Back at the results Mark was read out as the easy winner and picked up £100, Dunner was second and Chris third. Les formally announced us the knockout champions, beating Butch and Bushy 22 points to 15. My day got better when I won the section and picked up £20, the bad news was that although we'd won the pairs, Les wouldn't be paying out the £100 until the end of the series. After 4 matches and dropping the worst result, Chris Haines still leads the league with 57 points followed by Mark Leahy and Alan Dunn on 52. I'm currently fifth with 49, but I miss the next match so lets hope my substitute, Dave Lawrence, gets good points for me.

Top three on the day, from left to right, Chris Haines, Mark Leahy and Alan Dunn

The days results

As I said, I'm not fishing the league next week as I'll be hopefully catching catfish in Spain with Scott Russell and Ashley Tomkins. I'll let you know how we get on.

1 - Mark Leahy (Street) - 80lb 10oz
2 - Alan Dunn (Chard) - 35lb 4oz
3 - Chris Haines (Haines Angling) - 26lb

A - Steve Chant (Chard) - 15lb 4oz
B - Terry Green (Sillybait) - 20lb
C - Jamie Rich (Chard Remains) - 20lb 4oz
D - Darren Roberts (Street) - 23lb 10oz

Pairs knockout winners - Jamie Rich and Les Braunton

Monday, April 13, 2009

Chris Haines Pond - 12th April 2009

With nothing else on Les arranged for us to have a little match at Chris Haines pond near Frome. Dave Lawrence very kindly picked me up (after going to my old house first!) bright and early and we met the others and set off in convoy. We got there in good time and it looked like it was going to be a lovely day. After buying some bait in Chris's shop it was time for the draw. I pulled out peg 5, which didn't really mean much to me but it was close to where I've been the last two times.

After a short walk to my peg, I surveyed the swim and there were loads of options, an island opposite, cover on both insides and an empty peg to my left with reeds in between. I had Les on my right and Janders was the next angler on my left. I set up three rigs (blimey!), a rig for open water at about 9 metres towards the island and two dibber style rigs, one for the insides (where there was a nice depth) and the other for fishing up in the water. Chris did his usual walk round to tell everyone how to fish their pegs and provided loads of info.

On the start I cupped in some pellets, maggots and pinkies at 9 metres and a big cup full close to the island (mainly just to try and stop any fish going round to Les!). I fed both the insides and this is where I started with double red maggot on the hook (Tubertini 808 size 18). I didn't have to wait long for a bite and was soon netting a lovely little tench. Next put in I had a small skimmer and then another little tench and things were going great. I could hear Les was catching silvers quite well but nobody else seemed to have much at this early stage.

Every put in I was feeding small amounts of pellets and maggots via a tiny pole mounted pot. A decent roach, a small 4oz carp and another little tench followed before I decided to slip on a grain of corn. The float slid along the surface and I struck to see loads of white hydro streaming out, after a brief battle I netted a common carp of about 3lb. It was all going to plan and after the first hour I probably had around 4lb in the net.

Les was still bagging on roach and skimmers despite him protesting otherwise!, Janders foulhooked and successfully landed a 5lb carp which put him back in the running. Things went quiet on my inside so I tried my 9 metres line but this only produced one tiny skimmer. I decided to concentrate on my inside line to the left (the right hand side had only produced a couple of roach). Chris had told me to fish the insides and as they dried up to move along to the next bay in the reeds and then the next. These reeds were constantly knocking and there seemed to be carp everywhere.

Reports started filtering in that Alan Dunn and Steve Bishop were catching well on pegs 9 and 12, although I couldn't see them. Les still seemed to be catching well and with bites for me drying up I decided to try my shallow rig down towards the empty peg with soft pellet on the hook. First put in while loose feeding micro pellets saw the float bury and another small 'pastie' was netted. When this happened next chuck I thought I'd sussed it. I then briefly foulhooked a big fish which saw it bow wave off.

