Monday, April 30, 2007

Perry St Pond - Spring League - 29th April 2007

After no match last week I should have been raring to go for this one but with the pond not fishing as well as hoped I wasn't. I decided not to play my joker again and at the draw everyone was once again hoping for peg 1. My mate Andy was fishing even though he'd just spent three days in hospital, originally they thought he may have had a heart attack but after extensive tests they reckoned he had a viral blood infection which led to angina. It was good to see him back on the bank. The draw was announced and I got peg 16, not a particularly good peg, I had Alan 'Picky' Gage to my right and a chap called Mike on my left.

The pond once again looked nice with lots of bubbles and the odd carp topping, I set up the same two rigs as last time, both Drennan carp floats with size 18 B911 hooks to 0.14mm bottoms, one with white hydro and the other with black to fish the insides. I intended to fish a line straight out in front of me at 11.5 metres and two inside lines, one near some lilies to my right and the other to my left. My bait table, as always, was full with Ringers micro pellets, maggot, caster, hemp and corn.

On the whistle I fed half a cup of pellet, caster, hemp with a few grains of corn at 11.5 metres from a height to create some noise and hopefully attract the carp. The same went in on both inside lines and I started out in front with double red maggot on the hook. After about five minutes the float sailed away and I was in, the battle didn't last long before the hook pulled out. Here we go again I thought, then I had three carp in three put ins and I was feeling a bit better. Visions of bagging up soon disappeared as I didn't have a bite for the next ten minutes, thinking the fish may have mopped up my initial feed I fed again but no more bites were forthcoming.

The lilies to my right had been knocking every so often and I couldn't wait to go in there so after two hours and no more fish I came inside. Looking around the pond not a lot seemed to be happening, poor Andy opposite was still biteless and my Nemesis Janders was also. Gary Moon on peg 10 was bagging but he seemed to be the only one. I had two decent bites on the inside one on maggot and one on corn and missed them both!. A try to my left resulted in one small perch before I was sat motionless like many others.

Andy was still biteless although Janders had snared a fish which looked bigger than my three put together and it was starting to look like he might beat me for the fourth match on the trot. Picky had also caught one and both Les and Mark Hollister on the opposite bank had caught fish up in the water. With the day now becoming very warm and more fish showing on the surface I started to think about setting up a rig for fishing up in the water but I would wait and see if Les and Mark had any more first.

With about an hour and a half left all I had added to my net was two small rudd and I was pretty bored although not as bored as Andy who still hadn't had a bite. All of a sudden I saw a fish on the surface and plonked the rig in front of it, it followed the bait down and I struck more out of hope than anything else but the fish was on! After a long battle where I had loads of white hydro out and lots of comments about playing to the crowd I netted a decent common of around 5-6lb, a very welcome bonus. That was the last of the action for me and when the whistle went for the end I just had the four carp plus three 'bits'.

Poor Andy had remained biteless and hadn't been feeling well so left early (and without paying up his quid!). I packed up and followed the scales round, Rockin' Roy on peg 1 had struggled and had only landed a couple of fish, Dave Abrahams weighed 10lb 10oz off peg 2 and was the early leader until we got to the flyer that is peg 10 and Gary Moon plonked 33lb of carp and tench on the scales and everyone knew he'd be the winner. The most consistent angler on the pond, Alan Dunn, only weighed 6lb odd from peg 11, which made me feel better about my performance last match.

There were a few weights around the 8lb mark so I was well chuffed when my fish went 9lb dead and the only other decent weight was Chris Haines who weighed 17lb for second on the day. My weight was good enough for 5th on the day and a section win (£25) plus an all important £1 from Janders, perhaps the worm has turned! My 16 points (out of a possible 20) had me wishing I'd played my joker for double points. A lot of anglers who were doing well in this league had blown out today so although my current total of 33 points sees me lying well down the league, three decent results, including my joker, could see me claw my way into contention.

No match again next week but I may well pop out for a few hours somewhere.

Monday, April 23, 2007

Dillington Pond - 22nd April 2007

No match this weekend and as I couldn't face hanging round the house I decided to pop out Dillington for a few hours. On my arrival I was suprised to see several other anglers who turned out to be Jack and Tony Newman and Digger, after a brief chat I took my kit to the other side of the pond.

I set up a waggler and the pole, I caught loads of small perch and quite a few rudd on the waggler, along with a decent perch of 10oz or so. On the pole I had loads more small perch and some stonking roach on hemp or caster. I ended with 105 fish for around 15lb, a very enjoyable day.

Well that's the end of the shortest blog so far, next week is the third round of the Spring League at Perry St and I need a good result or it's game over!

Monday, April 16, 2007

Perry St Pond - Spring League - 15th April 2007

After my not very good start to the spring league in the last match I was hoping for better things this time around. At the draw I did think about playing my joker where you get double points but decided against it. Several anglers did including my mate Andy, Janders and Mark Hollister. The draw was announced and none of the anglers who played their jokers drew a flier, everybody wanted peg 1 and Steve Bush drew it. I was happy with my peg, number 11, where Steve was second in the Good Friday match with 18lb odd.