Butch was catching silvers well

With both Butch Baker and Steve Bush netting some nice skimmers, roach and the odd chub and Les still putting fish in the net on a regular basis I knew I had to catch some better fish if I was going to stand any chance. Janders was now struggling although he lost a good fish on a 'Voodoo boilie'. I was finding it frustrating as despite loads of carp moving I couldn't catch one. I was flicking a few pellets over my float and constantly lifting and dropping the rig. Then the float went I was attached to a big fish that tore off. I managed to stop the first run and thought I had it under control when off it went again and smashed me - great.

While trying to sort that rig out I picked up my other inside rig and fished my margin swim again, I hooked two more small carp or tench only for the hooks to pull out of both. A day that had started so well was rapidly turning to rat shit. I tied another hook on my shallow rig and carried on chasing those elusive carp. I did land another pastie before hooking another huge fish. This one didn't tear off and was just plodding about, I had it on for ages and when I eventually saw the fish, it was a good one of 12-14lb. I unshipped to the top four and it kited off towards the reeds and snagged me, it eventually came out and the battle continued. Again I waited until I thought it was tiring before unshipping and it did exactly the same and snagged me in the reeds. This time it was solid and I really thought I'd lost it, by now I'd had the fish on for about half an hour, gentle pressure saw the fish out in open water again.

I was shaking as I knew this fish would get me right back in the frame and I really thought I would now land the fish. Once again I was unshipped down to the top four and the fish was just under the surface and as I was trying to get its head up and guide it towards me the fucking hook pulled out. Gutted, no other word for it, some sarcastic comments from some anglers didn't help (you know who you are!) and I hope the same happens to you soon. Anyway I just went through the motions for the rest of the match, I did manage one more small carp before the end. Les called the all out and I just wanted to be on my way home.

Chris walked round to do the weigh in and I was surprised to see some anglers had struggled as much as me, Picky had 5lb 6oz, Dave Abrams left early, Mike T had 8lb 1oz. Then Les had 18lb 7oz of silvers, well done mate, he would frame with that. I weighed 6lb 11oz and when Janders only weighed 6lb 3oz the day got slightly better as I pocketed £1's off him and Picky. Butch weighed 10lb 5oz and Steve Bush had 17lb 10oz, Dunner had 10lb 15oz, Dave Lawrence weighed 5lb, Hoff 5lb 3oz and Bishop 16lb 2oz. The bulk of the weights had been silver fish and I was gutted as that fish would have won it for me (did I mention that I was gutted!).

Janders had to sit down after paying me another £1

The results were read out and Les had won his second match in three days - well done partner. Next Sunday and it's back to the Spring League at Perry St, it's also the pairs final so another good result from Les would be good.

Les did the 'double'

1 - Les Braunton (Chard Remains) - 18lb 7oz
2 - Steve Bush (Chard) - 17lb 10oz
3 - Steve Bishop (Chard) - 16lb 2oz
4 - Alan Dunn (Chard) - 10lb 15oz
5 - Butch Baker (Chard Minnows) - 10lb 5oz

Friday, April 10, 2009

Perry St Pond - 10th April 2009

A rather grey, showery day greeted me as I loaded my car with kit ready for the annual Good Friday match at Perry St Pond. There were some faces I hadn't seen for ages at the draw including Scott and Roger Russell and Alvin Jones, were we to be mugged again? It was time for the draw and once again my drawing hand deserted me and I pulled out poxy peg 2 - not good. The only good news was that I had Steve Chant on peg 1 so at least I would have a laugh.

I made myself comfortable and started setting up my usual two rigs, one for 11.5 metres straight out and a little margin rig for the right hand side. This would also double up as a shallow, up in the water rig if the fish started showing. For bait I had maggots, pinkies, corn and pellets. I was hoping Steve would frame but this still wouldn't make winning the section any easier as I had Alan Dunn, Scott Russell and Alvin Jones on my left. Scotty was going to fish the pellet waggler and had loads of pellets so it would be interesting to see how he got on.

On the whistle I cupped in some maggots, pinkies and pellets on the long line and the same plus corn on the inside. I started out with double red maggot on the hook and it wasn't long before I started to get bites and was soon swinging in a small skimmer. In the first hour I had three skimmers and a roach, Chanter on the other hand got off to a flier and had three tench! Not much else seemed to be happening, Steve Bishop opposite on peg 18 had lost two carp but that was about it.

I came on the inside and the float shot under but it was only a tiny rudd, what did become apparent was that there were loads of brambles under the water where I had fed and I kept getting snagged up. I saw a couple of carp move so tried my shallow rig for a bit while constantly flicking a few maggots over the top but I never had a bite. Scotty's pellet waggler didn't seem to be the answer either as he hadn't caught on it yet. Dunner was struggling and only catching the odd small fish although Alvin Jones had landed a small carp.

By now we were a couple hours in, Chanter had slowed up and Mike Thomas was catching him up in peg 20 and had landed a couple of carp. I tried the longer line with my bottom rig and had another skimmer before catching a decent eel which I was sure wouldn't be in my net come the weigh in. Les wandered by, he had drawn peg 10 again but had only had a couple of carp. Nobody down our end seemed to be catching, apart from the odd small fish. Scotty was still feeding pellets like they were going out of fashion (it's a good job he owns a tackle shop!) but the carp still weren't playing ball.

I flirted with the inside line again but every put in I got snagged and at one point ended up with the tip of the float embedded in my finger - ouch! Pegs 1 and 20 (Chanter and Mike T) were having a right peg to peg battle although Chanter was currently just on top with a carp to add to his earlier tench, Mike was now on three carp. The rest of us were just going through the motions although Steve Bishop had landed a carp and Scotty had finally got one to surrender under the constant hail of pellets! Another look on my long line saw me add another skimmer to my bulging net!

I decided my best chance of hooking a carp was on the inside so fed up with getting brambled up, I plumbed up a little further out where it was also a little deeper. Using just a pole mounted toss pot (no, not me!) I kept small amounts of feed going in, a couple of early indications soon gave way to me sitting like a gnome once again. Reports suggested that Les was getting a few although my nemesis Janders was on the opposite corner peg, number 11, and had only had one carp. Cheeky git, when he drew it he suggested we up our side bet to a fiver!

After three and a half hours I finally hooked a carp and was mightily relieved to net it, a bit later on a better mirror of around 4lb joined the first one in the net and I started to think a good last couple of hours might even see me push Chanter or Mike. At the least I was now in a good position for the section, as long as Chanter framed. The scores on the doors for them was now 5-4 in Chanters favour. Dave Abrams opposite me even got in on the act with a carp of his own (although he was fishing Mikes peg!)

Time was ticking by and apart from a bumped fish there was no more action for me, a few people were even packing up early and Roger walked past me to see how Scotty was getting on. Just as he reached him Scotty hooked and landed a good tench with only five minutes to go, had he pinched the section off me right at the death? Les shouted the all out and I think the majority were relieved as it had been pretty dire.

As always the weigh in started at peg 1 and Chanters three tench and two carp went 12lb 12oz. I pulled my net out and was amazed to see the eel was still in there, I weighed 9lb 4oz and one more fish would have seen me a lot closer to Steve's weight. Dunner didn't weigh and Scotty's carp, tench and silvers saw the needle stop just short on 9lb 1oz. When Alvin weighed 3lb 8oz I was praying that Chanter would frame. Nobody else had much until we got to Steve Bush on peg 7, he'd had five carp (and lost five) for 13lb 4oz. Steve lead until we got to Les who'd had six carp and three tench for a level 29lb and I knew he'd win with that.

Chanter with his 12lb 12oz catch

Les with one of his tench

Picky had only weighed 3lb 6oz from peg 9 and handed over his quid, things got better when Janders only had one carp from peg 11 and all of a sudden he didn't seem so keen on upping the bet to a fiver! Terry Niblett came close on peg 14 with 10lb 10oz and then the weights dropped again until we got to Mike T who had four carp for 12lb 8oz. Apart from Les it had been pretty close and one more fish would have rocketed me from sixth to second so once again I wasn't too far off. Still I picked up £30 for my section to keep the winnings ticking over.