Peg 11 is a corner peg and it looks a dream, there are lily pads all over the place and when I got there carp were crashing about all over the place and could be seen just under the surface. I set up two rigs, both Drennan Carp floats to 0.14mm bottom to size 18 Preston PR21 hooks, one with white hydro for the open water just off the lilies and the other with black hydro for by the lilies. For bait I had corn, caster, hemp, red maggots and Ringer's micro pellets.

On the whistle I cupped in hemp, caster, corn and pellet at 11 metres just off the lilies, at 9 metres to my right towards the corner and at 4 metres to my left by some more lilies. I started at 11 metres with maggot on the hook. Alan 'Picky' Gage opposite me on peg 10 also started out in front in open water after half an hour I hadn't had a bite and Picky had lost one fish. Butch Baker on peg 13 had landed a couple of small carp and Chris Haines next to me had landed one carp. Picky went up into his corner and started catching small carp, the temptation was too much and I picked up my black hydro rig and followed suit. After five minutes or so the float dipped and sailed away and after a spirited tussle I landed a carp around 2lb.

I missed a couple of bites before losing one that tore through the lilies before the hook pulled out! I then lost the next four with the hook pulling out of three and the other snapping me up, things weren't going to plan! With a couple hours of the match gone, Picky was still getting the odd fish and had netted one of 9lb+. Chris shouted up and asked what hook I was using, I told him and he said I should be using a Kamasan B911 as the gauge of the PR21 was too fine for fishing against snags. I duly tied on a size 18 B911 and went back out to resume battle.

I landed the next one which was about half a pound and then hooked another which I thought I had under control in front of me when it shot off and snapped me up in the lilies to my left. The score was now 6-2 to the carp and I was sensing this wasn't my day and I was buggering up a good peg. Chris had only added a few bits and an eel to his earlier carp, Picky was still getting odd fish as was Butch. I landed another on corn before losing another, with time fast running out I needed a miracle. Frequent tries to my left never produced a bite despite it looking very fishy, all the fish I hooked came from the right hand side.

I landed another to make the score 7-4 and then lost one and with five minutes to go the float buried and I hooked one which tore off and snapped the hook - bugger! The final score was 9-4 to the carp (not good!!!). I followed the scales around and Bushy, as expected, won off peg 1 with 40lb, Picky weighed an impressive 25lb 10oz, both Andy and Janders took £1's off me when they both weighed 8lb odd (one more fish!!!!) and the suprise result was Mark Hollister who was second on the day with 32lb 4oz caught fishing the banded pellet up in the water. As he had played his joker he went to the top of the league, I scored a lowly 9 points and my total after two matches is a dismal 17 points. With four matches to go I really need to do better and score well when I play my joker.

No match next week so I shall be milling round the house bored shitless!!!!!!

Saturday, April 07, 2007

Perry St Pond - 6th April 2007

We always used to fish the Stillwater Cup on Good Friday, we no longer fish for the trophy but still have the match. The draw wasn't until 11 'o' clock and I was at the pond well early, as everybody turned up there was the usual banter before the draw took place. I drew peg 13 which always used to be a consistent peg, as the weather was very warm I really expected the fishing to be a lot better than last Sunday.

I set up the same two rigs as last week, two 0.4 gram Drennan Carp floats, one with 0.14 mm bottom and black hydro for the inside and the other with 0.12 mm bottom and white hydro for out in front of me. Both rigs had size 18 Preston carp hooks. For bait I had some PA Megabait micro pellets, hemp, caster and red maggots. On the whistle I fed hemp, caster and pellets on the inside and at 11 metres on two lines, one at 11 'o' clock and the other at 1 'o' clock.

I started out in front of me and after half an hour had tried both lines without a bite, I started to get that deja vu feeling. My mate Andy was next to me on peg 14 and he had bumped a couple of fish but was still blanking as well. The two favoured corner pegs (10 and 11) were occupied by Les and Steve Bush and after an hour they had a small carp and a tench each. I came on the inside and caught a small perch before catching a carp around the pound mark on double red maggot. After my second I started to have visions of sacking up but this was short lived and it was apparent from the comments being made that the pond wasn't fishing very well (again!).

Andy caught a decent skimmer and had bumped a couple more carp, Bushy on peg 11 had also had another carp. I had added two more small carp plus some tiny rudd and a couple more perch and was well in contention. I decided to refeed the inside and go out long again, but after another half an hour and no bites I fed it again but couldn't really see me fishing it again. Back on the inside and two more carp in quick succession got my hopes up before it died again, I did foulhook a couple aswell. The weather was by now really warming up and carp could be seen cruising in the middle.

As far as I could tell there was nothing being caught and with six carp plus bits I felt I was in with a really good chance of winning, then Bushy latched into a right lump. After quarter of an hour he netted it and as we always weigh bigger fish straight away, we found out it was 8lb 8oz, a nice bonus. I landed a couple more carp and some perch and was hoping the last hour might be a good one. Andy lost a big munter and wasn't a happy bunny and it was looking like the pound I had given him last Sunday might be coming back again! The last hour was an anti climax and I only added a couple more small fish.