The weighboard (not great reading!)

The top four (from left to right) - Les Braunton, Steve Bush, Steve Chant and Mike Thomas. I'm not sure why they're all at an angle - must have been rough at sea!

On Sunday we're off to Frome to fish Chris's pond so lets hope I can catch a few then, I'll update you with how I get on.

1 - Les Braunton (Chard Remains) - 29lb
2 - Steve Bush (Chard) - 13lb 4oz
3 - Steve Chant (Chard) - 12lb 12oz
4 - Mike Thomas (Chard) - 12lb 8oz

A - Jamie Rich (Chard Remains) - 9lb 4oz
B - Mark Leahy (Street) - 5lb 6oz
C - Terry Niblett (Sillybait) - 10lb 10oz
D - Dave Abrams (Weymouth) - 4lb 6oz

Monday, April 06, 2009

Perry St Pond - Spring League - 5th April 2009

I woke up and once again it was bright and sunny although we'd had another frost in the night, would this affect the fishing? I got to the draw and sorted out some bait before buying yet more hooks off Chris Haines (that man could sell sand to the Arabs!). After two decent results in the first two matches I was keen to keep it going and today was also the semi finals of the pairs knockout. Me and my reluctant partner Les Braunton were up against Steve 'Oz' Osborne and Darren Roberts. Neither Les or me had drawn corner pegs yet so we had a one in three chance today. I pulled out peg 12 (which I've never really liked) but Les got corner peg 10 so we had a chance in the knockout.

My partner Les

Picky paid me his pound from last week but as he had corner peg 11 there was every chance he'd be getting it back later. I reached my peg and started setting up, I could see Les and one of the opposition in the shape of Oz on peg 7 so at least I would have an idea of how we were faring in the pairs. I set up a rig for open water at 11.5 metres and a little Trabucco dibber style float for the insides and up in the water. Both rigs had the fantastic Tubertini 808's in size 18 at the business end. For bait I had some Sonubaits Skinz pellets, corn, maggots and pinkies.

The lovely Chanter walked up to give me the bad news that his camera battery was flat so apologies that there won't be as many photos this week. But bless Steve, he even phoned his missus to see if she'd come out with another battery! On the whistle I cupped in some pellets, maggots and pinkies on the long line and the same plus corn on the inside lines. I missed a couple of bites on double red maggot before dropping off a tiny rudd, I then had a 4oz roach so at least I was off the mark. I fully expected Les and Picky to bag from the off but this didn't happen and looking around nothing much was happening at all. Perhaps the frost had more of an effect than we expected.

Steve Bush next to me on 13 was the first to catch a decent fish in the shape of a bream so I stuck with the 11.5 metre line a bit longer but it really wasn't happening. After an hour it was dire so I tried up in the water with a soft pellet on the hook but never had a bite. Next stop was my right hand margin line, a tiny rudd first put in on double maggot saw me switch to corn. After 5 minutes the float buried but I missed it!, next chuck I hooked a carp only for it to come off straight away. This wasn't exactly going to plan! Another missed bite and that was the last of the action so I tried to the left but never had a bite there.

By now two hours had passed and it was a real struggle, at least both me and Les had caught albeit small fish. The only good thing was that I hadn't seen Oz catch much either although I didn't know how his partner, Darren, was getting on. The only real excitement came from Bushy hooking a huge fish which he lost after having it on for ages. Picky finally got off the mark with a carp as did Alan Dunn on peg 9, it looked like he was catching up in the water so I had another go but again I couldn't buy a bite.

Hour three was much the same although I kept expecting Les to start catching but it didn't look like it was going to happen. Dunner now had a couple of carp and Bushy had added a small one too, more worrying was the fact that Oz had landed one and lost a couple and Janders also got in on the act with a carp of his own. I was now fearing for the safety of not one but two shiny pound coins! Then with a couple of hours to go, Les finally landed a carp after losing a couple and we were back in the hunt in the knockout. Picky started catching well and Dunner was now on about four carp. I was still concentrating on the right hand inside line but apart from a lost foulhooker nothing was happening. It was looking like I would have to drop this match.

Then the wind dropped and the pond went flat calm and out in front of me and Bushy the water was black with carp! I'm pretty sure Bushy had caught a carp up in the water and I knew Dunner was doing the same. I got my inside rig and moved all the shot apart from a small dropper under the float and took off the pole pot. I shipped out with maggot on the hook and started loosefeeding maggots and pinkies on a regular basis. I could see the carp and kept lifting and dropping the rig and then the float went and a good fish was on, I played it for ages before the poxy hook pulled out - bugger. It might have been foulhooked but I wasn't sure.

I then hooked and safely landed a carp around 3lb quickly followed by another of 12oz and I was starting to get interested again. Picky was still catching and was looking like being an easy winner. Les also had a couple and as Oz was still stuck on one carp I reckoned we'd just about got our noses in front in the pairs stakes. I was still catching the odd rudd and small skimmer and when I added carp number three, I thought a decent weight might be on the cards and I was slowly closing the gap on Dunner and Bushy. I lost another which was foulhooked as I came back with a scale on the hook. With an hour to go I had my fourth carp and I really fancied I could get a couple more.

Then the wind got back up and the carp just disappeared, I tried the insides again but couldn't buy a bite. I went back out but all I could catch was small rudd until the end of the match. Les blew the whistle and that was that but had we done enough to overcome the opposition. I packed up took most of my kit back to the car, on the way I asked how people had got on and was surprised when people were saying they had just one or two carp, it had fished really hard. The best I heard of on our side of the pond was Bushy with five carp and a bream and Chanter with six carp.

As always the weigh in started at peg one, Mark Hollister had really struggled to weigh in 2lb 10oz and the rest of the early pegs had similar weights including Darren Roberts (one half of our pairs opposition) who had 3lb 14oz. I knew I'd beaten that so as long as Les beat Oz we were home and dry. The first decent weight was Rocking Roy with a level 10lb from peg 6. Then the weights dropped again and Oz weighed 2lb 12oz and I knew we'd got through then. Janders handed over his nugget after weighing 1lb 8oz, I put it in my pocket to keep it warm until we reached Picky. Dunner had five or six carp and weighed 11lb 14oz to take the lead, Les came close with his two carp and a tench which went 10lb 12oz - well done partner.

Rocking got amongst the carp on peg 6

Then Picky weighed in to confirm what everybody already knew, that he'd run out a comfortable winner, with eleven carp for a level 32lb. I handed over my £1 before weighing my fish in, I reckoned on having about 10lb and was pleasantly surprised to weigh 11lb 6oz to put me into third place. This lasted until we got to Steve Bush on the next peg who weighed 14lb 4oz to push me out of the frame places. I fully expected to drop lower after Chanter weighed his six carp but they only went 9lb 8oz. There were no more decent weights until we got to Mark Leahy on peg 19 who weighed 10lb 10oz (even the great Chris Haines had struggled for 7lb so perhaps he is human after all!).

Butch weighing in while Picky looks on

The results were read out confirming that Picky had won followed by Bushy and Dunner, I picked up my section by double default again and collected £20, which was very welcome. Me and Les beat Darren and Oz 33 points to 14, the other semi final saw Steve Bush and Butch Baker go through with 29 points. The final is in two weeks time so wish us luck for then.

Scores on the doors

1 - Alan Gage (Chard) - 32lb

2 - Steve Bush (Chard) - 14lb 4oz

3 - Alan Dunn (Chard Remains) - 11lb 14oz

A - Terry Niblett (Chard) - 6lb 2oz
B - Les Braunton (Chard Remains)- 10lb 12oz
C - Jamie Rich (Chard Remains) - 11lb 6oz
D - Mark Leahy (Street) - 10lb 10oz

After three matches and dropping the worst result Chris Haines leads the league with 39 points followed by Bushy on 37 and Les on 34. Next week we've got a match at Perry St on the Good Friday followed by a trip to Chris's pond in Frome on the Sunday, so here's hoping for a couple of good results.