I packed up and took most of my kit back to the car and we went to peg one to watch the weigh in, Janders then plonked 21lb odd on the scales and I knew I would be handing Andy's pound to him. There were no more notable weights until we got to Alan Dunn who weighed 11lb 12oz and I thought it might be close between me and him. Bushy weighed a total of 18lb 14oz for second place, then it was my turn and I was disappointed when my fish only went 10lb 7oz and I ended up 4th on the day and picked up £40.


John 'Janders' Anderson - 21lb 10oz
Steve Bush - 18lb 14oz
Alan 'Pup' Dunn - 11lb 12oz
Jamie Rich - 10lb 7oz
Alan 'Picky' Gage - 8lb 6oz

Theres nothing on this Sunday so my next match will be the second round of the Spring League on the 15th.

Monday, April 02, 2007

Perry St Pond - Spring League - 1st April 2007

After a recent stocking of small carp the pond has been fishing really well with winning weights up to 60lb and 30lb+ needed to frame. Although carp arn't really my thing I was quite looking forward to this one. At the draw I saw lots of faces I hadn't seen for a while, Tommy Lee, Graham 'Dino' Pepper, Rockin' Roy and Butch Baker to name but a few. After picking up some bait from Les the match organiser it was time for the draw. I had one of the last pegs in the bucket which turned out to be peg 20, one of the four corner pegs, which I was quite pleased with. Tommy was opposite on peg 1, both pegs looked nice and Andy had caught 17lb here in the last match.

I decided to fish four lines, at 10 metres to my right on the inside, 10 metres straight out in front, the same distance to my left by a holly bush and at 11.5 metres towards a hay bale in the water, again to my left. I set up two identical 0.4 gram Drennan carp floats with 0.12 mm bottoms to size 18 Preston hooks, the only difference being that one was shallower for the two swims to my left. For bait I had some PA Megabait micro pellets, caster, hemp and corn which I intended to cup in on all four lines, except the corn which was only to be fed on the two inside lines. I would hopefully take a fish or two from a line before refeeding and moving on to the next line. On the hook two red maggots or corn have been the best baits.

On the whistle I fed all my lines before starting at 10 metres in front of me, the wind was blowing into this end and although fairly cold I thought this could be a good sign. After ten minutes without a bite I wasn't too worried as Tommy hadn't caught nor Mark Hollister next to him, Alan 'Picky' Gage had a small roach and had lost a foulhooked carp on peg 3. I tried to my right but this met with the same response, Butch two pegs up from me had a small carp so at least they were about. After a biteless hour I wasn't unduly worried but after two hours and all my swims tried I was still blanking and starting to worry! Tommy, Mark and the bloke to my right were also still fishless as well.

I could see Chris Haines on peg 4 catching the odd carp as was Oz next to him, after three hours, half way through the match, it was time for a walk. I walked up to see my mate Andy and he had caught a 7lb carp second put in but hadn't had a bite since, my nemesis Janders had caught a small carp plus a few bits. Dino in corner peg 10 had landed a 10lb carp and was catching the odd smaller one. I walked back and went through the motions rotating all my lines with no response at all. I went out to 13 metres by the hay bale and had a bite but the resulting roach dropped off on the way in!! What a day this was turning into. Tommy then started catching small carp by the reeds at 13 metres, the only reeds I had were by my feet, so I dropped the rig in here and the float didn't have time to settle before shooting away, my black hydro shot out, but only briefly and the carp came off, I'm sure it was foulhooked but that didn't help my empty net.

Tommy now had three or four and even Hollister had one, Andy wandered up just as I was trying under the holly bush. The float went straight away and after carefully playing the fish I soon netted a half ounce rudd!! Still at least I had avoided the blank, Andy had only added a small foulhooked skimmer to his earlier carp. Back under the bush I had four more bites in quick succession resulting in another rudd and two small perch. I cupped in some more feed here and that was the end of the bites. With less than an hour to go I was waiting for the end to come, back out to 13 metres by the bale saw me drop off a another small roach. With boredom well and truly set in I started loosefeeding pellets, maggots and casters, with five minutes to go the float went and I hooked a small carp and netted it just as the whistle went. I really thought it was no more than a consolation prize.

I quickly packed up and followed the scales around, Tommy had 8lb, Picky had 4oz and Chris Haines weighed in 22lb odd to take the lead, this lasted until we got to Dino, he weighed 23lb something and this proved to be enough on the day. Andy weighed 8lb 5oz to take a pound off me and Alan Dunn weighed 14lb plus for third. I weighed a staggering 1lb 10oz for 8 points (out of 20), not a great start to my Spring League campaign. At the results there was some good news in that, with Dunner framing I won my five peg section and picked up £20, just beating Roy who weighed 1lb 9oz, sorry mate......

My next match is on Good Friday, again on Perry St, so lets hope it warms up a bit before then.